Ups And Downs Of The Day #3

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Well, I thought my biggest down of the day would have been this morning on my way to work. I smacked my car wheel very hard into the curb and wrecked my alloy wheel. After logging onto the boards once I arrived at work - I realised just how ridiculously pathetic I was being worrying about a stupid alloy wheel. My down of the day is hearing about Jen. :(
Down: Same as probably everyone on this board.
Down: Lots of hw.
Down: I'm sick.

But those last two downs are nothing in comparison to Jen's death.
down: i hate myself for some reason..
down: i need to go to sleep soon..
down: there is no cookies at home.. :p
Up: did a lot of homework today, meaning I don't have to do that much anymore this week
Down: Read the news about Jen, I feel for her family and friends.
Up: Just been home from the most f***ing awesome concert ever.

Down: Been tired all day and it was hard to remain standing.

Up: Still a little drunk.
Up: I got an excellent grade on a paper I wrote; listened to The Wreckers, and finished Girl, Interrupted.

Down: I heard the news about tuesdaymorning's death and I've barely stopped crying. I feel like I'm being cut open from the inside.
Up: Didn't have to get up early
Up: I feel good about the amount of homework I did
Up: I love my new place
Down: I have a huge pile of homework that still needs to be done
Up: Shenenenenenenenen and IlYeah (2 friends) are with me. But those are just their nicknames. :p

Down: Nothing really.
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