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Miyu, my dear :D

Who said that all the boys were for Stella...? She needs only Mac. We the viewers deserve some love too. *Miyu wanders off into Gutterville and kidnaps/ties up Lindsay* Who wants a go at Danny? (Lol)
Not me. I pass, thank you:lol: But i do agree the only man our Stella needs is HER Mac. Nobody else. And He needs her equally. I remember 5.25 (there was a lack of my Stella:vulcan: in that one) and how when at the beginning they were in the crime scene and Mac was so affected but Stella tried to be strong for him and how she assured him Angell was going to be ok ( probably she wanted to believe it too or just trying he stayed focused on the case).
My point is when is she too vulnerable (like she was in Greece) he is stiorng for her.
When he is outta control and unfocused she helps him to gain control
Melina is right: they are like yin and yang!:drool:
Why yes she will. I love her blouses. Simple, but totally brings out her cleavage and perfect for work. Stella should wear more blue on the show; she looks amazing in blue! And red and black.
Green ;)Green is The Smacked Colour. Her color anyway!
:eek::eek::eek: Your soundcard isn't working again? *Glares at it* I hope you can get it fixed soon. How on earth will you be able to listen to Melina singing...or her in an interview talking about S6 SMACked again?:eek::eek::eek: I crack myself up.:vulcan:
this silly thing is not working and i won't take it the technitian until September. I can live without sound during another month. But i need the PC. However it will mean i will have to live another month without sound:wtf: (I can't do anything because my PC is already dead since last year and this one is my Dad's and i want new hardware to connect this PC to the TV and more Ram becomes it freezes all the time. The main problem i don't have drivers for the sound card (I didn't pay attention and i uninstalled them:scream:) But i guess i can make a back up and listen it in my DVD:p

Stella singing to Mac would be a sight to behold and cherish in my mind forever.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i want her singing in Greek!!!!!:drool: and looking at each other's eyes like at the end of 4.04:drool::drool:

She ran as insane to check if her man was ok:drool:

This moment was bittersweet for Stella. It was when he said "No" to her request of taking out his wedding ring


Stell and one of her fav boys: Sheldon

Ooh, Stella world. My first time. :lol:

Figured I drop in and awe in the wonder that is Stella. She's my favorite female on the show so I decided that this is the place for me.

But those pictures of Stella are great. Especially the one with Hawkes. Her expression is priceless. :)
Hey Andie!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the Stellarina Wolrd!!!!!!!! I'm Debbie or Debbs btw. We are all crazy but warming people here :D
Let's see we have all sort of shippers here but the main thing we all love Melina and Stella. She is our fav character of course!!!!! :D

And definitelly this is the place for you. And if you are Smacked i know a very nice Family to introduce you to :D (I can't help myself)

But those pictures of Stella are great. Especially the one with Hawkes. Her expression is priceless. :)
I love their relationship too. Since Day 1 she has been someone who tease him and it was mutual. And then when he become into a CSI he has been one of her "boys" along with Adam
It's very beuatiful the relationship she has with all of them but especially with Adam and Sheldon because she has been the "Lab Mum". Always protector, always caring
And i loved their scenes togetytehr last season. Stella with Hawkes, (cannot remmeber the episode) when they were "rehearsing" a crime and those scenes between Adam and Stelal 8especially that one at the end of 5.08)
Totally beautiful!

Stella and her boys again


The first time i looked at this paint i thought it was Stella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fiery (would you let me call you in that way?) I'm glad you feel comfortable here

I have posted this a long time ago and now i want to post again just because i have thinking about it lately (probably because Mindy is the only "relative" our Stella has had so far in her life) I liked it because it was minimalistic. I mean, there were nobody yelling at nobody and sometimes it makes it stronger and more powerful to me as a viewer. Those moments where silences were more descriptive and more important than words
As usual , this text is full of mistakes. You know i am quoting from the tv and not being English my mother tongue...well it makes human period lol :D (I also have the conversation between Mac and Stella in Open and Shut and part of their conversation in 5.16 (my silly VCR went on strike that day and i couldn't record 5.16)

From "Cold Reveal" 3.22 The meeting with Stella and her sexually abused foster sister. "V" stands for Victoria and "S" is Stella of course

Someone knocked Victoria's door. It's Stella

S--> Victoria Page? I'm...

V-->Stella Bonasera. I haven't seen you since...

S-->My Graduation Academy. And you were Erin Yates back then.

V-->Come in. (Stella enters inside) how did you find me?

S--> Vistoria Page. "The red shoes". I have been working in this case tha ended up in and old (word...?) movie house. Same where Garth took us every Saturday. And then he took you away to the projection room. He did things to you, didn't he?

V--> Stella this is a mistake

S--> Years later. i put them up together. Remembered when we were sitting on there and he tapped on your shoulder. That movie was our escape. You ran away from that nightmare to save yourself. And to save me. You knew if you left they would send me away. And i would never have to deal with Garth. I know what he did. He might haunt on you. And that's why you killed him

v--> Stella, i didn't and i couldn't kill anyone

S--> Marilyn cleaned up the crime scene for you, Mindy. remember she used to bring Garth dinner some nights? Maybe she saw you leave. Maybe she knew why

V-->--> I don't know what are you talking about

S--> we found your bloody clothes on the side of Philly train bike (word?) where you buried them

V--> No, i wasn't there

S--> Maybe not as Mindy or Erin but as Victoria page. You had a job late up in Washington D.C. After you took your reveange you headed in South

V--> that's why are you here? to arrest me?

S--> Some months ago i'd said "yes" But life is strange. I foiund these grey areas. Sometimes you don't choose your own hell. It's chosen for you. And do any to survive Today, I'm here because you're the only sister I've ever known. My Blood sister, forever and ever. Tomorrow i'll have to come back with my bunch

V--> It's good to see you Stell

Stella--> Take care yourself

(if Victoria stayed and she is in jail or she is escape remains unknown)

You won't want to mess with her when she is so pissy


She is listening carefully her man. Of course :D
Madison!!!!--> then you are one of the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Melina's but Galina's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy to have you here.

Yes, it is! Thank you very much! :)

She is sorely missed here :)
We in the Russian-speaking forum, too. We look forward to when she returns from vacation.:)

That makes the two of us!!!!!!! :thumbsup:
I am happy!! :rolleyes:

I totally agree with you!!!!!! outside she seems to be hard but only a few and lucky people care enough to know her inner soft side . She is like a pearl, if you take risks and you wait and you pray and you are lucky and patient you will find it. But you have to be very interested in finding it :thumbsup:

Now I agree with you! Stella did not disclose all his life. But relatives of people she loves and cares very much about them! Stella - a pearl !!!


I will post many other photographies for you and the rest of the girls:) and i will send you the adress :)

My dear Debbie, thank you wholeheartedly! :) :)
P.S. I look forward adress!

Piccies to Madison and all Stellarinas :)


A million thanks. Stella admirably!!! :drool:

My dear! I do not know, there appear here until the end of July. But on 1 August, I again will be with you.

Do not say good-bye ...

special thanks for help in Tvitter!!!;)
Then i will wait for you Next August! :)

I have sent you the adress towards your <ICQ but i don't know if it worked????? (Sent it yesterday)

Many hugs and take care

Debbie :)
Hello, Stellariiiiiiiiiinaaaaas :), and a big welcome to FieryRed and Andie and Madison :), may I introduce myself, I am the walking, talking nut :D.

Dearest Debs,

Nut, dearest

Eat it, i do it anyway:p I am a chocolate addict too :D Maybe it's related to a low serotonin level so if you drink coffee or you eat chocolate then it helps you to get a high level of serotonin and as result you feel better because usually mood changes are also related to this ;)
Advice then for your headache? Almonds ice cream. I don't know if it will heal it but you will enjoy it anyway:lol:

(Btw the natural recipe comes from a neighbour:lol:)
Well, it´s true, eating chocolate and drinking coffee always has a positive effect on my mood :lol:. Mhmm, almond ice cream, sounds great, too, yummy :). And say hi to your nice neighbour ;).

oh yes! Melina always changes my mood;)
Of course, Melina is better than any chocolate and coffee could be :D, watching all these beautiful pics here puts my head straight in the clouds :lol:, especially the pic with the leather jacket.

And thank you soooooooooooo much, Darling, for re-posting the dialogue between Stella and Mindy, it was such a brilliant scene, my heart went out to Stella, but to Mindy, too.

Take care, love from the good old nut :D :)

Axel, as long as TPTB don´t read "Twilight" and decide to make the D/L story (or a Smacked story, if it would ever happen, which of course I don´t think :D) as cheesy as the Bella/Edward story is, then there´s nothing to fear :lol:.

Love and hugs to you all :)
No problem, call me fiery ;)
the truth is i really like your nickname:hugegrin:

Dear Madison --->
Unfortunately, I have not received. :(
Please. Write here
Let's do a thing. Im going to ask our Mods if i am allowed to post the adress here. If i am then i will post it right here. Somehow I think it's not correct to post it in such popular place like Twitter. Thsi Forum is also popular but it's different. Don't worry that i will ask them as soon as i finish posting this message :)

Nut!!!!!!!! dearest and Crazy and "Shy" Nut!:lol:--->
I am the walking, talking nut .
You are the stubborn Nut. Walking i don't know. But i imagine if you have a bum then you must have legs too.:lol: talking yes, you are really talktative :D

Well, it´s true, eating chocolate and drinking coffee always has a positive effect on my mood
just try to rest more. It must be the tension:)
watching all these beautiful pics here puts my head straight in the clouds , especially the pic with the leather jacket.
See? She is fully covered and completely sexy? She doesn't look like a Nun there :D Besides it was a beautiful moment, touching, caring and unique moment between Mac and Stella. How couldn't you be converted after that one? :D

And thank you soooooooooooo much, Darling, for re-posting the dialogue between Stella and Mindy, it was such a brilliant scene, my heart went out to Stella, but to Mindy, too.
you know? This scene reminds me something a great British actor said years ago in a conference (I attended just because curiosity). He detested Chejov and he said actors should recover the power of talking with their own bodies. He said it was pointless having a lot of text to repeat. He really preferred artists could recover the same old customs than men from small native tribes, the power of making you "feel".
This was an example of that. It was important for Stella to explain she understood Mindy's motives to run away, it was important to her to explain she forgave Mindy. I don't know if Little Stella could get over that. Stella didn't remember the blood promise at first. Some times it's for denial. It's like Little Stella erased Mindy from her memories. So i do think when she understood Mindy it was from an Adult Stella who knows now human miseries. And Melina reflected Stella's feelings with her whole body
as long as TPTB don´t read "Twilight" and decide to make the D/L story (or a Smacked story, if it would ever happen, which of course I don´t think :D) as cheesy as the Bella/Edward story is, then there´s nothing to fear .
are you sure? Sometimes i can imagine one of them saying the "meteor" speech:lol:

For sweet Miyu some fun

Sometimes I miss the connection between Danny and Stella. In "Raising Shane" they seemed to be very alike probably because when she is outta control (like in S5 :D or at the beginning of Raising Shane) they seem to be twins :D



So lovely Carmine and Melina

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Stellarinas! This is gonna be real quick.

Aww, thank you so much, sweet Debbie.:)

Love all the pics, especially the last one. They just look so cute in it. And Melina's lookin' amazing in blue.:drool::drool::drool: I wonder who managed to take these? *Deep in thought*

Melina: Oh my gosh, Carmine! It's nice to see ya! *Hugs*
Carmine: :wtf:...Hey, Melina, nice to see ya too. *Thinking: What the hell...?:rolleyes:*

Lol, me and my funny imagination. How tall is Carmine, anyway? Melina looks only 2 to 3 inches shorter than him...or is she wearing those heels of hers (which by the way I love, but wouldn't really wear:p)?

Argh, curfew's almost here.:( Goodnight and sweet dreams/have a nice day to you fellow Stellarinas! Love and hugs!

Its' from a TV Guide Article Miyu :D I will post it tomorrow when i find it!

Smiling Stella is always so adorable

Hi Stellarinas!

Debbie--> I love Smiley Stella!:D

But, in real life, Melina's always cheery. Especially when she's being interviewed, she is just so hilarious.:lol: That is nice to see 'cause most celebrities are...not cheery.

Some pics for all the Stellarinas.:)

Pretty in black.:adore:

Backless!:eek: One of my fave shots of her. Lovely curls.:p

Smiley Melina.:)

Gah, I gotta go. So sorry.:(

Lots of love!:luvlove:

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