What the Writers' Strike Means to CSI: NY

And in 1988, the networks didn't have as much 'reality shows' going to try and plug the gaps in schedules like they'll be doing now, so there was possibly a greater incentive for them to hammer out a deal.

On the other hand, in 1988 there weren't as many entertainment alternatives (DVD/Internet/gaming consoles etc) as there are now. TPTB knew back then that people would return to watching TV because there was little other choice. But now, there's a danger that if the strike goes on too long, then people's viewing habits will be changed completely and even when new episodes do air, there's a possibility that ratings will never be as high as before.

AFAIK, most shows seem to have a few episodes left in hand which will probably get them through to the February sweeps. May sweeps will have to be repeats or reality shows unless a deal is agreed in time to create new eps, and I think it's that deadline that's going to trigger a deal.
Right now, there are 14 episodes completed, with the last one scheduled to air on January 16th. So even if the strike is resolved tomorrow, there will be a break in episodes. Sadly, given that negotiations broke down last week, I imagine it will go a while longer than that. :(
I have been following the news on the strike and I was thinking the same thing Top if the strike is resolved *fingers crossed* anytime soon and the writers go back to work they wouldn't have scripts ready to start filming immediately would they? So that would mean then there would be even more delays. :( I am of course rooting for the writers but things are getting really bad now.
Isn't there something like a six week lead time from writing to airing an ep? And TPTB would want to have a few eps in hand before they'd start airing.
IMO, February sweeps could be a big deciding factor. If the ratings are bad (and with all reality shows and repeats they can't be great) then that's going to screw the networks on their advertising rates. So the last thing they'll want is bad ratings for May as well. Although if they get bad ratings & less advertising, they'll just be able to play the poor mouth at the negotiations and say they can't afford any increases in residual rates.
I am wondering why the (at least to me available) news slowed down so much about it? Isn't there anything to tell except that one party is on the picket line and the other one ignoring them or what? Seriously! I am not really keeping track on this specifically, so whatever comes across my usual newspaper consumption, I will notice, but there haven't been much lately. How come? Anyone? :confused:
They agreed to a news blackout during the negotiations, so they didn't make any press releases or say how things were going.

Now that the negotiations have fallen apart, they're back to publicly sniping at each other. *sigh*
Hey, as I live in New Zealand and the writers strike hasn't had any effect on us yet and we don't hear much about the writers strike..Can someone please tell me if it's anywhere near close to ending?
^Sadly, no. Negotiations are at a standstill at the moment. Hopefully after the holidays they'll resume, but no one knows for sure when that will be.

However, countries that are pretty far behind the U.S. in terms of airing schedules probably don't have anything to worry about for the moment. Anything that's filmed is presumably still set to air in other countries. And once the strike is over, I imagine you'll get s. 4 on schedule too. Unless the strike goes on for a long time, I'd imagine international markets wouldn't feel much of the effects.
^ Well, not for the moment but if the strike lasts longer and these 14 episodes (I'm talking about CSI:NY but this is happening to almost every other TV shows) is all they're gonna air in the US for season 4 then next year we poor international viewers will get half a season as well which means a lot of empty time slots to fill on this end of the world too... :(
Imagine if they did resort to using fanfic. Television would never be the same again. So I hope they can resolve the strike soon.
I'm terribly sorry to hear about the writer's strike. Hopefully, the matter can be resolved soon. If possible, one solution could be to offer a certain percentage or bonus to the writers based on DVD/internet sales or extra revenue.

I just heard of the news about it.Would CSI:NY have been shutdown?I never want to see this happen.
CSI:NY is my favorite.
Thanks Top.

Okay, well as soon as I posted I saw that the the writer's strike did have an affect on New Zealand TV. I just realised that Numbers and CSI: Miami are no longer scheduled...When I looked into it, it turns out that TV3 has 'banked' the episodes due the the writers strike. Even though we are a full season behind? I hope CSI: NY comes back though. I think that it's scheduled to air after SVU finishes (early-late feburary).