Should Jake Be Permanent?

I really hope Jake doesn't stay around. He has no real purpose and doesn't really add anymore to the show. If we want a regular bad guy we have Stetler. One is enough.
Can't he just go away and never come back? :p Just kidding but I don't really like this character that much, I think he was brought as a love interest for Calleigh and not really anything else. Besides, the fact that he comes and has a condiderably good amount of screentime in one episode and then goes and then comes back makes him a temporary character. And why would he become permanent anyway? What is his importance to the show as a crime show? He does not have a job that allows him to work with the crime lab so...I don't really see the point in him staying :rolleyes:
i think he should be in some of the future episodes of the 6th season just to bring up some tension between him and delko lol
I don't think he should be a permanent cast memeber. Their cast is big enough. I think he should stick around for a while considering the whole E/C thing but there really isn't anything interesting about him that would make me say keep him around.
i don't like jake at all i hope they don't make him permanent. i think he is a total ass. well thats what i think.
We've already got one huge A**hole *cough* Stetler *cough*, we don't need one more to make things worse for them. and one of them already got poor Ryan fired. i'd hate to see what the other would do to him. So i think Jake should be temporary.
i hope he could be permanent.i don't think he's a jerk like stetler.he's an interesting character and his chemistry with calleigh is so hot!!!
PLEASE.......Do not compare Jake and Stetler :eek:
Stetler is the ral jerk....not Jake
Jake is very hot....especially with Calleigh :devil:
We have to say "thank you Jake....for bringing back Calleigh, the happy one :D"
I won't speak about their chemistry....beacuse is evident....especially from Calleigh's side :devil:
She is mad at him :devil: (it's impossible not to be, I really understand her behaviour towards him :devil:)
I don't think Jake should be a permanent character on the show he reminds me too much of Rick Stetler and I hated him. Miami doesn't need characters like him on the show. Apologies to any Jake fans out there. :mad:
Jake is cool! He can stay anytime. But I also want Yelina back! So Yeline, Frank and Jake as the homicide detectives would work just fine!

Rick stetler just as IAB... I kinda like his role though. The bad guy and all. The actor plays Stetler well!
have you all forgotten that he nearly got Calleigh killed!?!? if calleigh hadn't been wearing a kevlar vest she probably would have died!!!
No way. Calleigh and Jake are cool. Brings Calleig more alive than the boring S4/S5 Calleigh... Although I really like the s1 Callaigh a whole lot more...