Wallpaper Thread #6

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I loved the last one you posted! :D

CSISenna that's a great great Mac/H wall! :D
They have similar postures! :lol:
katpin and csisenna, you two have been really busy with the wallpapers since i was last here,they are all so brilliant, thanks csisenna for the tissues, i needed them :lol: a couple of days off now for me, so i hopefully will get up a few :D
man you guys work fast and do such good work. I am still struggling with my chalenge wallpapers....but I think I am almost done now! Great work!!
CSISenna said:
Katpin, love the H-wall. Well here's your request. Enjoy!

Thanks you two. I love it. On my desktop atm. :lol: Glad ya liked the last H wall. Just a quickie is all it was. Am getting started on more later. My hubbys b/day & am in the middle of getting things done. Thanks again.
Nice walls mitzi & fallenthrough

Here's two I made last night. :D I knew I wouldn't have time to make any today. It's my hubby's b/day. :D He hasn't been doing well for awhile. :( Anyway, nothing fancy just something simple. :) Hope ya enjoy!!! :D

Gorgeous H walls katpin!
Fantastic Cath wall fallenthrough - great blending, amplifies the theme well.
Mitzi - I adore your new H wall and have snagged it! Thanks for posting.
I had entered a challenge with this wallpaper. It didn't win, I guess you guys found it too minimalistic. I like simple things, and I believe that some of you guys will like this wallpaper :)

katpin love your walls as usual, i especially loved the 1st one, thanks for the comment, i hope your hubby had a lovely b'day :D
csifanuk thanks for the comment,
sunset a lovely simple wall thats really effective
well after being busy sorting out my website, i managed to make these two, hope you like :D

Morning everyone! My husbands doing somewhat better ty. Now I have vertigo somewhat sooooooooooooo. LOL Anyway have managed to make two more. The 1st one is the same pic I used on a recent one but just a little differently. Second one I really like & also tried something new with the name Horatio. It's a somewhat corny so sorry.

Sunset it's gorgeous.

Mitzi awesome walls as always

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