Season 8: Spoiler Picture Thread

Hey Yoshi! :)

That pic is actually being featured in the upcoming CSI episode "Grissom's Divine Comedy." Catherine finds it on Grissom's fridge.
That's a cool picture and I agree it was done well, lol but it makes me laugh. It looks as though Grissom is posing for a mug shot.
Yeah CCA, it is a pretty bad manipulation, but I'm sure they felt they needed to due to the flack they got over that pic in Sara's locker.

I mean, come on, her looking at Grissom strangely in a past episode is not a good pic to use. :lol:
Thanks Erica!
WP is looking seriously hot in those shots!!

I do like the character Drops & wonder if he's going to mention Nick's hair again.:lol:
Hodges & Catherine working together? I'd take bets that there will be either a funny or snarky comment between them, as well as a raised eyebrow from one or the other. Should be fun viewing.
Hmm seems Hodges is more important than Greg lately. He's been in several promo shots so far and Greg has hardly had any.

Nice to see Catherine though.
While I sometimes like the interaction between Catherine and Hodges (agree with kaylyne on the funny/snarky comments bit), I'm not sure that I want to see him in the field. Guess we'll just wait and see.

Thanks Shane!
Well as much as I love seeing Hodges, be it in the lab, out in the field, wherever (the more the merrier for me), I do have to agree with DIZZNEY! Where is poor Greg? Not that I am complaining over here, but Greg is the actual CSI and lacking in screen time. This may just one of those scenes like in 'Big Shots' and 'ABRTI'. Hodges could just be out for any reason other then the supposed "working the scene." Observing (like in big shots) or for an experiment (a bullet runs through it). Who knows!

Anyway, great pics, and I am looking forward to the conversation between the two. It's Cath and Hodges, something is bound to be said to the other. :lol:
I'm intrigued to see 'Two and a Half Deaths'. Cos tbh, I really don't find 'Two and a Half Men' even remotely funny. It's just such a medicore comedy. So I'm wondering and slightly worried as to what they've done to CSI :lol:

Katey Sagal though - that is fantastic! 'Married With Children' was one of my favourite shows in the 90's, now that was a genuinely funny show!