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Welcome To Season 9!!! Just like last seasons Spoiler Lab, Myself & TallyHo ask that you read, remember and respect the following regarding this thread.

This thread is for the discussions, opinions regarding the future "episodes, story-lines and character spoilers as it relates to the current season in the US." This thread has nothing to do with the actor/actresses themselves, ship discussions in general, or past episodes each of these have their own respective threads and or forum. Some comparisons to past eps is fine, as long as it follows the line of your current discussion but don't let it dominate.

We need to keep in mind so that we may maintain a balance in this and future lab threads, where the bickering, arguing and snarky comments are kept to a minimum or out altogether. Telling someone to "not watch the show if they don't like something" that is actually rude, flip side telling someone they cannot discuss a scene that pertains to an ep is also rude.

If a person puts in a valid point as to why they dislike it that is one thing, the "I hate [whatever]" or the "Squee I love [whatever]" only comments, are not valid points, add substance to why you like or dislike it would be more appropriate. (this is also meant for characters, ships, etc) all arguing and uncontrolled fighting does is waste energy and take time away from the discussions, no one thing should dominate this discussion thread other then getting the spoilers and discussing them rationally. Ignoring the baiting and negative commentary is precisely what is expected of those wishing to participate in this thread and Forum. If one cannot do so then a time out and away is probably the best thing all the way around until one is able to do the necessary.

Okay we know the rules were too long before so we have decided to tweak them in such away that it should be easier.

What Should I Know About Spoilers?

Code Boxes:
Not needed in here this already has the warning in the title and post, any other thread not clearly marked with said warning is where those are used, lightly please alot of people avoid spoilers lets respect that wish if possible.

Episode Names & Major Spoilers:
List the name of the spoiler ep you are giving or just discussing to avoid confusion. Spoilers are subject to changes and should only be considered as a guide to what could be happening in that episode, and not what will happen.
Not everyone wants to know the entire episode, (ie how it may end, ect) while we like to hear what it is about, hints to what might happen, lets not go farther then that, leave some surprises.

Copyrights, Sites, Vids & Pics:
Posting a spoiler word for word (or lines as well) is not allowed, we ask that you put it in a short summery of you're own words.
-Some places preferre that you not link to them for the spoilers and some places like 'sides' & 'SpoilerTv' that you are not allowed to mention or link to please be mindful of this. If asked to cite you're source contact myself or TallyHo for help. Copyright violations will be edited and or removed.
-Be mindful of the 'Video' rules located in the "Help Guide" on what places are allowed by this site.
-Pictures: There is already a thread for future episodes please contain all pictures to that thread.

Shipper/ships discussions:
The only time any ship discussion is allowed in here is when it pertains to said ep, ship or scene, should the ep not contain a ship moment then it does not belong in this thread or forum, but rather in the "Shipper Central" forum.

What should I know about this thread in General?

Stay On Topic:
As it says there try to stay on topic of this thread, veering off happens and that is fine as long as it doesn't go overboard, if it does we will let you know.

Opinions & Arguments:
Everyone is entitled to their opinions and to disagree with the opinions, your not entitled to attack someone for having the opinion, this is NOT a debate thread for which you can argue about things. Sometimes opinions might rile some which can lead to arguments to uncontrolled debates or outright flaming. The best thing to do is to take a deep breath, calm down, back away and agree to disagree and let it go, you really are not getting anywhere so why continue all that will get you is a gentle reminder or an official warning. Be mindful that if you are not involved in any argument don't jump in it only makes it worse, contact Myself or Tally via PM or click the NM (Notify Mod) Button.

EP Threads:
IF there is already a discussion thread up for an ep (by you moderators), please discuss that ep in that thread, as this is for Future eps, not yet aired. -- This is for LV Only! Any Spoilers for Miami, and New york belong in their respective forums and not in here if they are found in here they will be removed.

Lastly About the Mods:
Myself and TallyHo are asking for your cooperation in all this, we are not out to scare people or ruin the fun, we like fun, but at the same time we are trying to keep the balance, atmosphere and rules of the board intact and the thread inviting, like a comfy home, there will be some problems we know it, but if we come in in "Mod mode" we would appreciate not being ignored or having attitudes copped. You also know that if you need to you can always PM us and we will try to help you. ;)

-Please remember, we reserve the right to update/change any of the above, remember the board rules, and reminders. Have fun. ;)
Question: So, you are one of the lucky privileged people who got to see the premiere of CSI early. What is the deal with Grissom-Sara? All of these interviews and articles make it sound like their relationship is in huge amounts of trouble. -- Sarah
I didn't see any signs of trouble in the first episode, but the hour isn't really about them; it's about Warrick. If anything, the one significant scene they do share in the Oct. 9 opener is rather moving and, dare I say, hopeful.

the one significant scene they do share in the Oct. 9 opener is rather moving and, dare I say, hopeful.

Hopeful for whom exactly? :lol:

Wow, we sure went through that last thread quickly, didn't we? :lol:
Yeah we did! I feel like we just started it a couple weeks ago. Vegaslights thanks for that update. I'm dying for new information. So Lindsay, gets caught with a fake ID?
Wow, presumably dead? What does that mean? And still with the shocking secret. Maybe the idea of a witness protection programme isn't that farfetched after all??
Wow, presumably dead? What does that mean? And still with the shocking secret. Maybe the idea of a witness protection programme isn't that farfetched after all??

I've been hoping for the witness protection thing from the start as well. and good question love_fan. What do they mean by presumably? Are they saying that because there are some people who read that magazine who don't want to be spoiled?:confused:
What do they mean by presumably? Are they saying that because there are some people who read that magazine who don't want to be spoiled?:confused:

Yeah, I think that's why they are saying that. Either that or the writer of that article is hoping that Warrick isn't really dead. :lol:
Ok the witness protection angle is a thought I never once considered and very plausible, but how would that be considered something shocking that Warrick kept from his friends...or as the clipping states? Especially with the profession their in?
You know, I've been feeling really really stressed lately. Here I'm thinking it could be because of taking on more production work for 2 other magazines.

Well, that has quieted down, yet I'm still stressed. I think I finally figured out why. It's because of this SHOW and all these spoilers.

Now Warrick is keeping a secret? Ugh, what are they doing to us! Ok, I guess I'm not completely shocked because we are suppose to find out the kind of man Warrick was.

Hmmmm, maybe Warrick is the "mob" boss and he really did kill Gedda. Maybe a little power war between him and Under Sheriff? Ok, I'm just throwing that out there, because at this point, I wouldn't put it past the tptb. Now that would a shocker.

October 9th where are you????!!!!!!!
I think the shocking secret was most likely Tina's pregnancy, it won't be shocking to us because we found out about it in Cockroaches, but it will be shocking to the team.

new thread- my how time flies.
Good point Wojo. If the shocking secret is Tina's pregnancy, it will be a surprise for the other characters and also viewers who aren't, should I say, as "loyal" as we are. :lol:

Also, if that picture of Grissom and Warrick in the recent article is in the episode, it looks like Grissom is yelling to someone; maybe paramedics or Nick? :confused:
I thought Lindsey had settled down, but I guess not. :lol: Poor Cath!
LOL. They don't want to miss the chance to create drama with rebellious teenagers, do they? :lol:

This will be Catherine when she finds Lindsay:klingon:!:scream:!!:guffaw:

Given that we'll be in grief mode over Warrick's presumable death, I'm looking forward to this storyline.

Lindsey our little rabble rouser. I don't know if I were Catherine's daughter, I'd want to stay in line as Catherine is a tough mama!!!
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