"The End Game" Discussion **SPOILERS**

I just hope that ending the season on a cliff hanger doesn’t end up being the ultimate act of arrogance on the part of the CSI decision makers.
Cliff hangers rarely deliver these days anyway and considering CSI, assuming the show is renewed for a final shortened season and scheduled as a mid season replacement, may be off air for possibly 6 – 10 months, I wonder how effective it really is.
I think it’s already a disadvantage that the show will be off air 3 months before any other show and therefore far removed from memory (literally out of sight out of mind).
Cliff hanger or not, I’m not convinced it guarantees the show’s survival when it comes time for renewal announcements in May.
Their idea of a cliffhanger hasn't been all that great lately. So I wouldn't worry too much about it being something that needs to be "solved".


Sounds like there's a video in this but my computer is a piece of crap so click the link and see for yourself! :scream:

Watch George Eads Say Goodbye to CSI

So long, Nick Stokes.

Sunday's episode of CSI will mark the end of the road for George Eads, one of the last remaining members of the CBS drama's original ensemble.

Eads's decision to leave was reportedly an amicable one. In this exclusive clip obtained by PEOPLE, Eads appears with Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle) – who started off with him on the show in 2000. Nick reveals that he's got an offer that's too good to refuse, but it will mean walking away from the friendships he's cultivated in good ol' Sin City.

Sara reminds him that she'll only be a car-ride away – and she even brings her beloved Gil Grissom into the discussion to convince him that it's time to go.

"You gotta go where you can do the most good," she tells Nick.

Eads was preceded out the door by Billy Petersen, Gary Dourdan, Marg Helgenberger and Paul Guilfoyle. (Though Fox was there at the beginning, she mostly stayed away during seasons 9 and 10 but has since returned as a regular.)

My computer must be a piece of crap too because my screen froze after clicking on the link!
Sooo, Sara mentions Grissom does she?
I find it somewhat funny that everyone talks about George Eads' exit while the promo says something about a tough decision that is to be made. I mean, everyone knows which decision he will make in the end. But, well...

So, it's going to be San Diego. Allright. It's what Nick deserves.
He might be moving on but I don't see another CSI spinoff when they got CSI: Cyber.

? :confused: ?

Who said anything about a spin-off?

That comment was because San Diego was close enough to Vegas that they could bring Nick back for an ep yet big enough that it is a logical possibility that they may just have their own Crime Lab for Nick to lead.

He might be moving on but I don't see another CSI spinoff when they got CSI: Cyber.

? :confused: ?

Who said anything about a spin-off?

That comment was because San Diego was close enough to Vegas that they could bring Nick back for an ep yet big enough that it is a logical possibility that they may just have their own Crime Lab for Nick to lead.


Ah, everyone is just doing spin-offs and I was just trying to be funny. :p
Season finale....series finale....it's all the same to me. Sunday night's episodes are the last I will watch no matter what happens. Thankful Nick is finally get some well-earned recognition, but too bad it has to be on the very last episode he's ever in.
I like that it'll be different than Catherine's exit.

I liked the idea of him going to the FBI but it would have felt like a retread story so I'm glad he's doing something different.

Fics and cross-over fics galore! :rommie:

Nick stories are already percolating in my brain. :thumbsup:
Hello all! Nice to be back after almost two years. But I've watched most of the episodes this season so especially those with Gig-Harbor story line so I'm updated and ready for the finale tonight. This finale of CSI is going to be bittersweet for sure. I hope it's not the last. This show still kicks ass. It's just that it is on a bad timeslot. I'm looking forward to CSI: Cyber.
Hello everyone. I hope the moderators will allow me some leeway here. -- I decided I wanted somewhere that was safe to talk about CSI and my favorite characters. When I first joined Talk CSI it was June 10 2004 it was virtually dead around here, except for a few folks (you know who you are) we became friends and have remained that way. Anyway moving forward many things (people arrived in groves, I became a mod (Oct 2004), and most importantly I made more friends and met some wonderful people along the way) happened and then I left (in 2009) for a while due to personal reasons. I still stopped in when I got the chance.

One of my favorite characters at the time was Nick, of course it was the good looks that really helped lol but also the innocence that George brought to the character so as to let him grow. I am glad I got to watch that happen. There have been many ups and downs with the show, and as I've always said it takes more then one person to make or break the show, and in this proves that. Georges portrayal of Nick couldn't have happened on it's own, all the other talented actors/actresses from those he worked with, the bad guys and the innocent people who kept Nick balanced. To the writers/directors/producers who guided George/Nick but also gave him the freedom to be the character we could sympathize with, relate to and also admire.

I surmised that one day this time would come when it was time for both George and Nick to move forward, I honestly couldn't decide if it would be like now, or at the series end. I (and now don't get down on me here) really like that it's this way. All these characters on the show they are leaving one at a time allowing in a way for fans to find healing and closure. We may not like seeing our fav character leave but we the fans (as much as we wish) know it can't last forever the stars want to move on try new things, be different characters, etc.

So George Eads, kudos to you for bringing alive a character on a piece of paper that not just anyone could play, the way you have all these years. You deserve your time and I wish you the best.
To a favorite character of mine, I have watched your ups and downs, the laughter, tears, fears and knowledge you have brought to the team, kudos to you for never veering from who you are and growing into the man you showed us (and your fellow CSI's) you could always be.

Congratulations to George (and in a way Nick) may great things happen for you, and peace, light and love be with you, around you and forever apart of your life. Fair well and since I rarely say goodbye, I will just say see you around.

PS: Lets see who remember this "Don't make me get the hose out to cool you all down" LOL :D
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Well, since they keep saying they will wrap up the Gig Harbor Killer story, I can’t imagine them doing any major cliffhanger....unless a character is in peril at the end of the episode and we still don’t find out what happens to him/her. They might go in that direction, considering what the writers are hinting about the finale. If they do....well, on the one hand I may or may not care as much (since I’m assuming it’s Finn or at least any other new main character), but at the same time, it would feel like a major slap in the face either way, considering the status of CSI right now (especially if it gets cancelled). But who knows, maybe that character will be rescued, the funeral for the person who dies and Nick’s exit takes up the last third (or fourth) of the episode and the cliffhanger is really about the remaining team figuring out where to go from here. I don't know, I'm not too concerned about what kind of cliffhanger we will get.
What a stupid, unoriginal finale. Oh gee...Finn is hurt... AGAIN. I'm so relieved to have this over with and not have to watch anymore...as if I could possibly care if she lives or dies.

Nick's "finale" for me was the previous episode. He should have left then and not even been in this one. BUT...the little (too little!) montage at the end was nice. Too bad they aren't really going to have a CSI: San Diego with George as the lead. :(

And please. "Someone dies"? HE DOESN'T COUNT!

Bye, Nick. Love you. Catch you in the reruns and on the DVDs from back in the good ol' days. And George...we'll be waiting for your next project. Make it soon, please! :)
Christopher Barbour do it again and writes a horrible/bad/crap/stupid/not-sense/arrogant episode, i dont know how he and Don McGill are in charge or write the Main Season Arc Storys, this is shit, i have to be rude with this guy, because this episode was bad really bad.

What make me really sad is that finally they are close to kill Finaly (again) but this time at less look really serious and is sad they dont kill or D.B or Finaly, because that would be the end with Nick taking the Lab, but not they have to be arrogant and make George get nothing to do and when he go away to make something better then they change the things.

The have the chance to deliver something a little bit dark with the incest thing of the Dad fucking his daughter and how she have the twins, but the writer screw it up.

I only have to say thanks to George to bring a nice character like Nick to live for like 15 years on-going and now it was time to go, i like the final montage that things make me cry, because remind me of the old good times.

And by the way the almost dead of Finn doesnt count, they say some one that was from the first season, in this episode i dont die anybody or i dont see something?