Season 8: Spoiler Picture Thread

Maybe she happened to get another car exactly the same, took off her vest and made another scene to trick them, mwaha, evil!!! :devil:
PICTURES? SPOILER PICS? Yes! My heart is becoming complete again. Nick? Oh wow, he's someone I haven't seen much of, hopefully he is part of the limelight this season! (*cough*warricktoo*cough*)

Sara can't be under that car, with all that dirt on it.. Which means replica, or byebye Sara :( I'm rooting for something totally out of the ordinary.
I've got a feeling that she might be under the car. And as for all the dirt that's there, maybe there was some sort of sandstorm?Like the winds picked up and the sand just got everywhere.
But i do like the idea of there being a replica.Hmmmm.
I wanna see it already.
At the end of the season it showed her under the car and it was pouring with rain, mud and stuff probably got carried in the rain water and when it stopped raining it dried out or something. I dunno, it's for effects isn't it, it's not enoug she's under a car, she has to be buried under the car too. hah. ;)
I had wondered if Natalie herself returned and removed Sara for some unknown reason only she knows, then she was caught by Warrick & Nick before she could do nay more damage.
I think it's definitely Sara's vest in the dirt. In the enlarged version of the photo you can see part of the left side of her vest, which says LVPD CSI. You can see parts of the L, V, and C. The vest looks open and like Sara's not inside... I hope she's alive.
Nice catch, CSI247. It does look very much like one of their vests but it's pretty obvious there's no one in it, which means the miniature and the "crime scene" aren't identical. I guess there were variables that were unaccounted for, which is probably a good thing for Sara.
Hmmm nice pics :D
Woo-hoo yeah! Arm!pr0n on #3!

OK so maybe Natalie had an accomplice -more than likely, and uh well this car is not the car Sara is buried under.
There is another picture exactly the same but smaller and they have circled the thing above Grissoms hat. Looks like a person, in the mountains but I tried to blow it up and it just went more blurry.