Season 8: Spoiler Picture Thread

OMG I really didn't want to see this. I'm seriously hoping this is as far as the good bye will go. I won't be able to stomach a real kiss.

Wow! Thanks so much Alex! I just spent five minutes jumping up and down and squeeing over a certain picture! A free cookie to the first person who guesses the correct picture! :lol:

Anyway, I wonder what letter Grissom is reading? Maybe one from Sara?
Alex said:
8x07 "Goodbye & Good Luck"

Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3

Thank's Alex the romance continues ;)I'm sure they do this in private all the time, but nice to see their bringing it to the whole fan-base! can't wait! and Billy Petersen has his hair color changed all the time, from grey to black to lt. brown no matter he's still drop dead gorgeous!
Ditto, Wolfesgamergirl and xfcanadian.

And, if you see the middle pic, Billy's hair looks like it's been insanely dyed... Weird how the pic looks like it's from like, season 2 or something.

Thanks for the pic, though. Just hope we get more from that ep.
I love the pictures. Thanks!

I really do feel bad for the anti-GSR people that that is all we are getting for this episode, but this is Sara's send off episode so its kind of hard not to promote them together I guess.
Maybe it's the Snickers fan in me that is in complete denial, but maybe they aren't about to kiss as much as they are just going to hug as they say goodbye? I really don't need to see any PDA . . . even if it is in private.
Sweet Holy Mother of Jesus I never thought they'd actually show them kiss. I'm laughing right now outta the pure surprise of it!!!!1 Didn't CM say thought that Jorja's last scene would be by herself so apparently this is the end then Gris leaves and we Sara alone, who knows?
awesome pics, no? we've been waiting for this for a long time...well, a lot of us have. and the letter is from sara...i think maybe he reads it and has a flashback to their farewell.
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Okay - major *squee* factor on the "hopefully" kiss. What are the letters? Please tell me she doesn't say "goodbye" in a letter to him. I'm hoping she takes a LOA from CSI, but not from Grissom.

I don't think it's a flashback - the jacket looks the same in the letter pic and the "kiss" pic. Also, in the "kiss" pic, there appears to be lockers in the background.
wolfesgamergirl said:
Please tell me that those aren't the only spoiler pics form that ep...

no surprises there, tptb only care about one storyline...

They probably dyed his hair so he looks younger, make it less creepy...doesn't work.