Was "Immortality" a satisfying series finale?

On a scale of 1-5, how satisfying was "Immortality" as a series finale?

  • 5 - It was absolutely fantastic!

    Votes: 3 10.0%
  • 4 - It was pretty good.

    Votes: 6 20.0%
  • 3 - It was okay.

    Votes: 8 26.7%
  • 2 - It wasn't quite what I was hoping for.

    Votes: 8 26.7%
  • 1 - It was very disappointing.

    Votes: 5 16.7%
  • Undecided

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Watched the Immortality again with bunch of friends and having some pretty lively discussions afterwards. The more I watch it, the more I dislike the story line. I think it was a big miscalculation to give Lady Heather the prominent platform as the center piece of CSI's series finale. What were they thinking? How many times she was brought in all these years? Why elevating a character, whose storyline played out years ago, to such extend it turned the series finale into a ridiculous triangle that was never there before.

Didn't Grissom already make his heart clear in S9? He gave up everything to go looking for Sara in the rainforest. He didn't run to Dominion falling at Lady Heather's feet! So, it did feel the story was contrived by placing Lady Heather between Grissom and Sara in the finale. Granted, we knew Zuiker had to fix the screwup cooked up by the incompetent writer of Forget Me Not. (There was no reason to break GSR up then; except the writing crew was short in imagination and wits and had no clue how to handle Grissom's absence.) It would have been nice if Grissom could explain to Sara why he did what he did to her in FMN, and asked for a second chance. I have no problem with them getting back together, and I loved the finale boating off into the sunset scene. Sure Sara gave up a lot, but she stayed true to her belief. (You all need to read the 2006 Fox and Petersen's TV Guide joint interview.) I do agree it could be handled differently, after all, it's 2015 now!

Okay, Lady Heather could come back if Jerry Bruckheimer so insisted. (I just don't understand why, though. Why he was pressing Zuiker so hard to have Melinda Clarke back?) Why not having her as a person of interest or something? She shouldn't be the main focus or theme of the finale. Thanks to Bruckheimer, she was. Thanks to Lady Heather. She made the storyline a laughing stock.

I do feel the regulars - except Sara and Grissom - were cheated of their final moment in the sun. Thanks to Lady Heather for eating up so much precious screen times. So, yes, by assigning Lady Heather to be the focus of the series finale, it did leave so much to be desired.
I was not satisfied. Too much of the precious time was devoted to Grissom/Sara ship. We get it, that's important, but its not 100% of the show. There were so many other characters that needed some love and time in the sun.
I was not satisfied. Too much of the precious time was devoted to Grissom/Sara ship. We get it, that's important, but its not 100% of the show. There were so many other characters that needed some love and time in the sun.
I think the problem started right at the Lady Heather's doorstep. Having the series finale's case revolving around her and implying the possible relationship triangle dragged the whole thing down. As the scenes progressed, I kept on waiting to see if Lady Heather would show the 'love' she had for Grissom because Zuiker's snippets were leading me towards that direction. But it was never there! So I do think having her did cheapen the finale. Grissom and Sara's reconciliation would have been short and precise if Zuiker had allowed Grissom explain the shitty stunt he pulled off in FMN. Making Lady Heather the center piece of the finale was a big mistake. I knew I said it before, but I just don't know what she had done to earn this privilege! By hyping up a love triangle that never was shipped the finale's focal point from the case to what Lady Heather had up her sleeves.

So, yes, I was, still am, very disappointed when I first watched the finale back in September. The script didn't live up to expectation. The case was weak, the storyline, poor. Wouldn't a terrorist attack be a more likely reason for having Grissom, Catherine and Brass back? Zuiker devoted a great chunk of screen time to this disposable character, Lady Heather, and he didn't even have time to have Warrick and Nick mentioned. Sure we know Warrick had to leave the show because of Daurdan's own stupidity while George had his own fallout with TPTB. Still how hard would it be for CSI show to acknowledge the original team members who didn't get the callbacks. I loved the GSR ending but I don't like the way how they got there.

Bad scriptwriting did the finale in.