Wallpaper Thread #10: Showcase, Links, & Requests

GNRFan- The gel word effect is very cool. I feel kind of stupid asking this, but who is Sam?

Sam was a Miami trace analyst for a while. He was on when Speed was on and also for a tiny bit after Ryan joined. :) He was played by Cristian de la Fuente who is now playing the boyfriend of the main character on In Plain Sight.
Gone but not forgotten:bolian:

Wow! That's really cool, GNRFan! I love how you made it look like the words were part of her shirt! Very cool effect :)

Thanks, glad you like them. :) I made several icons like that with the same pic a long time ago (they're up on my LJ) and I did some more yesterday with new brushes I installed in PS. But these two didn't look good as icons, so I made them WPs instead. :D
Great walls everyone :bolian:

Alright, I made my 2nd attempt in a wallpaper, and this one was without a tutorial :lol: What do you think about it? What do you think I could do to improve it? Honest comments would be much appreciated :D

^^:eek: :eek:

DUH! Those are beauiful! This is your second attempt!?!?! :wtf: I wish my WPs were that good at my second attempt, they're not even that good right now :lol:. Fantastic job, gorgerous colouring, blending etc :D.
I think the layout is gorgeous. My only suggestion would be to make Emily/Calleigh and the silhouette stand out more with the coloring.

Thank you Sophia :D But, i can't agree with you, your wp's are awesome and much better than mine :)
HappyHarper, thank you for your compliment & thank you for your suggestion, I'll do that in my next WP, that won't be soon I guess :shifty: I don't know how to make WP's :lol: