When there's rain, There's a rainbow.

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    Chapter 6

    “Did I do something wrong?” Eric said looking at her.

    “No, no, I just don’t think I’m ready for that yet.” Natalia said twirling his hair with her fingers.

    “I understand. You should’ve just told me.”

    “I would’ve but we were pre occupied.” Natalia said laughing.

    “True, true.”

    One month later Natalia pulled into the parking garage at MDPD....

    As she got out of her car and walked up to the elevator, someone ran up behind her and wrapped their arms around her waist. She smiled to herself as they whispered somthing in her ear.

    "Good morning to you too." Natalia said turning around to face the person who was smiling at her. Eric leaned down and kissed her softly. The elevator made that annoying ding sound.

    "Ugh, I sware I hate when stuff interupts the most amazing moment." Natalia said rolling her eyes as they separated.

    "I know what you mean." Eric said following her onto the elevator.

    "So what about soup and salad at my place tonight?" Eric said looking at Natalia.

    "Sounds good." Natalia said as they reached the lobby.

    "Ok. I'll see you around 6 then."

    "Ok." Natalia said as they went their separate ways.

    "Dude, you and Natalia ar...." Ryan said walking up to Eric.

    "Are none of your business." Eric said grabbing a folder and walking away.

    "Dude, I'm sorry." Ryan said putting his hands up in defeat.

    Around 6 Eric heard his doorbell ring...

    "Come in." Eric called from the kitchen.

    Natalia opened the door and placed her purse and shoes on the floor. She walked into the kitchen wrapping her arms around Eric. Eric turned around to greet her with a kiss.

    "You look nice." Eric said as he placed his hands around her waist pulling her close to him. She was dressed in skinny jeans that showed off her every curve and a lime green tube top with white paisleys on it that fit perfectly to her body. Her hair was curled but it was a natural curl.

    "Thank you. You look nice too." Natalia said placing her hands on his elbows. He was dressed in jeans and a blue collared shirt. Eric leaned down and kissed her again. The longer they kissed the more intense it got. Eric picked her up and carried her to the couch and laid her down. They made out for what seemed like forever.

    "Don't forget about your soup." Natalia said as they separated. Their breathing heavy.

    "Oh crap!" Eric said jumping up and running into the kitchen.

    "We're good!" Eric called.

    "Ok." Natalia said as she went to the table and they ate.
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    Here's a little July 4th celebration! Hope ya'll like it! :)

    Chapter 7

    After they got done eating Natalia walked onto Erics back porch. She watched the sun set across the horizon of the beach. She breathed in the sent of the ocean smell and felt the wind blow through her hair. She felt someones arms snake around her body. She leaned into his body as he placed his head on her shoulder swaying them back and forth. They swayed back and forth listening to a song.

    "I may never fly you to Heaven
    With a kiss on your lips
    And I may never break your heart
    Or to get to make up for it
    I may never see the stars in your eyes
    From a lover's point of view
    Or get lost in the days gone by
    Cause I'm so wrapped up in you...

    If you could love me
    And only see the possibility that we could be forever
    And could you trust me
    To forget the consequences that would keep us from being together?

    You may never think about me
    Cause you'd find somebody new
    And he would say all those things that I wanted to
    And my heart would be broken
    But I can't give up yet
    I won't live with what might have been
    Cause I never said

    Could you love me
    And only see the possibility that we could be forever?
    And could you trust me
    To forget the consequences that would keep us from being together?

    Would you agree if I said we could be forever?
    Forever sketched in stone forever and eternity
    You would never be alone...forever, forever you and me
    Could you love me and only see the possibility that we could be forever?"

    Natalia layed her head back against Erics chest as they watched the sun finally set.

    "It is so pretty out here." Natalia said as she placed her hands over Erics that were placed on her stomach.

    "Not as pretty as you." Eric said turning her around slowly to face him.

    Their lips instantly found eachothers. Eric lifted her shirt off of her and pulled her jeans off of her. All she was left in was her bathing suit. Natalia pulled his shirt off of him and then pulled his jeans off of him leaving him in his swim trunks. Eric picked her up and carried her to his hot tub. As they walked into the hot tub Eric sat down pulling Natalia down ontop of him. Moans started escaping their mouths as their lips traced along eachothers necks.

    "Nat..." Eric said.

    "Yea?" Natalia said as she rested her forehead against Erics.

    "I want you." Eric said sliding his fingers up and down her thighs.

    "Eric...." Natalia said but got cut off by Erics lips crashing onto hers. As their tongues danced with one another Eric untied the back of her top. He then pulled it off of her and tossed it aside. He picked her up and carried her inside to his bed and laid her down on it. He was surprised that she didn't stop him. She let his hands explore her body. She pulled his swim trunks off of his body as he pulled her bottoms off of her. He laid ontop of her smiling down at her.

    "A sun set will never compare to how beautiful you are." Eric said pushing a piece of loose hair behind her ear. His lips found hers again and they made love for the rest of the night.

    The next morning Erics alarm went off. He reached over and smacked the snooze but to make it stop. He rolled over to find someones bare body wrapped up with his. Her smooth skin melted in with his body. He traced her every curve with his fingertips. Then his alarm started going off again. Natalia started to move as the sound began to get annoying.

    "Time to get up." Eric said as Natalia rolled over to face him as he smacked his snooze again.

    "I don't want to." Natalia said running her hand down his chest stopping at his stomach and kissing him.

    "Trust me, neither do I but we have too." Eric said kissing her back. His alarm started going off again.

    "Turn it off already." Natalia said inbetween kisses.

    "Ok, ok." Eric said unplugging it and pulling the covers back over them as he laid down and Natalia placed her upper body against him pushing him back down into bed. Erics phone started ringing.

    "Answer that, and I'll kill you." Natalia said looking at him with a smile on her face.

    "I have too." Eric said after the third time of it ringing.

    "Ugh, I sware everytime it happens when something amazing is going on." Natalia said as she rolled off of him.

    "It didn't through the night and that was something amazing going on." Eric said looking at her chuckling as he answered his phone. She gave him one of those very funny looks.

    "Delko?" Eric said sitting up in bed as Natalia got up to go take a shower.

    "Eric, it's H. I need you at a crime scene asap."

    "Ok I'll be there as soon as I can."

    "Ok thanks."


    "Nat, baby, we gotta be at a crime scene asap." Eric said walking into the bathroom.

    "Eric! Get out of the bathroom. I'm in the shower." Natalia said peeking around the shower curtain.

    "Nat, I saw you without any clothes on all last night...."

    "I don't care. I still need my privacy." Natalia said as she made the scooting away hand movement.

    "Fine." Eric said walking out.
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    wow! these last three chapters have been brill, can't wait for another update
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    Nice chapters. Hopefully there is a twist or something shocking coming up, something different from what you've written so far? :)
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    Update! Hope ya'll like. I have a twist coming in a few chapters. Its not a big one but there will be more twists later on. I promise!

    Chapter 8

    "Eric. Man, you're happy." Ryan said as they walked up to the crime scene.

    "I'm always happy Ryan."

    "No not this happy. What happened? I mean I know you and Natalia had a date last night but....Oh my God, did ya'll...?" Ryan said as his eyes got big.

    "Ryan that's none of your business."

    "Oh my, ya'll did!"

    "Ryan, shut up and focus on this crime scene."

    "Was it good?" Ryan said after a little bit.

    "It, it was amazing." Eric said smiling.

    "Awwww, you're in love with her. That's cute." Ryan said smacking Erics back. Eric quickly started chasing Ryan until they heard a familiar voice.

    "Guys, we have a killer to find." Calleigh yelled as she walked up to the crime scene.

    "Sorry Cal." Both men said and went back to work.

    Back at the lab in the breakroom....

    "So what do you have planned for tonight?" Ryan said as him and Eric stood at the counter eating an apple.

    "That's a surprise. But it's gonna be amazing."

    "Oh ok. Can't share ideas. I see how it is."

    "You gotta invent them Ryan."

    "Invent what?" Natalia said walking in and over to Eric kissing him.

    "Nothing." Eric said kissing her back.

    "I'm leaving." Ryan said as he left.

    "Whats his problem?" Natalia said grabbing a orange.

    "He's just being Ryan. So what about my place at 7?" Eric said walking over to her and wrapping his arms around her.

    "Sounds good." Natalia said taking a bite of her orange.

    "You're gonna kiss me after eating that now?"

    "Yea. I mean, I don't have to kiss you." Natalia said shrugging her shoulders and walking away.

    "No, no I can deal." Eric said smiling pulling her back towards him.

    "Good." Natalia said smiling back up at him and standing on her toes to kiss him.

    "I'll see you later." Eric said walking out.

    "Ok." Natalia said as she watched him walk out. She placed her hand on the counter and placed her weight on that side of her body. She stood there wondering how she could end up with someone who always wanted to be with her. She closed her eyes and smiled to herself. She washed her hands and left to go home.

    At Erics.....

    Eric walked Natalia up to his room hiding her eyes the whole time. As he opened the door he released her eyes. As she opened them, she saw a room filled with candles and rose pedals and music playing. Eric quickly slid off her shirt from behind her. There wasn't much time after that until all their clothes hit the floor. He carried her over to the bed and laid her down on it. He hopped in himself and pulled the covers up to their waist. Natalia rolled over under his arm as laid against his side with her head on his shoulder and chest. She draped one leg inbetween his two legs and rubbed his chest softly. He draped his arm she was laying on around her shoulder and rubbed her shoulder and arm. With his free hand he pulled her arm that was rubbing his chest over his stomach and to his side and laced his fingers in hers. She lifted her face to see his and kissed his lips.



    "Tell me why I deserve any of this?"

    "Because you do. You're amazing Nat. Any girl as beautiful and down to earth as you deserves this. Why wouldn't you?"

    "I don't know. I've never expierenced this before."

    "Well I'm glad I'm the first and I hope I'm the last." Eric said pushing her hair out of her face and behind her ear and then kissing her. She placed her hand back on his stomach and they laid there.

    "I love you Eric." Natalia said after awhile.

    "I love you too Talia." Eric said kissing her head
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    Can't wait to read what you have in mind. Maybe something supernatural? :p
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    can't wait 2 read the next chapter x
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    Update! Glad ya'll enjoy it!! :)

    Chapter 9

    At the lab.....

    "Wow, you're glowing today." Calleigh said to Natalia as she walked into the DNA lab.

    "It's a good day today." Natalia said looking up with a smile on her face.

    "And why is that?"

    "I just think my life is finally turning around."

    "Really? I told you it would. How's it getting turned around though?" Calleigh said as Eric walked through the door.

    "Hey Talia, I want....Hey Calleigh." Eric started but stopped when he saw Calleigh.

    "Hey Eric." Calleigh said as she looked at Eric and Natalia.

    "I'll check back on these results later." Calleigh said as she grabbed her folder and left.

    Eric walked over to Natalia and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her.

    "I've missed you too." Natalia said as she hung onto him looking him in the eye and smiling.

    "I've missed you more." Eric said smiling back.

    "Whatcha doing?"

    "I'm working." Natalia said as she looked at him with a "duh" look on her face.

    "Well excuse me. Some one is about to aboard the cranky train." Eric said letting out a chuckle.

    "The cranky train?"

    "Yea, Ryan started it. If someone's in a bad mood, he'll come and do a "choo-choo all aboard" call." Eric said as he reached the choo choo his voice went high and on the all aboard he yelled laughing.

    "Wow. Can you please repeat that?"

    "No." Eric said laughing with Natalia.

    "Count on Ryan to start something like that."

    "So what about a cookout at my parents place tonight?" Eric said as he wrapped an arm around her waist from the side.


    "Ok. I'll see you around 5 at your place to pick you up."

    "Ok. Love you." Natalia said looking up at him.

    "Love you too." Eric said leaning down and kissing her then leaving.

    Eric was at Natalias house by 5 like he said. He rang the doorbell and she let him in.

    "Wow. You look nice." Eric said smiling at her. She was in white shorts and a green halter top with sandles on and her hair was wavy from what he could guess curlers.

    "Thank you. You look nice yourself." Natalia said walking into the living room to turn the tv off. He was dressed in kaki shorts and a navy blue shirt and brown flip flops.

    "Thanks." Eric said walking up behind her so when she stood back up she would stand up against him. When she stood up she did what he knew she would do. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closely to him. He burried his face into her neck and started kissing it. She laid her head back onto his shoulder. Light moans escaped her lips as he inched his way down to her shoulder. He traced his fingertips from her shoulders down to her hands lacing his fingers into hers. He pulled her hands up to her stomach and they rested there. They started to sway back and forth as Eric hummed a tune to a song. As they swayed, Eric turned her around to face him wrapping his arms back around her lower waist. They rested their foreheads together to where their lips were inches apart. Eric leaned in and kissed her lips. Natalia opened her mouth and invited his tongue in. As their tongues danced, their breathing picked up. Eric pulled Natalia back onto her couch. After what seemed like forever, Natalia pulled away from the kiss.

    "Shouldn't we be going?"

    "We can be a few minutes late." Eric said running his hands up and down her hips.

    "Yea then they'll ask why we were late and it won't sound good if we say, oh we were making out about to make love before we came here."

    "We can say we got stuck in traffic." Eric said as he shrugged his shoulders.

    "Delko, we're not gonna lie to your family."

    "Fine." Eric said making a groaning sound after. Natalia hopped up but got pulled back down.

    "Delkooooo." Natalia said as her lips were greeted by his.

    "What I had to have one more kiss." Eric said smiling as they separated.

    "Let's go." Natalia said grabbing his hand and pulling him up off her couch.

    "Yes mam." Eric said following her out the door.
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    awww eric and natalia are sooo cute x
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    Update! Hope ya'll enjoy! :)

    Chapter 10

    At Erics parents house...

    "So Eric, who is this lovely lady?" Erics dad said as they walked through the door.

    "Mom, dad, this is Natalia." Eric said as his parents hugged her.

    Later on they were all sitting outside on a patio with a small fire going....

    "So Natalia, has our son been treating you right?"

    "More than you could ever know." Natalia said as she looked at Eric and smiled.

    "Well thats good to know. I know we've heard alot about you."

    "Good things or bad things?" Natalia said as Eric laced his fingers in hers.

    "Oh, good things. Every time we talk to him on the phone or see him, it's Natalia this, Natalia that. I couldn't wait to meet you. I think you have seriously stolen his heart."

    "Haha, well we've only been dating for two months so we'll see how that keeps up." Natalia said as they laughed.

    Later Natalia helped clean the dishes and Eric and his dad talked outside....

    "You must've really hit hard in Eric." Erics mom said as they washed dishes.


    "You must've really made an impression on Eric."

    "How's that?"

    "He's never brought a girl over before. He talks about you non stop."

    "Really? He's never brought a girl here before, to meet ya'll?"

    "No. You're the first. You must be something special to him."

    "Well, he's special to me."

    "You want kids right?" Erics mom said after awhile.

    "Yea, I want kids." Natalia chuckled.

    "Cause you know, you and my son....whooo those would be some pretty grandkids." His mom said as her and Natalia laughed together.

    "I really like you Natalia." His mom said as they finished up the dishes.

    "I really like you to Mrs. Delko." Natalia said smiling at her.

    "Please, call me Maria."

    "Ok." Natalia said as they headed outside to the men.


    "So she must've made a big impression on you when you first saw her."

    "I wish you could no. I mean she's absolutely beautiful. She's so nice. And I think I fell in love with her laugh. I think that's what drew me too her so much. Every time I hear her laugh, I go weak in the knees. And her smile is just breathtaking. And when she kisses me, I never want it to end." Eric said as he looked off into the distance.

    "Well, son, I approve. I mean I've never known any of the other girls and you've never brought any of them home so I'm guessing you're really liking this one."

    "I think it's more like loving this one." Eric said as he chuckled.

    "Well, me and your mom have talked and we both approve so go for it son."

    "Thanks dad." Eric said as the women opened the door.

    "Hello beautiful." Eric said as Natalia walked out the door.


    "Are you ready to go?"

    "Yea, I'm tired and I'm not feeling very well."

    "Ok, well lets get you home and let you get some rest." Eric said reaching for her hand and lacing his fingers through hers and walking into the house.

    "Bye mom, bye dad. We had alot of fun." Eric said as they both hugged his parents goodbye.

    "We had fun too. It was nice meeting you Natalia."

    "It was nice meeting you too." Natalia called back as Eric opened the Hummer door for her.

    "Thank you." Natalia said as she stepped up.

    "You're welcome." Eric said shutting the door.

    As they pulled off Erics mom turned to her husband...

    "I think she may be the one."

    "Me too." Erics dad said as he and his wife turned to go inside until they heard a screaching noise and a car crash. They both ran down the street to find that a Hummer and a semi had collided. Smoke was coming out of the Hummer. When they reached the Hummer they saw Natalias head bleeding from where she had hit the window and was thrown back and Erics head against the window. They immediately opened the door and pulled both of them out. Eric started coughing. They sat him up until he was able to stand on his own. Natalia didn't move. The blood kept coming out at a fast pase. Eric took a towel that he had in the back of the Hummer and put it on her head. He held her as his parents called 911. Within a few minutes they were there. They quickly put Natalia on a stretcher and flew to the hospital. When Eric and his parents got there, they were told that Natalia could go into a coma. They led them back to a waiting room.
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    Wow nice twist! Even if it means that Nat is hurt... it was a great chapter :)
    can't wait for the next update.
    Are you going to explain later why Natalia wasn't feeling alright before the accident?
    (i'm an inpatient person, can't help it....i need to know)
    Great work!!
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    Nice one there! Hopefully you can drag this for a little longer, not let her heal so fast. Oops...I am so mean! :p
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    Chapter 11

    "Mr. Delko?" The doctor said as he walked through the door.

    "Yes?" Eric said as they stood up.

    "I'm afraid Natalia has suffered a severe head injury. But the baby's fine." The doctor said as he placed the clipboard under his arm.

    "Whoa, what? Baby? What baby?"

    "She's two months pregnant. You didn't know?"

    "No. Can I go see her?"

    "Yea. Follow me." The doctor said as they left the waiting room and headed back towards her room. As Eric walked in iv's were in her arm and he heard a beeping noise. Her usually dark skin was a lighter color. Her usually smiling face had no expression whatsoever. Eric walked along the side of her bed. He let his fingers trace her body as he walked closer to her upper body. He reached her arm and rubbed it gently. There was no response.

    "Mr. Delko?"


    "Has she ever had an abusive relationship?"

    "Yea but she ended that about 4 months ago. Why?"

    "Because when we did a MRI, the tests show she had a pre-existing injury to her head."

    "Really? Is that why she's in a coma?"

    "It could be a possibility. Hopefully she'll wake up soon."

    "Soon can't come enough." Eric said looking at Natalia. As the days passed there was no response. The team stayed up there as much as they could hoping for a response. Calleigh walked in before leaving.

    "Nat, we need you to fight. Our team needs you. It doesn't feel right with you not in the lab. Eric needs you. He loves you more than you'll ever know. Ever passing day he's waiting by the phone waiting for the doctors to call and say your awake. He just wants to see you and hear your voice. He loves you Nat. We all do. So fight for us." Calleigh said as she placed her hands on Natalias legs and closed her eyes and let the tears fall.

    "Eric, dude, sit down and rest. I think the carpet is about to wear out." Ryan said watching Eric walk back and forth.

    "I sware I'm gonna kill him." Eric said as his face turned beat red.


    "Nick! That stupid son of a...." Eric started but stopped.

    "She's awake!" Calleigh said running out of the room.

    Eric took off running inside her room. He slowed down when he saw her eyes open.


    "Hey." Natalia said puting on the best smile that she could.

    "I feel like just yesterday I saw you like this." Eric said walking up beside her bed.

    "Yea, except this time I don't have bruises up and down my arms, I just have a head injury. No big deal right?" Natalia said laughing. There was a moment of silence.

    "So, why didn't you tell me you were two months pregnant?" Eric said looking at her.

    "I, I, didn't know how. I was trying to think of ways, I promise. I wanted to tell you I just didn't know how. And if you wanna leave it's fine. I understand. I mean I know we've only been dating for 4 months."

    "I feel like I've known you longer than 4 months. You mean everything to me. I don't know what I would do without you. I mean, you're having my kid. That means the world to me. I never thought I would have a child with you. I love you so much." Eric said placing a hand on her stomach and leaning up and kissing her. After they separated the doctor came in saying Natalia could leave in about a week.

    The next week Natalia went home. Her and Eric didn't do much that day. They pretty much sat around letting the thought of them having a baby sink in. They were laying on the couch together watching the sun set, Eric was behind Natalia. Her was running his fingers through her hair.



    "If you could go back and redo this over would you?"

    "Without a doubt. The first time I saw you in the hospital, I knew that I would see you again. Did you think the same thing?"

    "Ha, well after the thought of me being tortured maybe."

    "Well you know its like they say when there's rain, there's a rainbow, and I think you just might be my rainbow." Eric said rubbing her stomach.

    "Awww that was sweet." Natalia said as she placed her hand over his.

    "You're my rainbow with the pot of gold at the end." Natalia said looking back at him and smiling.

    "Haha, nice touch." Eric said kissing her.

    "Thank you." She said kissing him back.

    As the months passed Natalia grew bigger and she was now 5 months pregnant.

    "Eric." Natalia said as she walked into the fingerprints lab.

    "Are you coming with me to the doctors appointment today to see what we're having?" She said walking towards the table.

    "I can't. I'm on this case."

    "Eric, Horatio said you can take time off whenever you wanted. Just go in there and see if Cooper can fill in for you just for an hour."

    "Nat, I can't. I'm in the middle of running this fingerprint. Just go without me. Let me know as soon as you find out."

    "Ugh. You're so aggravating sometimes." Natalia said turning around and leaving.

    "I love you." Eric called as Natalia walked through the door.

    Natalia slammed the door shut without saying she loved him back. Eric felt his heart fall as she didn't say it back.
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    You had her pregnant so fast. And oh do I sense trouble brewing? Do continue.
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    woww awesome storie
    uptade soon

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