Was "Immortality" a satisfying series finale?

On a scale of 1-5, how satisfying was "Immortality" as a series finale?

  • 5 - It was absolutely fantastic!

    Votes: 3 10.0%
  • 4 - It was pretty good.

    Votes: 6 20.0%
  • 3 - It was okay.

    Votes: 8 26.7%
  • 2 - It wasn't quite what I was hoping for.

    Votes: 8 26.7%
  • 1 - It was very disappointing.

    Votes: 5 16.7%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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I'm curious about how everyone feels, once they've seen the two-hour TV movie for themselves, so I thought I'd make a poll. Place your vote, and share your thoughts if you'd like. :)

(I picked the option to let you change your vote, just in case you give it more thought and change your mind later. ;))
Did anyone else catch the "jump the shark reference?" Har.

I feel it's tough to say whether or not they did a good job with this one. Like many series finales...there is no possible way the writers could come up with something that pleased everyone.

Having said that, this disappointed me, but made he happy that it's over.

Mr. Petersen's return was welcome. He had already cemented his name in the pantheon of great fictional crimefighters, both funny ans serious (think Peter Sellers, Leslie Nielsen, Jack Webb, Karl Malden, Telly Savalas, Jack Klugman, Hal Linden, and on and on). His special skill was in bridging the serious and snarky. He could be stone cold serious, but then along comes an episode like "Fur And Loathing," and he played along to the hilt. That's a rare talent.

I was never a fan of the "GSR" theme, so I don't really care if they ride off into the sunset to be his & hers "Whale Wars" buddies for life. But I understand that's what the loudest voices wanted. So they got it.

I'd say this was a better conclusion that "Seinfeld" and "The Sopranos," far behind "MASH," "Barney Miller," "Mary Tyler Moore," and light years behind "Breaking Bad." And I'm not that much of a BB fan!

I wish you all the best in the future. Signing off.
Well i cry at the end, because this were almost 11 years of my life and i am 17 years old, i loved this show, from the very first time i saw it.

This finale is ok, is not the great thing, because this is a big "Hey look who is here is "Catherine", oh!, how did "Brass" get here? who does know?, who does care?, i dont"

I believe this episode is still one of the better they had never done, because this episode remember me when the killers of this show were real people and sometimes real people are unknown persons with really creepy but "okay" reasons to do the things.

So yes, it was ok, because almost every single one of this themes was alredy touch before, CSI was a great show, the writers were great, so that is the reason why the show end up here, because the new writers and the new crew members never knew how to dont touch the alredy say and good things.

Catherine was the head of the CSI's before D.B.Russell enter the scene and she is know the head of the CSI, so this is like we erase that 3/4 years lapse of terrible seasons.

Grissom and Sara never need to comback, Sara should had stay were she was, that was good and really interesting writing, how Grissom was burn off by a serial killer that almost kill Laurence Fisburne and Nicky (Nathan "I dont care your last name because you was the worst serial killer of this show" was a great send off, that should had been the end of Grissom and Sara.

Catherine character should had stay, i know Marc Helgenberger wanna to leave the show, but she was the right one to stay in charge, see his daughter grow and see Nicky take charge of his own laboratory of CSI that was a great send off for the show.

See closure in Greg, D.B. Russell, Jules Finnlay, the hatefull Morgan and the lovely labs members, that is what i always wanna to see and sadly any of them had a good clear closure.
I disagree, GSR needed something more and I'm glad it got it. I do wish Nick had come back. Catherine had a good ending though.

What did happen with Greg?
I was rather disappointed with the finale. It focused way too much on GSR, who I never liked.

I would have also liked to have seen a nice scene towards the end with the whole team together, one last time.

In some ways, I think the last season finale was better, with the exception of Finn being in a coma. Honestly I could have cared less about what happened to her.

I think it sucked the last time we saw Greg was hugging Catherine and Morgan after the bomb ordeal. I would have liked to had a more finale scene with him, seeing as he has been with the show since the start and never left.

I did like seeing Lady Heather but she was on more than some of the regular cast, which again is cause for disappointment.

I think the only people who loved it were the GSR fans.
I voted it was okay.

I'm glad GSR got back together, though they never should have broken up in the first place. Also I'm relieved Heather didn't die or worse, become Darth Heather.

But I have two issues: 1) there should have been a group of everyone (minus GSR or all of them would have been great too) walking out of the lab together. Going out to breakfast. Even visiting Brass in the hospital. 2) I really, really hate that they killed Heather's granddaughter, Alison. Didn't Heather suffer enough after her daughter's brutal murder? Not to mention her assisted suicide attempts?

I didn't know anything about Finn in a coma until I read it on here or may I forgotten. Of course I didn't really keep up with the show last season and she's not my favorite. Though I suspect Finn will wake up and appear on CSI: Cyber. Actually I wonder if other cast members will guest appear on Cyber sometime too.

I like Catherine is coming back home to Vegas.

Not enough Greg, though I'm not surprised.

Lots of Heather which I loved! But yeah, it seems weird she was on more than the regular cast members.

I could see where Nick was going to be used in this episode. He would have been the one that found Grissom in San Diego. That would have been really funny, alas. I also wonder if he would have moved back to LV like Catherine and named the new Grave Shift supervisor since DB is leaving.

Can't think of much else.
there should have been a group of everyone (minus GSR or all of them would have been great too) walking out of the lab together. Going out to breakfast. Even visiting Brass in the hospital.
I agree, and I think this was a big problem with this finale. The story was so focused on getting Grissom and Sara back together that it neglected the team chemistry which was like its own character in the series for so many years. I have to wonder if maybe, because the team has changed so much in recent years, they couldn't figure out a way to recreate that without making it hokey. And maybe that was the right call to make. Still, it joined one of the things (along with a brilliantly plotted case to solve) that made this series so great in its best years, but which was missing in the finale. Sadly, those best years are long gone. But at least we can still go back and revisit them now.
I think the only people who loved it were the GSR fans.

No I liked it and I'm not a GSR fan... It was a great conclusion to me.
The only thing it missed to be perfect : more Brass, 5 more minutes at the end to give a final scene to other characters like Greg, Morgan, Brass, Hodges and so on... But I guess life is continuing in Vegas for them...

Zuiker said it would be like this, a TV event which would serve as a closure but which let the doors opened.
I just watched the finale and I have mixed feelings. Case was great I think but just 86 minutes it was not enough. I think If CBS give them six episodes in early september with this one case but with everyone would be incredible. They deserve more, but Thank God that they got this, cause Miami didn't get proper series finale and they leave series with open cases. And in Miami they have in last scene one meeting nearly together. It was okay for me, but as many of You said - some things weren't said, probably because of the time. I read on wikipedia that Sara advanced as lab chef but resign to be with Gil and Cat back to LV. DB join Cyber (omg - CBS want syndication probably cause I don't see it) and what with Brass, Greg, nothing about Nick (happy or not)... In last minutes I had tears in eyes because it's huge show, I wrote first thesis with some episodes so it's heartbreaking.
I voted that it was okay.

Despite all the Grissom and Sara scenes, I didn't see it as a happy ending for them. I'd appreciate it more if they went their separate ways. Tried but failed, that would be fine. But sailing off into the sunset after a divorce, I'll never understand that one. Separated would be one thing, but divorced and Sara abandoning the director's position to -maybe- sail around the world with the ex, come on. It makes a cute scene for 2 minutes, but the story was too damaged to be repaired by this.

As for the rest of the episode, it felt rather disjointed at times. The bad guy wasn't hard to catch and Heather got way more references than necessary to progress the story. I enjoyed DB every time he was on, Morgan had just the right makeup on and a number of GSR scenes were very lovely. Greg was in the background a lot more than he deserved (there was so much more he could do) and Brass could have had a scene alone with Grissom instead of Catherine (I've only watched it once, so maybe there was one and I don't remember it?). Anyway, I suppose they did what they could with what they had.
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What an utterly stupid and convoluted plot.

And, to top it all off, they turned Grissom into a Greenpeace loon!

AWFUL. It was just AWFUL!!
Nah, didn't care for it.

I don't go around San Diego Harbor but not sure if San Diego has any rocks like they showed and I don't think there is any mountains over the sea.

I think George realized this wasn't going to be a good movie for him and wisely sat out.

I don't get why Catherine's daughter would think Grissom would remember her after so long and I think Catherine could have said, you don't remember her? She's my daughter instead of my vagina.

I already deleted it, I seem to remember at the beginning the bomber being alone and no one around him when he went up to the lady. Then when they show the video, there was another woman there.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, when Grissom went to the lab, no one talked to him for minutes but in the Vegas crossover, when Mac went to visit the lab in Vegas, Mac got stopped by I forgot his name already.
I think so! What I liked best was the scene between DB and Grissom and the erasure of the ray Langston years. I saw that scene as making it seem danson replaced Peterson directly.