TV's Greatest Couples!!!

Discussion in 'General TV & Media' started by vegaslights, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. Thorn

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    Wes/Fred (Angel)
    Cordy/Doyle (i don't care if hes dead.Angel)
    Nick/Greg (CSI)HOT!!!
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  2. Smiliee

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    Man, it's so dang hard to narrow these down to a decently short

    Not in any specific order:
    Calleigh/Eric-CSI: Miami
    Danny/Lindsay- CSI: NY
    Barney/Robin- HIMYM
    Tony/Ziva- NCIS
    Jen/Gibbs- NCIS
    Harm/Mac- JAG
    Bones/Brennan- Bones
    Jack/Kate- Lost (my newest addiction)
    Sun/Jin- Lost
    Sayid/Shannon- Lost
    Charlie/Claire- Lost
    Peter/Olivia- Fringe
    Olivia/Elliot- SVU
    Hotch/JJ- Criminal Minds
    Derek/Emily- Criminal Minds
    Mulder/Scully- The X-Files
    Pete/Myka- WH13
  3. Axelsonfire

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    Oh wow, well this is going to be long.

    Elliot/Olivia (L&O:SVU)
    Catherine/Warrick (CSI)
    Wendy/Hodges (CSI)
    Riley/Greg (CSI)
    Horatio/Yelina (CSI: Miami)
    Eric/Calleigh (CSI: Miami)
    Mac/Stella (CSI: NY)
    Flack/Angell (CSI; NY)
    Jenny/Gibbs (NCIS)
    Tony/Ziva (NCIS)
    Abby/McGee (NCIS)
    Derek/Garcia (Criminal Minds)
    Reid/Emily (Criminal Minds)
    JJ/Hotch (Criminal Minds)
    House/Cuddy (House)
    Nick/Phyllis (The Young And The Restless)
    Cane/Lily (The Young And The Restless)
    Phineas/Isabella (Phineas and Ferb)
    Candace/Jeremy (Phineas and Ferb)
    Kakashi/Sakura (Naruto)
    Sydney/Owen (Providence)
  4. Lisajayne

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    Jun 11, 2009
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    Brian and Justin :drool:from Qaf are the greatest couple:luvlove:,hate how the series ended:(
    I`d love to see Danny/Flack:luvlove:
  5. love_fan

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    Aug 14, 2007
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    Ah, I know the ending of QaF was a shame :scream:!

    After watching Torchwood:Children of Earth I must admit I became a Jack/Ianto shipper. I know, but better late than never.

    So, Jack/Ianto!
  6. Hadapurpura

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    Nov 6, 2008
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    Grissom/Sara: CSI:LV
    Nick/Greg: CSI:LV
    Gibbs/Abby: NCIS
    Tony/Ziva: NCIS
    Sheldon/Penny: The Big Bang Theory
    Booth/Bones: Bones
    House/Cameron: House M.D.
    Derek/Garcia: Criminal Minds
    Reid/JJ: Criminal Minds
    Hocth/Prentiss: Criminal Minds
    Goren/Eames: L&O Criminal Intent
    Mulder/Scully: The X Files
    Ranma/Akane: Ranma 1/2
    Sesshoumaru/Rin: Inuyasha
    Sakura/Tomoyo: Card Captor Sakura
    Touya/Youkito: Card Captor Sakura
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  7. mjszud

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    Apr 5, 2007
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    Dan & Roseanne (Roseanne)
    Jack & Karen (Will & Grace)
    Scully & Mulder (X-Files)
    Gary & Val (Knots Landing)
    Rachel & Ross (Friends)
    Charles & Caroline (Little House on the Prairie) *giggle*
    Eric & Natalia (CSI:Miami)
    Not a TVshow,but Burt & Mary (Mary Poppins) :p
  8. Meatball42

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    Apr 23, 2009
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    This is going to take an extraordinary amount of time. I watch way too much tv and thus have loads of ships. I don't actually expect anyone to read this, it's mostly for me. Plus, this list already got deleted once.

    CSI: Miami
    Horatio/Yelina: I don't actually think this ship is going to happen at this point, but I love watching the earlier seasons and imagining what could (should) have been.
    Calleigh/Eric: I think this is a sweet ship, mostly because Eric really had to change (aka, no more party boy) to deserve someone like her. Love the seventh season, with his pining and then them finally becoming a couple.
    Ryan: Poor guy! I think he really deserves a relationship, but I can't see him with anybody on the show.

    CSI: NY
    SMacked: Mac/Stella: These two are perfect for each other, and I think they'd be as comfortable in a romantic relationship as they are as friends and colleagues. However, they are one of those ships that needs to simmer for a loooong time (too long for some of us) before they boil
    DL: Danny/Lindsay: I mostly liked seasons three and four for this ship. I really loved the storyline the writers had planned for Rikki, but it's not like Anna Belknap got pregnant just to annoy me, so I'm left asking TPT why they couldn't fit Rikki's storyline in there anyway. Now THAT would've been awesome!
    Flack/Angell: I absolutely loved this ship. I can't imagine how Flack's going to feel and act during the new season, but I'm definitely going to find out!
    Adam: See Ryan under CSI: Miami.

    Sam/Jules: I liked this couple, sort of ruefully. They were sweet, but I couldn't help a hunch that they'd both find someone better suited to them, respectively.
    Wordy/Donna: Mostly as a friendship. Wordy's married and they're both too honorable to ignore that, but I couldn't help thinking that if he weren't...

    The Mentalist
    Jane/Lisbon: Not going to happen for a loooong time, but eventually, I'm sure. Just like Huddy, you just know something's going to happen sooner or later.
    Grace/Rigsby: Totally sweet, I just can't wait to see what happens

    Tiva: Tony/Ziva: Tivativativativativativativativativativa. Do I make myself clear? If not, any NCSI buff will know what I mean when I say: Under Covers, Boxed In, Shalom, Dead Man Walking, Angel of Death, Bury Your Dead, Family, Recoil, Judgement Day Part 2, Agent Afloat, Cloak, Legend, and, finally, Aliyah!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!
    McAbby: McGee/Abby: So sweet, and absolutely perfect. It's just a matter of time.
    Jibbs: Jenny/Gibbs: I officially hate TPTB.
    Kibbs: Kate/Gibbs: Only in Air Force One, but definitely in Air Force One!
    Tony/Kate: I'm not really sure. There were definitely some moments where I'd think 'yes, they're perfect', but then I'd decide against. I guess we'll never know.

    Charlie/Amita: Perfect, and I loved the fifth season finale.
    Don: Any relationship he's in is very interesting to watch. Right now he's with Robin, and while I liked Liz more, I'm okay with it.
    Colby and David: Not together, but see Ryan under CSI: Miami for both, individually.

    Benson/Stabler: I like the idea, but there's loads in the way. He's married, they're both way to honorable as cops to be in a relationship, etc. Plus, they're named after the creator's kids, so, for that reason alone, I can't see that ship ever happening.

    That 70's Show
    Eric/Donna: That just works. Perfect, you know?
    Jackie/Hyde: Hyde is awesome, so I love this ship. Simple as that.

    Van/Cheyenne: This ship is hilarious. I love them together, they're so much fun to watch. They're both so stupid, yet good-hearted.

    B&B: Booth/Bones: It's gonna happen. Just you watch. Too perfect and centrifugal to pass up.
    Hodgins/Angela: This, too, is going to come back. IT'S GOING TO!

    Olivia/Peter: They're both such great people, I wonder what they would (will) be like as a couple.
    Peter/Rachel: Really sweet, and it'd be interesting to see.

    Huddy: House/Cuddy: Love the chemistry.
    House/Cameron: It was funny in the earlier episodes to watch her pine, but I like her better now that she went out and got a spine.
    Chameron: Chase/Cameron: I don't think this would've worked at first, but they both grew a lot over the series, and they're a good match now.
    Foreteen: Foreman/Thirteen: I love this ship. It's great to see that Foreman's not an emotionless robot for once. I can't wait to see what new problems will serve as icebergs to this ship!

    Lie to Me
    Cal/Gillian: See SMacked under CSI: NY.

    I just wanted to say, I hate the writers of this show. We couldn't have ONE happy ending for a ship?
    Angel/Cordelia: I loved this ship because they managed to be witty and teasing friends as well as colleagues and perfect matches.
    Fred/Gunn: He was a hard-ass, then he got sweet when he met her. It was so fun to watch this guy who seemed to only be nice when he had to soften up to this shy girl.
    Fred/Wesley: Obvious chemistry, I always felt so bad for him when she was with Gunn and they'd be kissing or something right in front of him. I'd be thinking 'You can't cut this poor guy some slack? Get a room!'

    Phoebe/Cole: I loved this ship, and I hated every time they said 'Oh, he's evil,' because he wasn't! Okay, he was, but if they'd only listen to him they'd know he always tried his best to help them and protect them because all he wanted was to be with Phoebe. And they never listened.

    Nophie: Nate/Sophie: You just know this is going to happen. Although Maggie's coming back later in the season, so I can't wait to see how that works out!
    Parker/Hardison: I love how Hardison obviously has a huge thing for Parker, and everyone know it except for Parker. His reaction in The First David Job was awesome, as well as The Fairy Godparents Job.
    Eliot: See Ryan under CSI: Miami.

    Raising the Bar
    Jerry/Bobbi: They're good friends, and I think they'd be a great couple. Unless they already are, I'm wicked behind on episodes.

    Burn Notice
    Michael/Fiona: Do I actually have to explain?

    In Plain Sight
    M&M: Mary/Marshall: I know this'll happen, sooner or later. Only problem is, I'm not nearly that patient.
    Eleanor/Stan: They'd be great, you can just tell. They're both laid back and genuinely nice people.
    Bobby D: See Ryan under CSI: Miami

    Monk/Natalie: This is a personal hunch of mine. Maybe this could happen. It's possible. Okay, prob not, but I can hope, right?
    Captain Stottlemeyer and Randy: See Colby and David under Numb3rs.

    Shawn/Jules: Hilarious chemistry, and did you see An Evneing With Mr. Yang?!
    Lassiter: I think it'd be very interesting to see him in a relationship. Imagine the type of girl he'd be happy with!

    Royal Pains
    Hank/Jill: This is a bit white-bread if you ask me, but I'm pretty sure it'll get better.
    Evan/Divya: I can always hope. I think, maybe at some later point in the show, these two would make a good couple, but not yet.

    Crossing Jordan
    Jordan/Woody: They're obviously perfect, and the finale was great, if sudden. Although the prospect of freezing to death may encourage you to say what you think earlier than otherwise. I wanted to slam that plant from her desk over his head in the fifth season premiere, but it worked out, right?
    Nigel/Kate: Great chemistry, I wish the show hadn't ended and it could've gone further. The lost opportunity!
    Bug/Lily: They were great for each other, and I loved Bug in the finale with Madeleine's toy.

    The Cleaner
    William/Akani: I don't actually want this ship to happen, since Milissa's so great, but I love the chemistry and tension.
    William/Melissa: They obviously love each other a lot. William needs to swallow his pride and Melissa needs to try to be more understanding, but they're both to stubborn for this to be fixed easily.
    Akani/Swenton: Call me crazy, but I loved Five Little Words.

    JD/Elliot, Turk/Carla, and anybody with Dr. Cox.

    Okay, I think that's it! Sorry if I took up too much space on the page!
  9. Marns

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    Jan 12, 2007
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    Toby/Charlie (The Listener)
    Dean/Castiel (Supernatural) :p
  10. Princess_Laurie

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    Okay, this will definitely prove that I watch far too much TV--

    Elliot/Olivia [Whether they hook-up or not, they're both freaking amazing.]
    Chase/Cameron [Like someone above me mentioned, they both grew a lot, and I think they fit together now.]
    Brian/Christina [I was a total Conviction!dork, and then it was canceled. I'm totally over it..... Okay, maybe it's still on my iPod.]
    Peter/Olivia [I just recently got into Fringe, and I fell in love with these two after the 'When I was nine, I think I wanted to be a brontosaurus' line. I spent like twenty minutes talking about them to my sister. She responded with 'So are these friends of yours?']
    Jack/Liz [He doesn't have any other friends because he doesn't want any other friends]
    Goren/Eames [Because they're always there for each other]
    Barek/Logan [Because she left to have his lovechild]
    Mulder/Scully [Really? You're going to ask for an explanation?]
    Mike/Susan [Desperate Housewives is my weakness. Well, its one of them anyway]
    Jim/Pam [Cuteness prevails.]
    Ryan/Kelly [Just....Epic.]
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  11. texmex327

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    Oh yay! Somewhere I can list all of my fav' we go

    Eric/Calleigh (CSI: Miami) No explanation needed, I love these two
    Michael/Sara (Prison Break) A tragic love story
    Lincoln/Veronica (Prison Break) Yet another tragic love story
    Ryan/Valera (CSI: Miami) They just need to get together
    Horatio/Yelina (CSI: Miami) no explanation needed there
    Mac/Stella (CSI: NY) because they would make pretty babies
    Flack/Angell (CSI: NY) because they were just hot...
    Elliot/Olivia (Law & Order:SVU) if he wasn't married, she would be all over him
    Kelly/Dylan (BH 90210) it was destined
    Prue/Andy (Charmed)
    Piper/Leo (Charmed)
    Zack/Kelly (SBTB) yes cheesy I know...but what can I say, I grew up on this show
    Phoebe/Cole (Charmed)
    Tony/Ziva (NCIS)
    Gibbs/Jenny (NCIS)
    McGee/Abby (NCIS)
    Morgan/Garcia (Criminal Minds) because MY heart melts when he calls her baby girl
    Ross/Rachel (FRIENDS)
    Monica/Chandler (FRIENDS)

    Alright, that's all I have for now...if I think of more, I am sure I will update it

    see I told you I had more LOL:
    Eddie/Nina (NY Undercover)
    Bo/Hope (Days of Our Lives)
    Shawn/Belle (Days of Our Lives)
    Lt. Rodriguez/Rita Ortiz (NYPD Blue)
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  12. tootes

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    Ahh, well i watch way too much Tv, so this could be a long list...

    Sara / Grissom - csi: crime scene investihation
    Calleigh / Eric - csi: miami
    Lindsay / Danny - csi:new york
    - i can't help it, i love a bit of romance inbetween the science -
    Patrick Jane / Teresa Lisbon - The Mentalist. Ok so there not actually together, but they should be. He brought her a pony!!
    Grace Van Pelt / Wayne Rigsby - The Mentalist. Again not technically "a couple" but they love each other.
    Luke / Lorelai - Gilmore Girls. Who couldn't love these two.
    Lucas / Peyton - One Tree Hill. Explanation, really??
    Serena / Dan - Gossip Girl. I can't help but love them.
    Carrie / Big - Sex and the City...
    Ned / Chuck - Pushing Daisies. Just meant to be.
    Ross / Rachel - Friends.
    Chandler / Monica - Friends.
    Chuck /Sarah - Chuck. He loves her, She loves him.. now just get together !!

    Im pretty sure there are more, so i may be back soon x
  13. Smiliee

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    Oh man! I realized that I totally forgot a bare with me....

    Rigsby/Van Pelt --The Mentalist--I really don't know how I forgot that one!!
  14. ladyhunter

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    I've got more to add..

    These are some of my favorite couples, they aren't necessarily romantic couples but awesome couples none the less..

    Mary/Marshall - In Plain Sight. They do that 'dance' around each other. You know; the 'I-like-you-in-more-than-that-way' sort of dance. I love to watch their banter. Plus they make great partners!

    Micheal/Fiona - Burn Notice . Again, an awesome partnership. She's right there with him, supporting him (begrudgling to her ;) ). I have to say this seasons 'romance' between them seemed sort of flat. I loved the previous seasons, they had more of a 'spark' to me. They still make a great team though.
  15. Eve

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    For me the greatest couple from tv shows is Maddie and David from "Moonlighting". Damn! They had such chemistry you can almost see sparks when you sat closer to the screen :D But seriously, don't you think it was the most sneaky thing that writers did? I mean, the shipper was the core of this show - all plot was just the backgorund for their relation to grow and I guess that every single person who watch it was waiting just for them to end in bed.

    My other shipps were also:
    Dr. Quinn and Sally from "Dr. Quinn" and Walker and Alex Cahill from "Walker Texas Ranger" - I was a kid then (about 10 years old) and I was just crazy about them!
    then was the time of X-files and of course Mulder and Scully (who else ;))
    then totally smacked from first epi of CSI NY I've seen (it was Tri-Borough - yeah, it says everything, isn't it? I didn't get a choice - I just had to be smacked after that epi seen as first :D)
    also I was a fan of Doug and Carol from ER and after they left I totally fall in love with Mark and Elizabeth... but first shipp disappear from screen and the other died from natural causes :(
    I also think that pair of main characters from "JAG" are great couple although I didn' shipp them (I guess I would, I just came to the conclusion that watching one more series regullary would destroy my life totally :D)
    and I really like Tom and Lynette from "Desperate Housewives" :D I am kinda like Lynette, so it's fun to watch her relationship - I guess there is high probability that my marriage will be like them :p

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