What's better C.S.I. / C.S.I. NY or C.S.I. Miami

I'm true to Miami, but New York is blowing me away. Las Vegas has lost lost of good characters(Sara, Warrick, etc.) and the storylines are dry. The other two are more updated and fresh.
Well, I'll stick with the original too. It was the first one I watched and I still think it's the best. It has great storylines, great characters and overall I like the look of the show.

Second would be New York. Good characters, too, although some I find rather annoying at times.

I tried watching Miami, I really did, but after a few episode into S1 and I had to stop. Main reason, Horatio. I can't stand him (don't want to offend anyone here but that's the way I feel about him). Overall I can't connect with the characters and the show is way too bright and flashy for me. Plus there's too much personal drama going on.
1. Right now I am saying Miami. I really like the characters (except Horatio). I know they have some really bizarre storylines at times but that's what I like about it, it's not afraid to go there. If that makes any sense. :lol:

2. Las Vagas. I really like this one too. I love the characters, storylines, acting everything! This one is the best out of all of them, but I am prefering Miami right now!

3. New York. This used to be my favourite. But right now in the UK they are showing season 4 on Tuesdays and the storylines are a bit, meh. I don't know what it is but they just don't interest me anymore, and I eventually get bored. :(
I've been watching the Las Vegas CSI since I was 12, so it will always be my favourite. I've liked the storylines they've come up with over the past few years, such as the Minature Killer and Lady Heather(finally!)

CSI:NY is a very, very close second. I wasn't very keen on it until the second season, when the characters were let loose, and the show has improved greatly, especially regarding storylines, such as the 333 caller and the Taxi Cab Killer.

CSI:Miami comes third for me, mainly because there's far too much action. I like action, don't get me wrong, and I know it's only a TV show, but that's far too much action. And the storylines all seem to revolve around rich people now :(
CSI: Vegas, def. I don't like Miami or New York because the characters seem unable to connect with, and everytime I watch either one, I always see an eisode with no one with emotions, and no one with a personal life, but that's just from the episodes I've seen, I jsut love how LV goes deeper into the characters.
Las Vegas and NY are tied for me.

Las Vegas has the great storylines. Miniature Killer has to be my favorite sub plot outta all the CSI's.
NY is badass with its Urban setting. The concrete jungle of NY makes a great backgrop for great mysteries.

I like Miami, its ok. I just truley hate Super Horatio. It was acceptable when he did everything himself, but to survive against like what? 10 brazilians firing automatic weapons at him, only to kill them all with a hand gun.... cmon.... (thank god for emily procter)

However, what has totally taken me by suprise and pulled me in moreso then any csi show, Criminal Minds.... This show is just downright badass in all aspects!
I started watching CSI:NY every Sunday morning [AXN has this thing called Supreme Sunday where they show all 3 CSIs back to back] and I was convinced it was the best. After watching all 3 shows, I'd have to say LV and NY are the best for me. I really don't know what to choose but I love Miami too.
New York is my favorite. I love the setting. Being the daughter of a native New Yorker, it resonates with me. My fave characters are Flack and Angell.
I just started watching this franchise this summer and I like LV and Miami NY I can not get into at all and what bothers me is I like Gary Sinise and Melena K I really like them but I don't feel like I am in NY the characters don't feel right like they do in LV and Miami
New York...no question. Frankly, David Caruso couldn't act out of a paper bag, even if he wanted to, IMO.

William Petersen? He's decent.

Gary Sinise? BRILLIANT. Love him.:luvlove::thumbsup:

NY just has the better cast, IMO.

CSI LV without a doubt.

It is the only CSI show i really watch and that has a place in my heart. I love all the characters/actors. But George Eads and Eric Szmanda are on my top 10 list of favourite actors just because of that show.

I don't really know to describe why I like LV more than Miami or New York, It just is that way :p
LV! Can't stand Miami (a certain red-head makes it unbearable) and NY has never tickled my fancy.
Miami now...Miami forever!!!!

-I didn't pick this show up till after i was watching Vegas for a bit, but from the first episode I watched I was hooked! I love how the characters and actors mesh and being as I started watching mid-fourth season I am apart of the Ryan Wolfe nation!!! :). I watch for other really neat reasons...he's just the main one...I mean look at him!!!:drool:
I'm glad Miami has been allowed to go its own way with its poetic licence. People who critizes it just don't understand that Miami is suposed to be the more flashy of the three. Most people may see it as stupid or annoying, but like it or not, David Caruso has created an icon that has put it's place in T.V. history. So to those T.V. critics out there who thought Miami wouldn't last and had to eat their words when 16.8 million people watched the premiere and beat out Heroes I say this...


-I have to honestly say NY comes into a distant but fair second place with me. I was like most people and did not like it at first. When Mac Taylor was introduced on Miami I wasn't too thrilled about him. He had a coldness I didn't really like. But he's grown on me as well as the rest of the cast. Hawkes is the bomb!!! :lol: GO NYC!!!

-I'm sorry to say that LV is just not the same show for me. It is the show that started everything and it will always have a place in my heart. I just don't think it was the show it once was. With the character shifts and everything, I fear it's on it's way out. :(
I love all three. If I had to put them in order it would be Miami, NY, then Vegas. I never got into New York until season 4. I have every single season that is out of Miami, and I have the first three of NY. I have five seasons of Vegas. I never miss any of the episodes! I am a complete die hard CSI fan!