"Sin City Blue" Discussion - *Spoilers*


Series: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'
Episode Title: 'Sin City Blue'
Episode Number: 1011
Synopsis: "Two beautiful women are murdered in a Las Vegas hotel and the CSIs uncover an unusual killer during their investigation. Meanwhile, Langston continues to hunt "Dr. Jekyll"."

Original Airdate
: January 14, 2010
Story By: Daniel Steck
Teleplay By: David Rambo and Jacqueline Hoyt
Directed By: Louis Milito

Guest Stars:

  • Jon Wellner as Henry Andrews
  • Jose Zuniga as Det. Chris Cavaliere
  • Larry Mitchell as Officer Mitchell
  • Raphael Sbarge as Donald Fiore
  • James Frain as Jeffrey Hughes
  • Emily Montague as Karen Jones
  • Jocelin Donahue as Jillian Rose
  • Bernardo Badillo as Juan Rivera
  • Rachel Morihiro as Suki
  • Dustin Lee Abraham as Hungover Guy
  • Sebastian Tillinger as Brian Crowley
  • Annette Lesure as Jenny Ochoa
  • Rick Cramer as Capt. Mike Wilson
  • Gene Farber as Joe (the Bartender)
  • Christina Romero as Mrs. Hughes
  • Rome Kanda as Yuki
  • Joseph Patrick Kelly as Officer Metcalf
Ok, haven't decided on what I felt about this episode, however...

Langston not providing his DNA? :wtf: Ummm, I thought all CSIs and law enforcement had to give their DNA?

And why didn't Nick question him about that?

Was Nick talking to his girlfriend, there at the end? :shifty: Please if it is that April chick, RECAST her before we see her again. :rolleyes:

I was loving Catherine in this episode.
Okay, I really think something is up with Langston and his DNA. Just too weird to pass on by. Something is totally going on one way or another.
I certainly hope that it was not April and that possibly it was a certain person, who's name I won't say because it belongs in a different thread. ;)
What was up with the girl's killer? Jeez, with all the numbers and statistics he was giving, I thought I was back in calculus.
Either way, good episode overall. :)
The Langston thing with not giving his DNA....if you recall earlier in the season Langston was reading a textbook about the gene mutation that some say suggests you'll be a serial killer and Wendy saw him and started giving all these facts and Langston got a little tense....

I'm thinking he doesn't want his DNA in the system because of that gene mutation or maybe it has to do with his father. If you can get a familiar match off DNA maybe his father committed a crime....I don't know I'm confused by the whole thing

As for who Nick was talking to.....who knows....even if it is April at least Nick's dating....

Did George get a haircut? His hair looked shorter than last time.

Greg got to process solo! I think that's the second time that's happened. I don't count Fannysmackin cause he never made it to the scene

That dude giving off the probabilities I just wanted to smack....leave that stuff til Numb3rs is on tomorrow night.
Yeah I thought every CSI had to give their blood or something like that and DNA too. Langston not giving his is weird. He is hiding something. I do not trust him more so now after that.

They keep showing Nick in that office but what ever happened to him sharing it with Greg? I never see Greg in it.

The case Catherine and Greg worked on was pretty interesting. That guy was a total jerk with all this stats. I am glad he got busted. They have not had a hidden body like that in awhile.

The Dr. Jekyll case...I think I need to re-watch because I am not sure if it was really connected to the Dr. Jekyll one or not.
I'm just thankful that the two cases were not related. :lol:

Did everyone catch Dustin's cameo?

I really liked the scene with Catherine dusting the body with the blue dust. The music and the cinematography were great!
I'm just thankful that the two cases were not related. :lol:

Did everyone catch Dustin's cameo?

I really liked the scene with Catherine dusting the body with the blue dust. The music and the cinematography were great!

Was Dustin the really drunk guy Greg told to brush his teeth?

I thought of the movie Avatar when I saw all that blue print dust.
Yeah that was Dustin. I was cracking up. He looks like a drunk half the time anyway. :lol:
Was Nick talking to his girlfriend, there at the end? :shifty: Please if it is that April chick, RECAST her before we see her again. :rolleyes:
Ugh..not the judgemental social worker whose name I will not utter. Seriously, if they read this thread..the writers better realize..that she was not well received.

Although, my reasons are that he belongs with *runs off to appropriate thread..*:lol:
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- one thing I’m not liking is the way they’re evolving the Dr Jekyll case. It’s kind of turning into the same as with the Mini Crime Scene Killer case. The first couple cases were interesting, then it became too strung out with bits & pieces here & there. They need to revisit the way they wrote their best serial killer case – Paul Millander – and why it was popular. It was three individual cases, popping up randomly through the season(s). With MCSK, I found the first two cases intriguing, after that it was just a feeling of the ‘same old, been there-done that, here-we-go-again’ routine. The way they’re bringing this along is going to make me not even care by the time it gets solved. Besides, do we really want to keep seeing the discarded body parts popping up now in every episode from here on out? Not me.

- I noticed that Detective Cavaliere is back again. Of all the detectives that they've had, I think he's my least favorite. I wish they would have had Vega in this one instead. He speaks Spanish.

- I really missed Sara in this episode, especially after how great she was in the last one.

- I LOVED the Cath/Greg dynamic in this entire episode - they just seem to work so well together. At times I was reminded of how well Cath has stepped into the supervisor role and just how much progress that Greg has made as a CSI. I just wish they'd bring back more of his humor, however, he & Cath did have some good back-and-forth in this one. It's also the reason that the whole Greg-is-pissed-about-the-cases-he-gets vibe in the beginning of this season is just completely whacked.

- add to that the Brass/Cath dynamic. This episode really had a different Catherine-in-charge feel to it, right from the beginning. It seems quite different than what we've seen this season up to this point. The beginning was about Catherine getting re-acclimated to being in charge of the team and all of the politics. Now, we seem to have the feel that no one is questioning her leadership, she's in charge and they all know it - even with Brass & Doc, the two that she's been around the longest. I think it's also reflected in the way that Greg doesn't hesitate to do things or wait for instructions on what to do or what to look for.

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It wasn't a bad episode. I rather enjoyed it.

I liked how the "Jekyll-case" turned out not to have anything to do with Jekyll. Though Langston is starting to ... creep?... me out. Don't know if that's the most accurate word but I'll go with it. Him refusing to give DNA makes me think that maybe his father is in the system. Maybe.

I liked the other case more. I really enjoyed Greg working with Cath. And the scene with just Greg and Brass. You don't see those two alone that often. Or just Greg and Cath. I enjoyed the mix up. The killer in the end actually amused me. A gold-digging nerd who thought he could predict the system. Amusing.

As for the episode, it was kinda cold and cerebral. No jazzy music in the background. Much more somber. It actually made me focus solely on the case and not the characters (I'm talking about the non-Langston case).

Greg was awesome in this ep (and so far, for the whole season). I liked Catherine and Nick as well. All in all, a decent ep. Nothing to memorable, but still enjoyable.
Catherine processing the body reminded me of Grissom's similar scene in "Slaves Of Las Vegas."

The entire "this is Dr. Jekyll/no it isn't" case sort of reminded me of how, in last season's Lady Heather episode, everyone was jumping to the conclusion that the amateur dominatrix and her friends were responsible for the murders but in reality it was the serial killer(s) we met in the last two Grissom episodes.
I'm just thankful that the two cases were not related. :lol:

I must admit - I was waiting for something to come up to make them related. And glad it never happened! :lol:

Did everyone catch Dustin's cameo?

Dustin has a great future as "Hungover Guy". :thumbsup:

Since he said it was a blink-and-you'll-miss-me moment, he was actually on longer than I was expecting.

I didn't think it was that bad. It wasn't one of the best but it kept me interested.

Don't really care who Nick was on the phone with. I was just happy to see him happy after it. :)

They must have some great water pressure and flushing toilets in Vegas. There is no way that dress would have made it that far down in the pipes around here! :lol: Other than that I was really more interested in this case than in the Dr. Jekyll case (despite Nick being in it).

I think I figured out it wasn't Jekyll before they did. He removed a painful cyst and missed that the kid was a bleeder. There wasn't anything added or anything strange and unexplained done to the body.

I was thinking that Nick must do a lot of reading of case files in his spare time. I could sware that all the Dr. Jekyll stuff has been Langston (& Doc Robbins) with Catherine overseeing him. Nick pretty much has always been on cases with Sara or Greg when Jekyll's shown up.

Langston is OK but he usually does not drag me to care about what he does.That's why I liked Catherine and Greg case better.There was nothing personal but the case was interesting and their banter great.I wanted more Brass as usual.It also looks like Nick has a girlfriend.:)
:lol: I saw Dustin for a moment :lol: And I think that Nick has a girlfriend to.
Love to see Cath and Greg together on a case and that Eric has
more screentime.Cath was hot as usual :drool: