The Warm Welcome Thread #3

I just got a note that I need to come check out the new "Talk." :rolleyes:
Hey, you! Seeing your name gave me a pang of CSI:NY nostalgia. *wistful sigh*

(And oh my gosh, the thing under my avatar reminding me that I've been on this site for a decade. :eek: It's hard to believe it's been so long since I first came on here to rant about things I didn't like. :p)
It's TOO WHITE...white everywhere! :eek: And, a lot of the smilies we had before are missing. But, I do like posting in color, and changing fonts.
Hi, everybody! I'm KSPerry, previously known as Screenplayer. Since I forgot which e-mail I used to access my account and mostly my password, it was easier to make a new account. But my Stellish mode, with the lame jokes that no one understands but delights me a lot, that will be the same. So, welcome back for me! And good to be back! I didn't stay here for long time to make new friends, but now, I plan so. CHEEERRSSS!