The Warm Welcome Thread #3

I guess it would be a good idea to say hallo, although I am not technically new here :) I used to be active several years ago, but then I gave up watching CSI NY for a while and now it is like getting back to the ex-lover for me :lol: Not bad feeling after all, although some things change more than little, it is still great and because of that I still got shivers when I hear the opening song.
Good to be back :)

As it comes to other shows, I watch a lot of them: How I met your mother, Desperate housewives, Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, Modern Family etc. etc. but CSI NY is my faaar the favourite one. Right after comes Catle, which has a special place too. So if there any CSI NY AND Castle fan, you better stay hidden, cos I would squeeze you to death ;)
Ooops I just saw this thread lol, I'm new here and love all the CSI shows- from New Zealand and we are in season 6 but I've seen some season 7 and 8 episodes ahahaha.
Like Eve, I was once an active member. But, I got distracted by life and by my writing. And I haven't been around for awhile. I recently stumbled back upon the forums, and decided to rejoin.
I'm right there with the rest of ya. Had to give it up for a while cause of work. Then they moved it to Fridays which allowed me to watch it again. Thanks CBS!! You made my Fridays! :)
Hello everyone!

I am a big fan of CSI NY since the first episode. I'm from Germany and we start with season 8 next week. I already saw some of the new episodes in English though and am very exited for season 9.

hii everyone!!

I am a big CSI NY fan and i love it. I am from Austria and as sunny said we start with season 8 next week but I already saw season 8 in english and i'm really looking forward to season 9

tina :)