Unfortunate Names

Ok, I came upon this list here, and it immediately reminded me of this thread I started a while back (more than a year and a half ago... wow, have I really been gone that long?). This is a list of sports figures with rather unfortunate names. I'm sorry, but did the parents really hate their kids to do this to them, or just some language barrier that looks dirty in English?

Peter Marshall (Hollywood Squares) was born Ralph Pierre LaCock.
Cary Grant (North by Northwest) was born Archibald Alexander Leach.
Henty Rollins was born Henry Garfield (I wonder if he likes lasagna).
Edward Albert Heimberger shortened his name to Eddie Albert.

And if you think their new names are better than their birth names, consider these:
James Newell Osterberg Jr is now Iggy Pop.
Robert Craig Knieval is Evel Knievel.
Reginald Kenneth Dwight is Elton John.
David Johansen recorded "Hot Hot Hot" as Buster Poindexter.
Kenneth Brian Edmonds is known as Babyface.
We have a teacher in school called Engelsman, which means Englishman, and he teaches German. It makes people laugh every year!
One of the clients at the vet office where I work is named Kristy Devine-Dyke...not Kristy Devine (hee hee sounds like a stripper name!) or Kristy Dyke

I've also run across the names:
Ophelia Butts
Rocky Seman
Shanda Leer
There is an English footballer named Gary Neville, and his father is called Neville Neville!

Why would you do that to your child...
there is a tv show about the homicide sqaud in Amsterdam called Baantjer. It is based on a novel serie.. The main characters are called:
Jurriaan de Cock
Dick Vledder
In Dutch those two names means nothing but then still... :lol:
Overall.. Dick is a pretty common name here :lol:
If you don;t believe me: check this url

and another name.. Will Rothhaar.. he has played a guestroll in csi... the one with the rollercoaster flying... uhm I saw him somewhere else to... his lastname is translated rottennhair in my language :lol:
my mom dated a guy in college who was a major in the army. his last name was dick and no one ever bothered with his first name so he was Major Dick. Fortunately they didn't date for very long :lol:
and this isn't really an actual unfortunate name but i always thought it was funny that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney went into office together.
DICK and BUSH! oh boy

I actually saw some campaign bumper stickers that took advantage of that pairing... :devil: :lol:

Once at Disneyland, we were at a restaurant where we were waited on by a young Vietnamese fellow named Phuc. Our first move was to ask him how he preferred that we pronounce his name. Fortunately he had a delightful sense of humor and told us he'd gotten no end of ribbing about it...

And then, when we lived in Sacramento, there was always the name of the California Highway Patrol's official media spokesman to the local news...Tagg Euritt.

I kid you not.
Reeble said:
Someone I know is named Jack Hoff. Everyone teases him so bad :lol:
What would make matters worse is if you ever see him on an airplane. DO NOT say "Hi Jack."