What stuff do YOU want to see?

I would like to know if there are any CSI related keychains out there. I know, it's a strange request. But I have an extensive keychain collection!!! CSI related ones would be a perfect addition to it!!!:)
This has probably been covered elsewhere, but any wallpaper and ringtones for my mobile (cell) phone?
Can someone tell me why there is such a lack of CSI (all editions) posters??? I'd love to get a full cast poster for each of the 3 shows. Right now I only have a big poster of the CSI S3 dvd set cover, which I bought at the CBS store in NY. But it's only got Grissom and Catherine.

CSIFANINMD you asked about key chains, I do know that they sell some through the CBS store, you can buy them online, there's a link off of CBS.com.
FlackAttack, when I was back in Yonkers for a high school reunion a couple of years ago, I saw a billboard on top of a building for CSI. I was thinking how that would look on the wall of my room as a poster if I had a wall large enough.
I would LOVE a CSI MIAMI calendar...so far there is only for the original CSI...
I want a CSI script book. Like the ones they released for Buffy. Also I'd love a Jorja action figure. THat would be awesome to have!
I kinda always wanted CSI underwear. Like a thong with CSI:Willows printed on it, that would be awesome, wouldn't it?

Apart from that I'd love a Sara clone and a Sofia clone...