What stuff do YOU want to see?

I like the idea of lifesize dolls, or the real one will do just as good.

CSI Lifesize dolls, but one contains the actaul actor.

*Goes of to find George in a shop*
Life sized posters/cutouts would be kwl, but i like the simpler stuff, like CSI stationery or something like that. Anyone know anywhere that does CSI stationery co zi've had a look and nowhere does it.
Crysthala said:
I too would like to see a better CSI game, where there's actually character generation and interaction, and you can walk around and flirt with the characters (if you want) and even date them, and the cases can progress without you having to get that ONE TINY OBJECT ON THE GROUND RIGHT WHERE YOU'D NEVER LOOK FOR IT. <Chewbacca roar> Oh, and it'd be nice if the CSIs actually did something (I.E, if you miss that ONE TINY OBJECT ON THE GROUND RIGHT WHERE YOU'D NEVER LOOK FOR IT whatever CSI you're working with will find it for you. :) I would play that game ENDLESSLY.
Yes! I hate the fact that they just stand there and expect you to zoom in like a bagillion times on the microscopic piece of dirt to find evidence! [OK so maybe i'm over exaggerating just a little]

But omg CSI:Sim City would be amazing! I would never, ever stop playing. I've tried to make the CSI's on Sims, but alas they never turn out quiet right.
I've seen it, now I just need to know where to get it; a CSI spare tire cover for a Honda CRV!
Hehe, I think they should put CSI on PS2, if they have it, then awesome, but I haven't seen any...Oh, how about CSI's own range of Sunglasses, A random Idea of mine...
1. Second Soundtrack
2. Someone to come and boot the Australian distributors and make them release season 4-6 of CSI, and 2-4 of Miami!! We are so far behind in the DVD releases it's not funny.
CSI: Sim City would own.

Action figures for sure, and masks of all the main characters.

And Horatio indorsed Ray-Bans.
i would like to see a sims with all csi characters in a forensics lab.
and i would like some shops in the uk that only sell csi and cop show stuff. i would be their biggest customer.