Welcome To The LV Forum, Please Introduce Yourself!

to you ladywillows glad you here and have fun~
Decided to introduce myself after lurking for quite some time... I'm from Belgium and you can say I'm a greg fan! Here they don't show CSI:LV so often as CSI:Miami:rolleyes: , so I have to get my CSI fix over here! :)
WELCOME D4phn3 glad you've decided to join us
and you've got lots of Greg fans here, so have fun:bolian:
Hi, I just joined!

I watch the 3 CSIs, but LV is my fav hands down...

My fav characters is Sara, then Grissom, then Hodges...
Now that Grissom left, I hang on to Sara and the lab rats, but I definitely like the other team members as well.
CSI has also great sidekicks that I root for (recurring cops).