Ups And Downs Of The Day #3

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Down: Have an assignment due in a few days, but the site my school is on is having techinal difficulties and I can't access the things I need. :eek:
Down: Tummy hurts! :lol:

Up: Watching a hilarious movie with my sister
Up: OSU won today!!
Up: Got addicted to making fanvics :D :lol:
I love your sig, Catherinesmyidol I'm totally with you on that ;)

Up: Don't know really the day only started 1 hour and 35 mins ago...
Down: I gotta go to sleep because I have to get up at 7 tomorrow -today, whatever.
Up: Went to the gym and started some work on my muscles instead of the usual cardio work..

Down: Spent over 2 hours down at the gym. :p
UP: met my Oct. 1st weight loss goal already.

UP: did my Saturday morning ritual of riding my bike to yard sales.

Down: because the weather is getting yucky, not many yard sales out there.

Down: I'm sick. I have no voice. (my students would put that under the UP side.)

Down: Only went 9 miles on my bike today.

Down/Up: Found out Mom is coming this week, to stay the winter with me.
Up: It's Saturday and I finally got to sleep late.

Down: They changed CSI weekends on FOX to CSI Miami so now I have no CSI's to watch all weekend. :(

Up: I have all 5 season on DVD so I really shouldn't be complaining...

Down: I have to get up early tomorrow to shoot a roll of film of only self-portraits for Photography class, due Monday. Great.
Up: I'm listening to Belle & Sebastian, they're great.
Up: I had a good night of sleeping, despite the fact I woke up at 2 am. But I slept at 8 pm, so :p
Down: I have a cold.
Up: i get some sleep
Down: lot of homeworks, lot of tests tomorrow .. :rolleyes:
Up: CSI today
Up: this was great weekend, fun fun fun! :p
UP: I went to a Def Leppard/Journey concert last night.

Down: All of my friends already had plans and couldn't come.
needmorecsi said:
UP: I went to a Def Leppard/Journey concert last night.

Lucky you! :eek: :p

Down: ... i.. don't ..want.. to ..homeworks.. :p
Down: shool again..noo weeh.
Down: i need cold cold shower.. :rolleyes:
Up: hamster is sleeping! :lol:
Up: I just saw the ER episode 'Bloodline', it's amazing.
Up: I'm going to eat cake in a couple of minutes.
Up: Listening to great music
Up: 4 lessons tomorrow.
Down: Homework. I'll make it tomorrow morning, got plenty of time.
Down: This cold, I hate it.
Up: My favourite Finnish baseball team won the national championships :D It was 5th in this century :p
^ Ooh, congrats to them! :D

Down: I have to clean the kitchen for the second time because my sister decided to make pork chops out of spite.
Down: I don't feel well.
Down: My dog ate a bunch of chocolate, WITH the wrappers.

Up: I don't have to go anywhere today. :)
Up: i dont work today
Up: My niece is here

Down: I hate saying "no". Im a "yes" person i say yes to eveyone and everything just to make eveyone happy, i hate that though.
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