The Official Pet Thread pt2

xfcanadian sorry to hear about Ben :( He'll join all our other pets in watching over us.

allmaple, Pixie as always looks cute :) but she sure is not happy about that tree :lol:
xfcanadian, so sorry to hear about your dog Ben, he was so cute. *hugs* :(

allmaple, my cat loves xmas time, especially today with all the wrapping paper around. Cute dogs, maybe you'll "kidnap" them after uni. :lol:
xfcanadian sorry to hear about ben. i have never lost a pet so i cant even imagine how it feels.

maybe you'll "kidnap" them after uni. :lol:

nah, mama and lola (who i have posted pics of before) are strays that live on campus and everyone enjoys feeding them and sneaking them into dorms. the strays there are practically feral, i wouldnt trust them. although many are adopted and do just fine, like the black and tan puppy in my last pic, but you just never know. mama has even almost bitten me a few times when she gets too excited.
allmaple, your pets are adorable :)

only pixie is mine ;) but thank you very much
xfcanadian, I'm so sorry to hear about Ben. We lost two dogs to cancer when I was younger and it was terrible :(

allmaple, all of those pets are absolutely adorable!
Awwww....poor Ben. :( He is beautiful, and I'm sure he was a wonderful friend! So sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is.
^^ awww, allmaple your pets are so cute.

Yesterday I had to put my dog down :(. He just turned 8, and got cancer. He was doing fine, until boxing day and got really sick. He was waiting for christmas to be over i think.

RIP Ben :(

What a gorgeous dog! I'm so sorry.

We had a similar situation at our vet clinic and we felt so bad for the family, especially the husband who felt like he hadn't done enough in spite of our vet telling him otherwise. There was simply nothing more they could do for the dog but the husband wouldn't accept it. He was very hard on himself.

The dog was a gem and we were all broken hearted and as bad as I feel for the animal, my heart goes out to the owners who are left behind to grieve for them.

When you are ready, there are so many dogs in humane societies and shelters who are desperate for a loving home.

Take care!