"The Grave Shift" Discussion *SPOILERS*

I liked this episode. I felt bad for Langston having some bad times. If I were him though, I'd rather see the dead, charred body than the live one screaming like he talked about.:(. I do like Langston though and I hope he does well. I thought Nick and Catherine were especially nice to him and that was good to see. :thumbsup:I liked the going out for breakfast scene. The fly thing was gross and funny. Nick has turned out to be a wonderful person and great at his job on the show. The scene with Hodges was funny, but I hope Hodges and Riley get over hating him. I felt bad for Langston when that kid spit on him. I know he was in a bad situation, but that doesn't excuse spitting on people. I hope Dr. Langston has an easier time with his job later on. I thought he was okay to speak up when the Dad hit the son. Riley could have been a little more polite in dealing with Langston though. I think some of the others would speak up also at least sometimes. I wonder if Riley has some underlying issues sometimes. She was nice to the kid, but sometimes her people skills could use help. I liked them all sharing the office.

Bolding's mine.

I agree. I really enjoy Riley, however I thought she was a bit off base, being that she is also new to LVPD CSI and that she screwed up not too long ago in "Say Uncle". But I think it's because of that that she corrected Langston.
Add me to list of people who did not find Catherine bossy or abrasive. Her supervisory demeanor in this eppy was a vast improvement over Season 5. Now that was bossy and abrasive.
I agree. One of many reasons why Season 5 is my least-favorite of all the seasons.

Yeah, I kind of felt bad for Ray during the fingerprint scene. He was trying so hard and it wasn't coming together correctly and he was getting so frustrated with himself.
I think it's actually quite cool that they have a man of his age in an entry-level position, making mistakes and learning from them. IMO, that's one of the neat ways that the series has returned to its roots. But instead of having Grissom, the elder, tutoring his young charges, now the tables are turned, and some of the younger, yet more experienced CSIs are the ones tutoring the professor. I think that's a marvelous reshaping of the cast's dynamics, all while remaining true to the series' origins. Laurence Fishburne is a skilled enough actor that he can make that plausible, and I think he blended in beautifully with the rest of the cast. I'm sure that William Petersen wanted to be able to leave the show (at least as an actor; as far as I know, he's still an executive producer) in good hands; he must feel relieved to know that that's exactly what he did.
It occurred to me just how ironic it is that the whole shift change happened in episode 9x11. After all, 9/11 has become synonymous with "change" this decade.
It occurred to me just how ironic it is that the whole shift change happened in episode 9x11. After all, 9/11 has become synonymous with "change" this decade.

Huh. That's rather eerie. Kinda like how Bush gave his farewell the same night as Grissom.
We did try to watch this, but lots of talking going on. However it was Langston's first time working with the team. How sweet and nice Nick was to him, "you don't have to wear a suit":lol: and helped him with the prints, also Cath showed him the ropes. He's so receptive and so eager to learn. Hodges was a real weenie and coped an attitude, but Langston just lets it roll off his back. But showing him the cornmeal experiement, did impress Hodges. How he's progressed since this episode. A master of all he surveys. Great actor :bolian: