The Fort for Nick/Greg Slash Fans #18

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wooooohoooooooo to the fort #18!!!!!! squeeeeeeeee

A little pic. of our boys celebrating!!!....


Dont our boys look nice celbrating??? So proud!!! And we are proud of our boys *gets misty* lol

Cant wait for more subtexty moments but no matter what we will always have the ass looks, eye-sex and my personal fav. the lube scene!!! *raises glass. To our boys!* :D
Wow some nice posts have been done in such a short amount of time...

Yes I agree with someone that Archie might've been hinting at either Nic and Greg's relationship OR Sara and Gil's... Maybe we will never know eh?

LOL thats funny to hear about Greg being more secretive and shutting up... That has crossed my mind, because in the earlier seasons he does appear more carefree- now not so....
I still believe Brass wasn't talking about Sara and Gil when he said he knew 'something juicer' than Grissom and Lady Heather. I honestly would not be surprised if Jim was the first to notice something going on between Nick and Greg. He's probably been clued into it since prior to episode one. :p
WOW Fort #18 - As I've said before you all have been busy as beavers building onto this fort. LOL

I never thought of that Clarrisani . It is very possible that Brass was referring to Nick & Greg when he said that.

I also agree that Greg is bi, but I see him as mostly just talk and not a lot of action. Sure he's been with both sexes but not as much as he claims when he tries to impress Nick with his wild stories.

And before I forget my manners; welcome blue2328, so nice to have new faces at the fort. :)
okay wicked :D Fort 18# ~ you guys have been busy.
I'm new :) here and though I'd join in the discussion. I agree that greg is bi. I mean its so obvious he'd been crushing on Sara and if he'd had the chance he would have had a relationship with her. But I have to agree with Wojo that greg "tries to impress Nick with his wild stories".
I'm still unsure on this one.

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Welcome all!! Hello shazza_018 blue2328 to our corner of the world aka the fort for Nick/Greg Slash fans.

Yes I do agree wtih Clarrisani that Brass was talking about Gil and Lady Heather- now that had spark and more lust than GSR. Linking that to my interpretation of Brass it is correct in asumption that Brass does know of Nick and Greg...

It would be nice to see them prior to arriving at Las Vegas CSI. Maybe when CSI finishes, we see Nick and Greg as old men recappin on their life together... Well it would be interesting to watch.
Hmm...could Brass have been talking about our wonderful boys??? I never thought that. I guess he could've been! That's really cool to think about, even at the time I was thinking, "Oh, Brass knows about Grissom and Sara." It would've been even juicier if Brass news about Nick and Greg.

Welcome shazza! Always, always, always wonderful to welcome a new fan of The Love! BTW-if that's your sig, it's a tad big, and so you don't get in trouble by the higher ups, your sig can be no larger than the signatures on the this page. Just so you know! Hope you stick around! :D
Yay! New Fort! -dances- You guys have been so busy...

Oh, by the way twins, I know I'm really late, but I promise to have your (very belated) birthday surprise gift thingy thing sometime soon! :D

Welcome, shazza and blue2328! :D It's wonderful to see new people in this thread!

As for the "I know something jucier than Grissom and Lady Heather" comment from Brass, I'm not sure if I believe it's Nick/Greg or if it's GSR... N/G definitely have better... chemistry, and it's really possible that he was talking about N/G. I'd actually really like it, but I also think that it was written as Brass knowing about GSR. Buuut, because it was never really touched on, it could be aanyone. :3

Aand, to take something from jays post from #17...

jay said:
Maybe with Nicky's outing it could be something a tad more major. Nothing ground breaking that would take up the whole episode... Maybe Nick is investigating a murder at a gay bar and one of the bartenders recognizes him. Or even better, he makes some kind of comment to whoever he's working the case with that he used to go here all the time.

He could say it in a way that we know he doesn't go anymore. Maybe have a moment later on where Greg mentions the same club
And if I may...
Kay, so I'll take the "bartender noticing Nick" one because it works better... So you know, they have a case at this gay bar and whatnot and there's not really any big thing about it, other than the bartender recognizing Nick. But let's say someone calls him on it and he answers with a "oh, yeah, I know him..." and either trails off or says something about being a friend of a friend or something.

Anyway, so a few episodes later one could find out that that is a lie by having Greg on a case at a gay bar (lol, redundant?) or... Not even a gay bar, maybe a suspect who owns or works at a gay bar, and as soon as that's said, Greg pops up and the guy recognizes him. Anyway, this could be another chance where Greg's outed. He could say something like "I like to spice things up sometimes" (except a little less lame, :lol: I'm an idiot), and then, that'd get Greg "out" but not necessarily hooked up with Nick. Then only the people who reaaallly pay attention would get it.

Or anyone who can decipher that large paragraph up there.

Nick and Greg get a call about a murder on a chicken ranch. As Greg investigates the body, Nick finds a clue under a rooster. Greg looks over and goes, "Hey, Nick! I love your cock." Nick smirks and/or winks and they go back to investigating.
xDDDD I love it. Let's just go with that one, okay? :lol:
First of all, welcome to the Fort shazza and blue2328! Hope you have a good time here, I know I do ;)

Then, yeah to Fort #18!

And then, jay, love both of your ideas. Since the chicken farm already kinda happened (with Grissom :() there's still the gay bar. They really should have a case like that. But then again, there are so few gay characters, we don't need more gay victims or suspects/killers. But I would be thrilled nevertheless, especially if the bartender recognized Nick and asked him about his good-looking geeky boyfriend :devil: THAT would make my day :D

I bet most of the times Greg mentioned a girl he just wanted to impress "straight" Nick. I still think, if they're not together, he wants to find out about Nick's sexuality and that's why he tells all his "stories".

Just remembered, wasn't there a case in a gay bar in one of the games? Or do I confuse something, haven't played them yet.

And I loved the way Nick got angry with Pig, what kind of name is that anyway??? You're right, he wasn't even a suspect, like in the Cassie case, just an "innocent" bystander. And The Jaw Clench of Love form Nick earlier on and then the punch! That was so telling! No one calls his Greg weak! :mad:

Keeping my fingers crossed for the Chapel episode, there's a lot of potential there :D
Yay! New fort! How loing until i can have a freakin avatar?

Welcome to the newbies and hi to the oldbies. While I think a lot of the slashy moments we see are just wishful thinking, there are a lot of things we can't avoid. I just watched "Big Middle" again and I agree (I forget who originally posted it), but there's no way wither Greg or Grissom are straight after that episode.

As for the gay bar thing, I know they have Nick find a matchbook from a gay bar in the newest videogame. I have yet to play it, or find it anywhere, to give you the exact details, but I heard Nick picks it up and goes "It's from a very high class gay bar. Or so I've heard." Mm hmm, whatever you say Nick.
Whoops! Sorry about that I thought I could resize it but It gets distorted so I remove it completely lol. Make another some other time lol.
Anywayz I think Brass knows a lot of things about the ships like Nick and Greg but doesn't seem to say much about it. wonder why? ;)
love_fan,you are right, the gay bar was in a CSI game, I think it was the latest one 'Hard Evidence.' Appropriate title, don't ya think? I believe Nick recognized a matchbook from a gar bar (if I remember right). I really loved that scene when Nick hit pig too, it was so unlike Nick to act that way, but he was upset about Greg and that was obvious.

shazza_018 - No problem, a large photo like that will always distort when made smaller. I'm anxious to see your new one when you make it.

jay - 100 posts and you will be able to have an avi - it will happen quicker than you think!
I lOve A Bullet Runs Through It, it's a great episode and after watching it like four times I finally realized that Nick and Greg shared a scene in the second part, well Greg was in the house and Nicky outside, but still. Sometimes I'm just dumb...

And then there is the moustache ... I won't say a word and post a picture 'cause that was just baaaaaad! On the other hand we have Greg with his great sunglasses, purple I may add, and he's worth a picture:

Nick with his pornstache and Greg with his glasses look right out of the 70's.

Oh, and may I say that purple is the color for LGBT! Way to go, Greg! ;)


I thought so too, Wojo, very appropriate title :devil:
Yeah, new Fort!!! You guys have been talking a lot! :D

Welcome to the newbies.

I've brought up some posts from #17:

only_true_love said:
"Correct me if I'm wrong but was it in Evaluation Day when Nicky smiles with pride when Grissom makes a comment of Greggo doing a great job on analyzing something for a case??? I didn't think of it now but even if they boys weren't together at that point, there could be some serious attraction going on. Nicky was probably thinking, "yeah, that's my Greggo".

Yes, it was in the "Evaluation Day". This is a look between them in that episode that, as you say, might prove that there was a serious attraction going on at that point:


And here's Nicky smiling with pride after Grissom's comment about his Greggo:




Hey, Nicky is blushing! ;)
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