Season 8: Spoiler Picture Thread

I think it will run along the lines more of the other CSI episodes that have been funny. More like Rashomama style I am thinking overall. I am looking forward too it. Plus I am sure the writers of TAAHM did not go without any input from the regular CSI writers.
New promo pics and a few on-set pics of the CSI/Two and a Half Men cross-over episodes Two and a Half Deaths and Fish in a Drawer are out. There are over a dozen of them (so far) so I'm not going to link to them each. You can view all of the pics here. :)

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Thanks for the promo pics Erica, Gil looks totally gorgeous in them all, as does Nicky, oh and Cath, can't forget her. <3 Thanks Hon. :D
Looks like fun with the rubber chicken.

But no Warrick or Greg again in the promo shots. Are they phasing them both off or just think no one wants to see them?
Awesome! Thanks for the pics Erica.

Looks like these could be some good episodes. I like the "Catherine" and "Nick". It will be fun to see this play out.
It's a wedding! Now, just who is supposedly getting married in this episode (of Two & a Half Men)?? Ha ha! :lol: This looks great!
Nice to log on and find lots of great new pics. Although kinda gone over my head a bit, not having watched "Two & Half Men"!
First, it looks like Cath has dyed and cut her hair in those pics.

Second, maybe that girl Nick has his hand behind in the one pic is his new girlfriend?????
Wait, is that seriously Cath in those pics with the 2 and a half men guys?

No, it's not. Right? The 1st pic with Charlie really looks like her. It's driving me crazy. Haha.

Okay... That was weird. But thanks for the pics!
The red-headed actress is not Marg. Her name is Jamie Rose. Check on IMDB for photos to confirm this. Plus there is a cast list out for the show and Jamie Rose is listed as playing Sloane Jagov.
Ahh, okay, everything makes sense now. :) I was really starting to get worried as I know the camera can change the colour of hair from different angles, but she still wasn't looking like Catherine to me. It's a relief to know that she isn't. :lol:
I made a mistake. There isn't going to be a cross-over. The only cross-over they'll have is the writers switch. LOL. But George Eads will be guest starring in the TaaHM episode Fish in a Drawer. George fans might want to watch that. :)