Stella/Melina #6: Rambo Stella. Bring it on!

Stella/Melina #5: ??!?!?!?!?

  • Rambo Stella, Bring it On!

    Votes: 8 38.1%
  • Rambo Stella...Don't mess with me!

    Votes: 7 33.3%
  • Rambo Stella, Watch out guys!

    Votes: 3 14.3%
  • 'Cause we all love Rambo Stella

    Votes: 8 38.1%
  • Can you reach the Stellarina Grade?

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Stellarinas?!You know where to find us....

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Could you be a Stellarina..?

    Votes: 2 9.5%

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Ok guys this is the 6th thread for the Stellarinas ;) May it be her Rambo style or her caring nature- This is the place to discuss and and have fun with it *pops champagne*


Queen of Hearts #5

PS: Voting for the new name will close in three days (see poll for date) and you can pick TWO of the 7 names ;)
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Re: Stella/Melina #6: Voting for Name

*does a happy dance* Yippee! New thread!*throws confetti*
It took us so long ! I hope the Stellarina family will grow every day! :D

Thanks for opening it nattybatty!

I'm curios about we'll talk this time :D.
I'll bring my gift as fast as I can =].
Re: Stella/Melina #6: Voting for Name

We GOT IT! we GOT IT!!!!!!

The New Stellarina Thread. I just love so much this place, guys :D

well i brought a pic i found in some cbs wiki and Melina's quote who made me smile when i read it

-"I think that just happens with television because you're in people's family rooms, so they get accustomed to thinking that you're part of the family, which is great. It's an awesome feeling as an actor to have such a strong fanbase and that people connect to your work. It's a gift."

Debbie :D

ps: BTW Anj! we have Rambo Stella avvies but we don't have any Rambo Stella banner ;) :D
Re: Stella/Melina #6: Voting for Name

Yay new thread. My vote has been cast. That picture does look like fun. There was a similar one at the end of the last thread. It was a good shoot, lots of lovely photos for us. :p
Re: Stella/Melina #6: Voting for Name

I love this video! I have no idea how often I've already said that I'd love to see/ hear singing in the show!:drool:
Re: Stella/Melina #6: Voting for Name

Congratulations on the new Stella/Melina thread! :beer:

I voted for Rambo Stella- Bring it on. Because I love Rambo Stella.
Not that I don't like her sweet and caring side, but Rambo Stella ROCKS!
Re: Stella/Melina #6: Voting for Name

Congratulation on the new thread!!:thumbsup::beer:

Thank you for all the pics and videos.I love the very first pictures with the umbrella!
Re: Stella/Melina #6: Voting for Name

The poll for choosing the thread name has now closed. Unfortunately there is a tie.

So, your choices are, "Rambo Stella. Bring it on!" or "Cause we all love Rambo Stella". I'll update the name tonight, so if you have strong preference either way please let me know, if not I'll just choose one of them at random. :p :)

Eta: I've updated the thread name.
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Re: Stella/Melina #6: Voting for Name

Oh! I got back too late! :( I guess we could save the other 2 names for future threads :D

Here i bring Melina's quote

-"Carmine was voted one of the sexiest men of the year, so I took a picture of him with my girls and wrote a note from them that said Wow! Someday we'll look back and say, 'We had tea with one of the sexiest men in the world!'" - Melina; "TV Guide" 4.17-23.06

LOL! Melina has such sense of humour! :D. Here they are! :D


Debs, congrats on the new thread! :thumbsup:

So does this mean we'll be looking the kick ass side of Stella here?

P.S. - "Rambo Stella...Don't mess with me!" could have been cool too,
but guess it fits more with Det. Angell ;)
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