What Are You Reading? - #2

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hi...new here.

right now i just finished reading City of Bones. i can't wait to start the next book in the series City of Ashes. have any of you read these books?
I'm currently reading Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire, which is the prequel to what happened before Dorthy dropped into Oz. And the basis for the musical Wicked. :)
I also enjoyed Right to die.
I am currently reading Bill Bryson, The short history of nearly everything. I recently read his book, notes from a small Island, and really enjoyed it. So when I saw he had one with history in the title I thought yeah I love history so I will read it. Unfortunately its a history of the world literally from the big bang and is very scientific. But I would recommend it. It is very informative and easy to read (although I did skip the theory of relativity!)
I just started "Consolation" by Michael Redhill.

"Historian David Hollis believes he has found a treasure of incalculable value: a trove of old photographs, the earliest pictures ever taken of a great city in its earliest days. The glass negatives, he is certain, were in a strongbox on a ship that sank in the sity's harbor a century and a half earlier. That wreck, by his calculations, is beneath a landfill in the process of being excavated for a new sports arena. If construction can be halted for a search, a unique record of the city's birth might be reclaimed for all.
David's quest is unfulfilled at the time of his death, and his widow, Marianne, takes up the challenge. Confronting skepticism and resistance, she learns more about Jem Hallam, the immigrant photographer whose pictures became her grail. In a masterful interweaving of two centuries, Consolation unfolds the story of Jem Hallam's life alongside Marianne's search. What brought him from England to the new and still primative town of Toronto? Why did he leave his wife and children behind? What drove him to photograph this young metroplois in such vivid detail?
Consolation moves back and forth betwen the stories of David's legacy and of Jem Hallam's life, revealing a mysterious connection. Nothing less than survival itself is at stake for Jem Hallam, while love and pride drive Marianne Hollis's effort to vindicate her late husband. Michael Redhill makes each element of his unforgetable story both profound and suspenseful, brilliantly illuminating how time and grief alter the contours of even the things we think we know for certain."

It sounded interesting and it was cheap, and so far it's good. :)
I'm reading I Am the Messengerby Markus Zusak. He also wrote a book called The Book Thief. I hated the Book Thief but I though I'd give the author a second chance and I'm glad I did. I Am the Messenger is really good so far! :D
economics books:shifty:

actually I just finished Lady Susan by Jane Austen. I borrowed it from the local library to read while travelling on the train. It was okay, not the best but distracting enough. The story itself was simple, a Lady Susan in her middle thirties, trying to find new love, flirting with men and ruining many others' (relative, wives etc.) life. It was written in letter form so every character's opinion can be seen. As I said it was okay - considering it is one of her early writings - but I missed the character's emotional side that is usually very deep and detailed in the Austen-books.
I'm reading "Fifty Dead Men Walking" by Martiin McGartland, it's his true life story of how for fours years, he lived as a double agent. As an IRA Intelligence Officer and an Informant for the Special Branch of the RUC (Police). During his time working as ''Agent Carol'' he is said to have saved around the lives of atleast 50 people by tipping off the Police with IRA intelligence. It's a fantastic book, I can't put it down. The film was great, but the book is even better.
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