What Are You Reading? - #2

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New thread! Lol, I'm still reading 'A Discovery Of Heaven'. It has like 900 pages, and I'm currently on page 750. I'm hoping to finish reading this book very soon!
Oh I loved reading 'Memoirs of a Geisha', haven't seen the movie yet though.

I haven't a clue which next novel I am going to read. First I must finish this darn thesis (yes still :p), maybe I'll read an Ellis Peters novel again, I have tons of those, but have read only one third of them I think.
I'm reading "Im Auftrag des Tigres" (In Mission of Tigers) by Konsalik. I love his books and this one it's great! It's about the extinction of the Siberian tigers... If you're a animal lover, I strongly advise this book.
Uncle John's Supremely Satisfying Bathroom Reader.
I need to stock up on my useless facts to mask how retarded I am =0
i read four books while at the beach last week, and loved them all
lovely bones- very sad, but incredible. my mom read it when i was done and we both cried
the reader- again, quite sad, but well written
olivia joules and the overactive imagination- written by the same author as bridget jones. this book was absolutely hilarious, probably one of the funniest ive ever read. i would burst out into laughter on the beach and my family would give me funny looks :lol:
the continuity girl- an other funny one. shes 35 and wants a baby but has no boyfriend so decides to try and become a 'sperm bandit'
i read the funny ones last, because i knew the other two would be depressing. but all were well worth the hours spent reading :D
I'm working through the entire back catalogue by Mark Billingham. He's a stand-up comic turned crime writer, and his stuff is really dark but beautifully written. His first book, "Sleepyhead" is not entirely dissimilar to the first episode of CSI:NY. (But came out before it... :D)
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