Ups And Downs Of The Day #3

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Awh, Tinkerbell you're young.

Up: Short day at school today.
Up: My friend and I went into town and had fun. We took pics, but I'm not going to post them :devil:.
Up: just watched 'Analyse This' with my friend and been going majorly hyper! :D :lol:

Down: It rained, then it poured, then it rained some more
Up: I have great partners for my group project. Thus soothing any fears about that.

Down: I now realize I am going to miss next week's CSI New York episode due to fact I am flying to California that evening.
Down: me is crying hole day and feel terribel, im sad, angry and so lonely and i slept most of the day and after that i eat to much..

Up: the fact that my cat Lilly had so much fun walking outside on the grass and thats she just layed down on my lab and fall a sleep.. I love you Lilly forever..
Up: Ghost Whisperer and Numbers season premiere tonight,

Down: Don't think I did well on my pop quiz because I didn't have enough notes on the right things.
Up: I'm listening to great music.
Down: That was my only up for today.
Down: I'm tired.
Down: I have a headache.
Nathalie_Emily, you can PM me anytime if you need to talk. ;)

Depth-Of-Love and Roos, hope you feel better soon. ;)

Up: I had a long walk with my dog... :)

Down: didn't cleaned the house.
Down - I was supposed to being going out tonight for a drink, but my plans have fallen through. :(

Down - I had to work today. *sighs* I've working Saturday for 2 years now, for some reason I still can’t get used to getting up on a Saturday morning.

Up- As soon as I've been left in the lurch tonight, I've been watching my CSI dvd *yay*, so far I’ve watched 3 episodes and in a moment I'm off to watch the next one, 'Hollywood Brass'. :D
up: so many sweet pm's of you all today..

Down: still feeling lonely and far away from the people i love..
Down: its almost my birhtday i know it will be a disaster again this year just like least year everybody will drop out on the last minute..
Wow, congratz on the new thread! :)
UP: I just reinstalled Windows and formatted one of my HDDs.
DOWN: I have lots of further things to do to the PC.
DOWN: My mom cooked a PEPPERCORN in the fruit soup! ROTFLMAO! :lol: We were laughing so bad!
DOWN: I'm sooo sleepy.
DOWN: I couldn't choose among 3 movies to watch tonight. Eventually I chose CSI :p
DOWN: My b/w printer cartridge still won't work :mad:
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