Season 7 Spoiler Discussion part 2 - Fighting Crime In Gotham

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Shot a fight scene underneath rain towers(wet) until 4am Friday(Saturday morning) 1 more day of shooting 4 me on Tuesday & season 7 is done

Gary's Twitter

Sounds awesome!!!! Can't wait! :D:D:D It's been awhile since we've seen Mac getting wet! :lol::drool::devil: Reminds me of Snow Day and Veritas....*dreams*
Gary tweeted this earlier today. vegaslights is now a Sad Panda.

Final day of shooting for season 7 today. Going 2 be busy. Lots of scenes to complete the final episode. Could be it. Its been a gr8 7 years

ETA: Another update:

Working away.5 scenes left to shoot.Busy day for me.In everything. Eddie,Carmine,Bob and Anna already wrapped. Finish with Hill, Sela & AJ

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That sounds like it might not be coming back... I hope this means Hill, Sela, AJ & Gary are in the final scene together

I really don't get why they would pull the plug. The ratings have been quite decent for a Friday night slot. I wonder how they are going to wrap up the season if they are thinking it might be a series finale.

ETA: I just read that AJ posted

Last day on CSINY. :(

Now I'm ever more :(.
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I refuse to believe this is The End until there is a formal announcement. I'm either optimistic or in denial, take your pick. There's still a chance that the show won't get cancelled, so I'm clinging to that.
I get the feeling from his Twitter that it's Gary himself saying goodbye; I remember reading an article a few years ago about his contract renewal and pay raise, and the contract was extended another year from 2010 to this year, so maybe this is actually his last year with the show, as opposed to the show's last year. But either way, like Faylinn, I'd rather wait for an actual announcement either way.

But I really, really would be disappointed if they axed the show :/
With Cold Case, even those the signs were there and the tweets and rumors were there, until the official annoucement came out,I had faith it would come back.
That's what we have to do here. Until CBS issues a statement saying it's gone,anything is possible,even though it doesn't look good.
If the ax does come down, seven years is NOTHING to sneeze at and IMO, it's always better to watch a show end on a high or even semi-high note than watch it slowly sputter towards it end.
Seems like season 7 is the last one based on Gary's comments...I really hope that's not true...
NY was the first show that introduced to the great CSI world!!
I feel for the people who are sad if the show gets cancelled officially, but although I hoped myself that it wouldn't for a while, I'm ready to let go.

I personally didn't enjoy the last two seasons as much as I liked watching the previous ones and I think it's time to move on. The horrific screen play material that was produced in season six and season seven were the worst of all seasons, the show has lost its touch long time ago and the essential focus on quality had become secondary.

I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing Eddie Cahill and Carmine Giovinazzo in new projects and I am sure there will be new ones. They had gotten great exposure through the show seven years long, and I can't wait to see what's next for them.

So I am rather excited than sad.
I think I will wait till an official announcement too. I hope it’s not the end for CSI NY. But, I would have thought that IF it were the last episode of the series the whole cast would have been there for the final filming; even if they just stood around.
Also from Gary's Twitter account yesterday:

About to shoot our last scene for the season. Thanks to all our fans in the states and around the world. I hope to see you 4 a season 8. GS

I guess I'm in the denial boat as well, grabbing any lifeline I can find.
I don't know if you guys have looked at it yet, but Michael Ausiello over at TV Line has CSI: NY listed as "a safe bet" for renewal (if I'm remembering correctly), and he's usually pretty on the money about these things. Given the success of the pairing with Blue Bloods, I'd be pretty surprised if NY didn't get one more season, but maybe Gary knows something we don't. Personally, if I had to guess, the show would get one more year. But because it's an older show and therefore more expensive, maybe not. I guess we'll see--hopefully we'll hear something sooner rather than later!
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