Season 8: Spoiler Picture Thread

Thanks so much for posting, Erica! :D You're a... well... a doll! :lol: HAHAHA.

Lame, I know :p One question guys-- why is Nick laughing in the first one?? :lol:
Has Billy finally put his foot down and said 'no more hair dye'! He's going au naturel, lovely! (Sorry desert ;) ) I bet his hair mysteriously changes colour again though, it does go through about 10 different shades during an episode :lol:
woop woop! I was gonna stay spoiler free but pft, I cant be assed. I don't mind Grissom having grey hair, it looks cool, roll on season 8!!! :D
Great pics. Thanks!!!

I don't mind the grey hair because NOTHING can take away from the Grissom Hotness! Yum... ;)

Nice to see Griss and Nick working together again.
Oooh those are the pics everyones talkin bout. Two of my fave CSI boys right there *swoon* Damn both of them look soooo good but wish Bill had the beard back!

Lemsip, i'm with you, cba being spoiler free lol!!
Great pictures-thanks for sharing!! Good point Elsie,how did she get Sara under the car and get the whole set up like that?!Natalie,is really scary,she has a scary face.
She's wierd.
I really am excited and can't wait for the next season!
In the pic where Nick n Griss are digging it looks like Sara's CSI Vest in the dirt that Nick is holding. Thought?
^ You know what, I was thinking the same thing. That means that Sara was under the car at some point (if it is her vest) but could've crawled out from under it.

Damn September :lol:
I'm wondering if Natalie had an accomplice who, once they heard Natalie had been apprehended, went out to where Sara was under the car and took her somewhere else to buy time. In the frenzy, they forgot to grab Sara's vest.
Yes i was wondering the same thing. Otherwise how did it work?

Lovely pictures by the way... Damn- George and William are both hot. Infact William, George, Eric and Gary are just all over hotness.