What's your Birth Sign?

What's your sign?

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I hope this doesn't already exist, I used the search and nothing came up, so I decided to start a new thread.

Out of curiousity, here's a poll:

What's your star sign?

And, to start a bit of a discussion: Do you think you fit the profile that is generally attributed to your sign? Do you even believe in this kind of thing?
I'm Virgo and here's what i should be like

Modest and shy
Meticulous and reliable
Practical and diligent
Intelligent and analytical

On the dark side....

[SIZE=-1]Fussy and a worrier
Overcritical and harsh
Perfectionist and conservative

I'm definately a worrier hash and conservative lol but on the brighter side i'm shy reliable and i think analytical
Interesting, i'm a capricorn. Whether I'm like one or not I don't know..

I'm supposed to be stubborn :D And I definately can be when I want/need to be (when I know i'm right ;))
- Can come across cold. Definately. I'm not (usually) a person who wears their heart on their sleeve. I try not to show many emotions, unless i'm really really happy/sad/angry whatever, so I guess I come across a bit cold sometimes (I'm not).

- responsible. I believe so ;)

- patient. not at all, especially not when driving... stupid drivers...

- distrusting- definately. There's very few people I trust 100%. They have to earn it. I half trust a lot of people.

- ambitious- I guess I am a lot of the time.

I think this is an interesting topic. I like to think i believe it, sometimes i do. Sometimes i don't. Depends I guess.
I could go on.. I guess I'm half like mine, half not.
I don't know if i believe them especially when people talk about being with people who are meant to be just right for them because of their starsign that's a bit weird
I don't know if i believe them especially when people talk about being with people who are meant to be just right for them because of their starsign that's a bit weird

I think that's what i think. How can the date of your birth help define who you are? SAying that, I do read my horoscope every week in the paper ;)
I am Scorpio ;)
I don't believe in all that star sign horoscope things either!

Yeah sometimes I fit into the Scorpio profile.
Scorpio's are:
Determined and Forceful
Emotional and intuitive
Powerful and Passionate
Exciting and Magnetic

Jealous and Resentful
Compulsive and Obsessive
Secretive and Obstinate

I do believe that I am determined and Emotional. And I like to be powerful and exciting. ANd as for the weakness's, Jealous, compulsive, obsessive and secretive are so so so true!!!
I guess you could say I fit the Scorpio profile :lol:
I'm a Leo (which means my birthday is coming soon:guffaw:). I'm not sure if I believe them. I do read mine in the TV-guide every week, but it's (almost) never true. Maybe I should start read an other one...:lol:
Another Leo here:D

I don't read horoscopes in magazines etc. Never true... ok, once or twice they hitted:guffaw:

But the description of Leo fits to me very well. Lazy and creative, yeah, that's me:lol:
Heh, I'm Sagittarius. :D

I read my horoscope sometimes too--it's fun. Although a lot of them are sometimes just general like "You will have fun with friends today, or you will have work complications." Something that would probably happen anyway--at least with me. :eek:

Associated traits (according to one site) for Sagittarius are down below. And on a scale of 1-10, I am:

-witty conversationalist (10)
-freedom loving / free-spirited (8)
-idealistic / believing (8)
-moral (10)
-intelligent / intellectual (10)
-positive / optimistic (7)
-honest / sincere (10)
-reliable (6)
-enterprising / ambitious (5)
-energetic / active (6)
-versatile (8)
-adventurous (4 :p)
-independent /unfettered (6)
-generous (10)
-temperamental (er, sometimes)
-impatient / restless (9)

So I'm pretty well in line with a lot of these traits associated with the sign.

And apparently the chosen 'body parts' for Sagittarius are hips and thighs. :lol: According to some sites, the physical traits for Sagittarius are slender, well-formed figures, large well-shaped skull and have a tendency to slouch.

They're also compatible with Aries and Leo and sometimes Aquarius.

And as much as I love :)rolleyes:) the citrine Topaz for November, I much prefer the blue Topaz for December.
Mine is 'Taurus'.:cool: But I usually don't believe in horoscopes and stuff like that only when the it shows up something really good.:p

I should be like:

Patient and reliable ......not really
Warmhearted and loving .....definitively yes
Persistent and determined .........sometimes...
Placid and security loving .....absolutely

On the dark side....
Jealous and possessive........ not at all:scream:
Resentful and inflexible .......not at all:scream: (okay a little bit resentful )
Self-indulgent and greedy ........erm..not really
I'm a Scorpio.

Traits off a website i found.

Traits of a Scorpio:

Intense (I wouldn't say i am)
Strong-willed (Kinda)
Determined (Yeah if i want something)
Secretive (Kinda)
Meticulous (Not really)
Investigative (I like being nosey if that counts.... and i like csi :lol:)
Curious (Yep)
Deep thinker (Yep)
Vindictive (Not really)
Jealous (Wouldn't say i am)
Sullen (Not really)
Bitter (Nope)
Sarcastic ( All the time)
Bad tempered (Only if i have Pmt)

Some match me but others not really so depends.
I think it's interesting that quite a few of us don't know if we believe them, but read our horoscopes anyway.

I know. With me, it's like my eyes get automatically drawn to them when I see horoscopes in the paper or a magazine.
(I just read mine for next week and I'm going to be the center of the attention. If that one's going to be true, I'm going to stay in bed for the whole week:lol:)
I don’t believe in horoscopes, not sure about birth signs. I think I ‘fit the profile’ of Virgo but, on the other hand, I have all the characteristics of Capricorn that bubbles listed :confused: Not to mention that, acc to many sources, Virgos are supposed to be perfectly organized and neat. Now, that’s everyone but me :)

Traits of a Virgo:

  • Analyst (a little bit)
  • Purist (no)
  • Plays safe (depends on the occasion I guess)
  • Worrier (definitely)
  • Has mood swings (unfortunately, yes)
  • Perfectionist (a little bit)
  • Easily learns mastery (lol, good joke)
  • Demands respect (no)
  • Fair judgement (unfortunately, not really)
  • Pessimistic (definitely)
  • Frequently depressed (yeah)
  • Destructive at times (happens)
I’m supposed to dislike chaos, noise and asymmetry but can’t agree with that one :) I don’t like change, though and with risk it depends – I don’t like risk of losing a job but I’d love to go bungee-jumping :)

And, it was very interesting to learn that: 'every sign rules a part of the body, Virgo the intestines' :guffaw: