The Warm Welcome Thread #3

Back again after being away for awhile, just thought I'd pop in and say hi. And NY is my fave one as well, followed by Vegas after that. Might even get round to finally writing a fic or two and posting it. Anyway, I will see you guys around.
Hi, everybody! I'm Screenplayer and I have joined you for while but just today I put shame on my face (Brazilian expression) and come to introduce myself. I'm from Brazil, I write plays (sometimes I act and direct) and I'm kind of a Mac/Stella analyser (if this word exist and if I wrote it right) and yeah, a Smacked fan although I started watching CSI NY in Season 7 (but I joined a Harry/Hermione site after last book being released so I can't see a sunk ship that I must join it). I want to make a Master Degree in Filmmaking so I won't be as regular as I wish but enoughto make good friends as I did in (If there's someone here that was from there too, I'm Marcella, you know, one of the craziest moderators there). CHEEERRRSSS!
Lynx has beamed down from the Star Trek forum to investigate crimes in the 21th century.
I like all the CSI series but CSI NY became my favorite, mostly because of Gary Sinise who's an excellent actor and his character Mac Taylor is a great team leader. But also for the rest of the team. Great actors and characters all of them!