Season 8: "Dead Doll" Discussion *SPOILERS*

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10! minus the ending... ew, that should be nick. nick saved the day. he found the location or the vehicle, he found SARA and everything.... COME ON!! that's so stupid that grissom went with sara. she's gonna think that grissom did everything and saved her when it was NICK NICK NICK!!

i LOVE nick's flashback! i'm sorry... but i'm seeing a love triangle happening here. George Eads... amazing job! Jorja Fox, OUT STANDING!! outstanding.. i love it.
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Dude, Im so dissapointed in this episode, I haven't watch it all, but what i've seen it BLAH! Hopefully next week will be better. Man the part I just seen was crazy. Disapointed is all I can say to sum all this epi.
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It's been a good episode, but I was the most excited about Wallace FINALLY being in the credits, but that's because I'm a HUGE David Hodges Fan!!
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Insane. It's so like Grave Danger that I feel like I got ripped off. Disappointed isn't a strong enough word... A 3 month wait for this??? AAAAAAAGH.

*deep breaths*
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Great episode, but for me it would have been better if Grissom found her instead of Nick, but that's just me.
I loved how the flashbacks intertwined with the story's progression.
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I about died when they ound that body. I had tears rolling down my face. The when they actually found her, I was relieved out of my mind. Thank sweet heaven Sara is still with us. Fantastic Season premiere. I'm even more hooked than ever.
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It SUCKED!!!!!

No where near GD.

Rating of 2/10.

Good God, they have thrown in the towel

Next week, they get to smirk at Ecklie for giving him widely varying numbers on the first f**k date. He deserves every penny of his salary.
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f**king amazing. i give it a 47...
just great...i don't care what anyone else says...greatness!!
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In a word: B-O-R-I-N-G!

The only bright spot is that Jorja did an amazing job with the crappy script she had to work with. I'd give it a mediocre rating of 5, instead of a pitiful 2 - only because of Jorja's great performance.
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I was so happy to see a new episode that I'll give it a 6. Enjoyed parts of it, but didn't enjoy the wuvy-dovey stuff involving Grissom and Sara. Hope that's gonna end soon.

Thanks to Greggo for being the first to discover the overturned car. Sorry, but it wasn't all Nick, Nick, Nick who saved the day. It was teamwork forged by hard work and quick reaction. The whole team, including Hodges, played a big part in finding Sara.

It wasn't smart of Sara to leave the car and wander around in the desert because it only made it more difficult for the team to find her. I realize she was semi-delirious and all, but she was cognizant enough to leave markers in the sand, so she should have realized that staying put would have been the best thing to do. I grew weary of seeing her stagger around in the desert anyway.

I hope there will be lots of office gossip in next week's episode. I'm going to love knowing what the other members of the team think of the wuv connection between Grissom and Sara.
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:) It was great. One of the best they've ever done.

I think on a scale of 1-10 I'd give it an 8.
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I thought it was good, I'm still trying to figure out how Natalie got the car on top of Sara!
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For a Nick fan like me, I have to say that the scene in nathalie's bedroom was heartbreaking. :( :p

In my opinion, it was a 30 minutes episode dragged in an hour one. A good episode overall but no science and no lab (except e minutes with Hodges and 2 minutes with the car) but fun to watch.

Not CSI's best but okay.

As have I said that Nick's scene in Nathalie's bedroom was Amazing? :eek:

(oh before I go... I just want to let you know that Nick's scene In the bedroom was so beautiful... :D)