Ups and Downs for the Day

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Up: Spent the whole afternoon with my Florida-friend..she sooo rocks :D She got me carrot-cake :p

Down: I'm starting to realise that I won't have a holiday this summer :(
Up: friend will stay in my condo! :lol:
Up: tomorrow on beach, wupii! Sea, i come! :p

down: here is no oxygen in my room...
Up: I'm back home and in my own bed at my own computer.
Down: This site is so frustrating when you have nothing concrete to contribute.
Down: I tryed to support someone, but I don't know if worked out... :(

Down: I have to study German this weekend.

Up: I talked to a friend that I haven't talk for a while. :)
Up: I got to eat ice-cream! I love ice-cream

Down: I have to go work on a campaign tonight. I'm getting sick of politics.
Up: I listened to Dane Cook and he's amazing.

Down: This kid keeps calling me to hang out (really he means 'date') and it bothers me. Ugh.
UP: I developed a new icon style :)
DOWN: I have a horrible headache :( OUCH!
UP: I feel some cool flower fragrance :) *looks around* There is no flower in my room :D
Up: Today was the first day of the Stampede :D. Ha, I love every single day of it :D, My auntie's in town and I feel a lot better then I did yesterday today (got to sleep in)

Down: The first day means lots of people...and I didn't go today because it's gonna be super packed...

1. I GOT A GIG!!! I did a day of background work for a music video!!!! I played a wedding guest in a video for a rapper, whose name I have temporarily forgotten. The wardrobe people spent a while trying to make me stand out, and then they put me in the front row of the church, so I got loads of camera time!!! SQUEEEE!!!

2. I might have another music video to shoot at the end of the month, if they like my headshot!!!
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