What Are You Reading? - #2

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I'm currently trying to read skin privilege by Karin Slaughter, but i have so much work on at the moment that i cant seem to find time for it.

I'm not sure if there is another thread for this but i was wondering if anyone here could name a book for me. I read it as a kid and cant for the life of me remember what it is called or who it is by. It starts off with a girl being taken to a drug rehad center by her parents and when she gets there she locks herself in the car and refuses to get out. Once she does she is left there in the care of this really quite sadistic man and other carers who try to convince her that she has a drug problem. I think that her parents left her brother in the same center and on a visit home he killed himself.
I know it's not a very pleasent book but its one of those things were it is going to drive me crazy if i cant remember the name of it.
Anyone know it??

Hi Fool4love

You could so help me out here.....How old is the Karin Slaugther book?

And do you have any idea as to where I could get it?

Hi Fool4love

You could so help me out here.....How old is the Karin Slaugther book?

And do you have any idea as to where I could get it?


Skin Privilege has been out for about a year (over here anyway) and it is the most recent book in the Grant County series. You should be able to pick it up at most book stores or if not definately online somewhere like Amazon.
Just so there is no confusion, the second part of my post was about a completely unrelated book, whose title i can't for the life of me remember, and it's annoying me. It's one of those now it's in my head i have to know the name of it.
People we've asked you before to add more information about the book you are reading. Just putting down that you are reading Hominids by Robert J. Sawyer is not enough. Please tell us some of what the book is about.

And for those that are interested :) Hominids is the first book in the Neanderthal Trilogy. It's about a portal that opens to a parallel universe where homo sapiens have died out and the Neanderthals have survived.

If we continue to get comments about I'm reading such and such a book without a description Ducky and I will seriously have to think about either closing this thread or moving it to the member lounge. We don't want to do that. Thanks for you cooperation :)
Currently I am Reading Bleak House by Charles Dickens for my Dickens Literature class. Don't let the size of the book fool you it may be long but there are two stories inside that are intertwined by two narrators who help bring to light the mystery is the main plot.

I do recommend this book, but if you are just getting into Dickens try Great Expectations, The Old Curiosity Shoppe, or Olive Twist first. :)
On the less literary side of things...

I am currently reading Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Acheron" and so far it's pretty bleak.. but also very compelling. For those of you who enjoy her books (Dark Hunter novels and generally stuff about ancient Greek/Atlantean Gods roaming around in the current day and having lots of sex and dangerous adventures. :lol: ) then I think you'll probably like this one- at least judging by the beginning. I don't think the usual wit and humour will appear until later, but regardless, the tale had me interested from the start. I'm guessing it's going to turn out to be one of her better ones (and I definitely haven't liked them all).
I'm currently reading Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicky Myron. It's the true story of a librarian in Iowa who finds a kitten in the library drop box. The book goes on to chronicle how Dewey touched the lives of both the librarians and the patrons during the 1980s while the small town is going through an economic rough patch with the farming industry.

I'm really enjoying as I'm a major cat lover and the writer in a simplistic, yet humourous fashion.
I'm currently reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Once you get used to the old language it is a really good book and very fast moving. It is about a woman who marrys a man called Max de Winter who was widowed a while back. Rebecca is his dead wife, and soon after Mrs. de Winter moves to Manderley her new home, she realises that everything is as if Rebecca still lives there. It is quite spooky in places, but diffrently worth a read!:)
Oh, Fool4Love, I totally feel your pain! I went on a similar "old book I read when I was a kid" search frenzy a little while back.. I did find what I was looking for, but it was really frustrating! My advice would be, if you can remember any part of the title, Amazon search it like a mad woman.

I'm currently reading "The Areas of My Expertise". It's not a novel by any stretch of the imagination.. it's actually a "fake" almanack written by John Hodgman. If you have any sense of dark humour, this will tickle you, and I highly recommend it. Just the cover of the book is hilarious. Basically, he's written an old fashioned almanack with pretty much nothing but "facts" that he's completely made up. I've just been reading a "chapter" at a time, whenever I feel the need for a good chuckle.
I just read GhostGirl by Tonya Hurley and I've gotten about 5 of my friends to read it.And I just read The Lord Of the Flies which was absolutley amazing! Now I am in desperate need of some book recommendations! Please help me out. I'm looking for a good read with humor and maybe a coming of age story. Thanks in advance!!!
Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
Inferno by Dante (and once I finish it I'll read Purgatorio)

I always have to read at least two books at once. Otherwise I can't function.
I am reading Wings by Danielle Steel. Okay I was reading Danielle Steel when I original posted this, but today I read the second half of the book in 3 hours it was so good.
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Lots of poems by Tennyson and Browning :lol:
I'm working hard on the final chapter of my thesis and I'm concentrating on these two poets. I actually enjoy reading poetry and IMO some of Browning's works are superb, especially My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover - though a bit disturbing too because they are in fact confessions of murderers (who think they had every right to murder their lovers :rolleyes:).
Anyway, I guess I'd enjoy these poems more if I didn't have to analyse them in such detail but well, it could have been worse :lol:
Right now I'm reading a few books for my english and law studies.

'The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' as well as 'The Oxford history of Britain'.
Also I'm reading a book about 'medical jurisprudence/forensic medicine'. There's everything contained what I've already seen on CSI. *lol* But it's still very interesting and as I'm attending that course I thought I should read that book. :)

For fun I'm reading 'Twilight'. I finally startet with it last week after owning the book since last fall. *lol*
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