The RANT And I Can't Say This Aloud #4

To employers, stop telling me that I can't have the job because I don't have "work experience". How am I supposed to get experience when I can't even get to the interview process? I know other people in worse situations need jobs but I swear if I walk into Wal-Mart and see yet another senior citizen that looks near his/her expiring date telling me, "Welcome to Wal-Mart," I'm going to just give up looking for a job. I can't even talk to my parents about it because they're still living in the 1970s-1980s. They think all you have to do is walk up to the manager, smile sweetly while appearing up-beat, and *boom* you've landed yourself a nice flexible job for the next three/four years of your college life. That's so not the case anymore, parental units.

I know how it feels. My mom's the same. I've tried to tell her otherwise but she just don't get it. And when there's job you can really just 'pop-in' with a smile she just delays everything so I can't even ask what the job is about. And then she's whining again that we don't have that much money.

To my mom,
can't you just call again and simply ask whether there's a job aviable or not? I'm kinda wanting to buy something plus I need some cash for spring plans here. I can't just be your other hand wherever you need a help in something. Besides I'm annoyed that I have to lie certain people about my true occupation. It's not that I'm not liking to imagine things so I can get rid of someone. But seriously it's your workplace. You're bosses and other staff seems nice people, so damn ask your instructor to remind that girl again to call back so we can discuss the job options. I now feel like I've sent CV and been waiting for my turn.
If our phone connection sucks (and especially if you're the only one who can hear it), why is it automatically my phone's fault?! I never have problems talking to anyone else, I never hear anything wrong myself, and this has happened with at least three different phones, multiple headsets, and even different phone companies on my end - so how can you possibly still think it's me and not your phone, which hasn't changed? :scream:
To my aunties boyfriend.

Yes i have know you for 10 years,so it's obvious that your going to try and play 'Uncle to me' but i still hate your guts, i am only liking you for my aunties sake who's like a sister to me, you've made me hate you even more when your 'pretended' to get me my favourite singers autograph, you know how much i love him so why do it? it's not even funny but oh yeah, in your little world you lie about everything ,seriously, everyone of the family hate you and your lie's so just stop, no one thinks it's funny!
To a relative:

If you want to try some food, ask and I will gladly cut a small piece off for you so you can see if you like it enough to have more. Don't pick one up off the plate and then put it back down and then touch another piece. That's rude. I don't care if you claim you just washed your hands. I'm sorry, but you aren't always 100% truthful. I don't trust that you've washed your hands unless I see you wash them. So please don't touch the food with your hands unless you're going to eat it! Especially since you do that dip and I didn't see you wash your hands. I don't want tobacco on my food, thank you very much.

And speaking of that crap, when we tell you not to bring that stuff to our house when you come, don't be sneaky and bring it! We do not like to see or hear people spit in a cup/can or even on the ground when they're using that mess. It's gross. So please don't bring it when you come to our house anymore. If we have to, we will search your pockets BEFORE you enter our house! Sorry, but those are OUR rules at OUR house and if you want to visit then you need to respect those rules!
To my damn ear/-s,
Why on earth you pull off those tricks.
I can understand that I will be at least partially deaf someday in future so why you're trying to piss me off now?
Yeah I realise how rude I've been when my headphones crashed leaving only one working and that I listened music at top volume just to make up for both ears. Yeah you (right ear) can pull that off. I know. When I listen music only in you it works for both.
But when I do it on your colleague (left ear) it can do it only on that side making music disappear in background noise.
I don't get your weird attics not that troubles me that much at hand. But I'd be glad to know why it happens.
Right ear, why to freak me out all of a sudden?
First I had to turn up radio to be able to hear when suddenly you become oversensitive to the sound that I still can't figure whether it was you or just station pimped up volume. It was damn freaky.
Left ear, what the hell's up with you?
Stop itching!
I hate itching ears! They drive me crazy.
And what's up with hearing in that side? Why right side can make the sound up for whole head when you can barely handle on left despite moderate tinitus in right ear?
And why on earth I get those "tingling cramps" on my right side of my head when sound waves vibrate through you?
I'm really feeling this's HUGE mystery I can't sort out anymore :brickwall:
Bluediamondstar you have ear problems too :brickwall:

To my damn right ear infection,
PLEASE..PLEASE..PLEASE..PLEASE stop throbbing! it feels like my ear has a heartbeat :-( every-time i go in water, is this what the outcome is going to be? the pain is horrible! in the last 2 days, i have drugged my self up with a load of Paracetamol but still, you are not happy!
Bluediamondstar you have ear problems too :brickwall:

To my damn right ear infection,
PLEASE..PLEASE..PLEASE..PLEASE stop throbbing! it feels like my ear has a heartbeat :-( every-time i go in water, is this what the outcome is going to be? the pain is horrible! in the last 2 days, i have drugged my self up with a load of Paracetamol but still, you are not happy!

Yes indeed.
I have tinnitus. I've been through bunch of otitis media (middle ear infection) during my young days.
I couldn't go swimming in second grade because it made my ears sick. But as years went it improved and I got less sick.

To mom,
stop jabbling about your skin condition. I know you for some damn weird reason care so much for your looks suddenly but I don't see why you take it too dramatic.
I'm getting annoyed by that.

Mom, would you be so nice and wash that bowl? You can wash anything you use recently but not what you used earlier and put into sink with water. Come on that kettle's been full of water whole morning don't you think it's time to wash it? I don't see why you can do with just used dishes but not with that one.
MSN why won't you let me log in as i have friggin' tried for nearly a year then i sort out pc and BOOM you log me in finally ya douche bag
To my sister

PLEASE Take your medichine for cryin' out loud, this is why you keep getting sick

Mom and Dad don't buy so you can hoard it and have it sit on the shelf

They buy it so YOU can take it and NOT get sick and then have to go to the doctor, pay the doctor, get some more medichine, take time to go the doctor, not to mention the gas to go to the doctor

YOU are 16 years old, act like it

Love, your sister sharp
My friggin ears,
when the heck you're about to decide whether to work or not?
After last night I'm givin you've decided to mock my balance system and stuff.
Right now I'm not gettin clear whether it's only you, right ear, or the other one, left. The music wasn't that loud, ya know.
I don't listen max vol anymore. So my headphones can get longer life.
What I can't get is whether you're about to stay half plugged up till morning or just until you adjust to quieter environment.
Please decide otherwise I'll start lashing out on you and it'd be not nice.
With love, your owner:angel:
To people who park where they shouldn't:

I don't care if there's a damn yard sale next door, DO NOT park in front of my damn mailbox on a mail day! Don't you know that's against the law? Sometimes the mail runs early on Saturdays. You're lucky this past Saturday was a day they happened to be a little late. What do I have to do put a friggin' neon sign above my damn mailbox to remind you that its against the law to block it?
To Me

Please continue working on your 9 page Art paper already, it ain't gonna get itself done, and it's due next week!! Stop messing around on the internet and work on it!! I know you don't want to do it but you HAVE to!!! You want an A in Art History, don't you?

Love yourself, Sharp/Fang
To CSIFiles, I don't want to be hater on the festivities, but these name changes are throwing me for a loop. And before you say, "AFIS, just adapt," I need you to realize the difficulties of suddenly logging on and seeing names that are completely different, even if it's just for a couple of weeks. How would you like it if your child all of sudden came home from college/military/the mall and decided he/she wanted to be known as PumpkinEater212, HauntedHouse, or PrinceofDarkness? You'd be slightly concerned to say the least. Fine, I'll admit it, I don't really like change, but come on...someone has to understand where I'm coming from with this. When I log on and see that the usual suspects (BDS/Kaunis...I'm looking at you:lol:) have logged on/posted I feel comforted. Is it wrong to want to feel a little comfort from a CSI forum...:shifty:yes, I think it might be kind of weird, actually.:lol: