Stella/Melina #7 'Cause everything sounds better in Greek

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  • Stella/Melina #7: 'Cause even Athene and Aphrodite worship her.

    Votes: 2 6.1%
  • Stella/Melina #7: The perfect combination of brains, looks, and personality.

    Votes: 2 6.1%
  • Stella/Melina #7: a goddess came down to earth !

    Votes: 8 24.2%
  • Stella/Melina #7:Athene in her mortal form.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Stella/Melina #7: Zeus' gift to Hollywood.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Stella/Melina#7 'Cause she is the angel that enlighten our hearts

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Stella/Melina #7 'Cause everything sounds better in Greek

    Votes: 11 33.3%
  • Stella/Melina #7: Because she´s the Greek Goddess of Crimonology

    Votes: 1 3.0%
  • Stella/Melina #7Because she´s the heart and soul of the CSI-team

    Votes: 2 6.1%
  • Stella/Melina#7 Because Lady Liberty speaks in Greek!

    Votes: 6 18.2%
  • Stella/Melina#7 Because she is the light and soul of NY Lab

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Stella/kelina#7 Because we all love Rambo Stella

    Votes: 1 3.0%

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CSI Level Three
Welcome to the Stellarinas Thread! This place is for those fans who appreciate Stella Bonasera and Melina Kanakaredes.

Post all you want about Melina/Stella. Piccies, articles and vids you can found will be highly appreciated :) but mainly enjoy the Stellarina World!

Welcome Pic

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Re: Stella/Melina#7 We need a new name!!!!!!

Number 7 already! :bolian:

Miyu, I like your Céline Dion picture. For once, I like her attire, although it's a little bit too showy.
Re: Stella/Melina#7 We need a new name!!!!!!

Wow. Well, I introduced myself in the other thread, but anyway, I love your beautiful pictures :) The "Celine Dion" one is very nice. Although, I could never wear that outfit if I wanted, Melina looks gorgeous in it.
Re: Stella/Melina#7 We need a new name!!!!!!

^ Welcome, baby!

Isn't she gorgeous? I like her better when she's got her curls framing her sharp features. Her Céline Dion style sometimes freaks me out, but I like that picture in particular.
Re: Stella/Melina#7 We need a new name!!!!!!

New Thread!! Congrats to all of us Stellarinas!!!:)
Re: Stella/Melina#7 We need a new name!!!!!!

Hey Stellarinas, on to No. 7 in season 6 :lol:.

*passes glasses of Champagne to everybody* So cheers on Melina/Stella :)
Re: Stella/Melina#7 We need a new name!!!!!!

Hi my dear Stellarinas!! Congratulations to all of us with a new Thread :)

I have to vote for: Stella/Melina #7: a goddess came down to earth!! :)

Since I did not have the answer to the previous one Thread, let me do it here. If I can do it…
I would like to thank all of you for the wonderful photos Melina
Unfortunately i had less time the last week and will have the next one but i will try to read all your posts the next days

(And i miss my Galina. I wonder where Madison is:confused:)

Here it is I!:lol:

Galina we waited. Now we will wait and miss Tina. :(

It's funny, I live in NYC but I've never seen them filming :(
In connection with this matter: pass filming in New York?? :confused:

Dear Madison --->
Let's do a thing. Im going to ask our Mods if i am allowed to post the adress here. If i am then i will post it right here. Somehow I think it's not correct to post it in such popular place like Twitter. Thsi Forum is also popular but it's different. Don't worry that i will ask them as soon as i finish posting this message

Ok Debbie. Let us do so!;)

Now I try to see what kind of program to add a photo so that everyone can see…

What to share with you Stella. :adore:
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Re: Stella/Melina#7 We need a new name!!!!!!

I voted for "a Goddess came down to Earth", too, sounds great and soooooo true :).
Oh, and am I guilty of having made a suggestion for a title that sounded SMACKED to some of you :eek:? You should know me better now to know that something like that could never happen to me :D. Don´t ignore the word "platonic that I had inserted clearly :lol:.

Dearest Debs,

Dearest and Crazy Nut

Thank you for asking, my tummy is much better now

I can tell you are in denial my lovely Nut. Never mind, But if you continue with your diet of coffee and almonds ice cream you won't have only a big bum but a big belly too (in any case you will be stil the brave Nut from Nutland
Glad to read that you´re well again :).
I am not in denial :D- I can boast with the fact that I´m as slim as Melina (though I can´t compete with her décolleté) :lol: and you know she´s a proof that you can eat lots of chocolate and delicious heavy Greek foot and still stay fit- yes, she´s a good role model :D.

They should review their Law book then
No, no, I think they think their law book is very perfect :D.

hopefully if she ever comes back she will have a decent disclosure to her personal story. And i would like a hopeful disclosure. Perosnally i woudn't want she was sent to jail. Mindy has lost too much
Besides it would be very nice to see Stella mentioning her and talking about her new start
Well, maybe Stella would help her and get her a great solicitor, so that she could get away with the murder without going to jail due to the circumstances that led to murdering Garth. And Stella would certainly support and help Mindy to make a fresh start in life :)

awwwwwwww the idea makes me melt I can't imagine a sweetest thing than Stella singing in Greek lullabies to Baby Lucy (well except baby Taylor)
I would like to like Danny again and being the little bro he was for her so many times IF our people get that then i still will believe in miracles! (as converting you, stubborn Nut!)
:lol:Stella would sing all the Greek lullabies that Melina sings to her girls, that would be great; I always love it when Melina puts a personal touch on Stella and we know then "yes, that´s very Melina-like" :).
It´s not totally impossible that Danny could become that little bro again for Stella, I think- well, not as impossible as the miracle to convert me :D.

you will say it! I have told you that! Ich liebe Smacked!!!!!!!
Du liebst Smacked???? I know you do :lol:. Ich bin kein Smackie, tut mir leid :D

See ya, take care

Hugs to all :)
Re: Stella/Melina#7 We need a new name!!!!!!

7th thread?!?! Weeeeee!!!

Here I found something kewwwl

And this one from a fundriser for Children with cancer. That shows a very good quality in her personality not as Stella but as Melina the person :thumbsup:


The article can be found here:

And this one. I'm not into women but her looks are OMG :">

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Re: Stella/Melina#7 We need a new name!!!!!!

Thanks for the link, Fiery! The background and text colors nearly killed me, but I find this pic hilarious:
Re: Stella/Melina#7 We need a new name!!!!!!

Hello Stellarinas! Congrats on the new thread.

I am but a harmless lurker who will comment on occasion.

Currently I only know the amazing Melina from CSI: NY, but that's all I need to know how awesome she is!


Melina and her daughter Zoe! So cute!!
Re: Stella/Melina#7 We need a new name!!!!!!

Thanks for the link, Fiery! The background and text colors nearly killed me, but I find this pic hilarious:

yes this link wasn't "reader friendly" happened to me too but was so many good pics in it specially this one LOL! :guffaw::guffaw: