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    I agree!!!!!!!!! :D A Kiss in the rain would be the sweetest and most beauitful thing in the world :D

    Also i want an Emmy for CSI NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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    1. More Adam, definitely more Adam, he just brightens up the screen. :) I want him to fall in love. Mooshy, yep, but he's so adorable and deserves a lovely lady. [I always thought he was more suited to Lindsay.....]

    2. Not a lot of Baby Messer. I know that's mean but I am completely bored with Danny/Lindsay. They have about as much chemistry as me and my ex. Which is why he's now my ex.

    3. A brilliant, gut-wrenching, emotional storyline for gorgeous Flack, I want to see him go over the edge a little after losing Jess. CSI Producers, Please do NOT sweep this one under the rug!!

    4. Bring back Sam Flack!! Hopefully they will, it'd be interesting to have her around to see the interaction between her and big bro after his loss.

    5. No crazy, psychotic, loony men for Stella.

    6. Danny and Lindsay to split up. And Danny to fall hopelessly in love, well, anyone but Lindsay.

    7. Lots and lots of Danny and Flack. They're the best duo in the whole of CSI history.

    8. Will we ever see Reed Garrett again?? I hope so.

    9. Hawkes to be less cocky and not seeming to know more about the field than the CSI's who have worked the field for numerous years before him. :p

    10. For this new CSI girl to be smart, sassy and not too unlike the hugely missed Aiden. No more wet, mediocre Lindsay types!

    11. For Angell to not really be gone. :(

    I'm sure I have more...but that'll do for now. ;)
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    I would like to see them promote someone in the group to new responsibilities. They have all been at their present levels for 4-5 years now and it's growing stagnant. They need to mix it up while not diminishing screentime for any of the characters.

    If they would promote someone else to Stella's level then Mac could do more of the job of the head of the entire crime lab. He's way too involved in the field work to be at the level he gets paid for.


    I would like to see some cases that don't involve either extreme gore or fetishes and more intrigue and mystery. These extreme cases are flashy and sexy but I really love a good crime that takes me by surprise with it's ending.

    Also in this vein, they need to make it a little harder to figure things out.


    I like seeing Adam get out of his comfort zone and would like to see him involved in cases that deal with children more.

    I like the Messer family and wouldn't mind seeing a scene or three involving them as a family. I want to see growth with Danny and Lindsay as a couple but not taking over the show in order to do it.

    I want to see a bit of Don's journey in grieving over Jess.
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    totally agree with all of that, and also with the reed thing, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO LOUIE ??:lol: is pretty high on my list for s6
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    Hehe, this may be a bit selfish, but my wish for Season 6 is a Flack shirtless scene! Danny has had multiple (who can blame him :drool:), Mac has had one or two, but Flack was only partly shirtless in the Season 2 finale, but I don't count that because he was pratically dying...:(:(

    Come on Flack! Show us that sexy man chest! :guffaw:
  6. danny-lindsay4e

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    No i wouldn't say that was selfish at all maybe a heat wave and all the guys walking around shirtless may class as selfish but a naked shirtless flack having a shower no :)
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    It's honestly too late/early to be writing this ( :lol: ) but I am going to try and be coherent as possible. :p

    My list every year usually contains the same main thing: continuity. Don't just drop Angell's death like it never happened, allow Flack to still be dealing with his feelings. In the event that someone does die from the cliffhanger, I hope it is continued throughout the season as well. Mentions here and there are a tool that should be used.

    I'm also hoping to see some characters return as well. Personally, I would love to see Sam and Reed return, as they both have added some great flavor to the show. Maybe even if they met that would be awesome, too! On the matter of Louie, I would absolutely love for him to return, but in my opinion, at this point, I don't even think the writers know what has happened to him and haven't found a creative way to bring him back. "Tanglewood" and "Run Silent Run Deep" showcased how great this show once was... lets get back to that formula and leave all the romance at a minimum and focus on the science and the NY crimes.
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    I agree pretty much all of what's been posted here:

    Definitely, More Continuity. They need to follow up on things like Reed Garret, Angell's death, Sam Flack, Louie Messer, Stella's ordeals, etc. They also need to follow up on other characters like Gerrard, Sinclair, etc who aren't there anymore.

    More New York City/Ethnic Flavor. We need more than Rich and Privileged White People. We also need more realistic storylines. I keep thinking of some of the storylines from Season 1, like the Sandhogs, The Diner in "Outside Man," "Creatures of The Night" and others that are a) quintisentially New York, and b) very much realistic situations that can happen to anybody. Also, having an African American, Hispanic, Asian, LGBT, or other group you don't see as much be part of the storylines and cases would be helpful. They can also can the silly gadgets. What ever happened to good old fashioned police work, Huh?

    More friendship and Subtext between characters. I miss little things like Mac telling Stella that he wouldn't do the job without her, "Hoops on Saturday, Flack!" meeting for drinks at Sullivan's or little things like that. That type of thing is what makes the show for me. One little line like that is worth more than a kiss, I love you, or having a baby, IMO.

    No more stunt casting. it gets old and painful trying to watch an athlete or singer try and act.

    Better use of the characters, especially the recurring characters and people that don't get as much screen time like Hawkes, Sid and Adam.

    I'm sure that there's more, but that's all I can think of right now.
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    To repeat with some of my fellow fans have said:

    1) Family - really, just one or two eps with some family. Reed, Sam, Louie, maybe even Adam's Dad, anyone else we might want to see? Someone we haven't met yet?
    2) S6 opener - some "real" Flack - let's not forget *already* that he just lost the woman he loves.
    3) Let's do away with the Mac-centric eps for a while. Let him take a back seat to the team for a change.
    4) More diversity in stories and characters.

    For now, 'nuff said. Maybe more later.
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    Well, here goes! My first official post!
    Here's my wishlist. My apologies in advance if I ramble. Go easy on me...I'm still pretty new here :)
    1 - Less romance. There are tons of ways to show friendship and compassion between co-workers. It doesn't always have to be about who's boffing who. (Sorry shippers :()
    2 - More ethnic groups. And more realistic portrayals of those ethnic groups! It seems like every time they go into an ethnic neighbourhood, the people are dancing in the streets about it (re: Charge Of This Post, Cool Hunter, Communication Breakdown). I've never seen a bunch of people so happy about their poverty :confused:
    3 - Let Flack be right every once in a while! It seems to me like every idea that Flack ever has is completely wrong. I can appreciate that Flack is kind of there as a stand in for the audience...bringing up the obvious point to show the thought process that the CSIs use to to get beyond the obvious using the evidence, but c'mon already! The guy is supposed to be an accomplished New York City detective! How in the heck am I supposed to believe that he got to where he is if he can't even grasp the concept of deductive logic? Maybe, just once, they could give him a case where he tells the CSIs what HE is looking for, not the other way around. Do some detecting, for pete's sake! He's more than just an errand boy!
    4 - A concentrated effort to tie up loose ends (Louie Messer, Reed Garret, Donald Flack Sr., how Stella ended up growing up in an orphanage AND foster care at the same time, how could Flack not have a clue about Catholicism in season 1, but went to Catholic School in season 4, etc.). They might say that they run out of time or funding or whatever, but leaving stuff like that out there is just laziness if you ask me. Danny's family of dirty, under surveillance COPS is a good case in point.
    5 - More New York accents. I know they film in L.A., but I'm almost positive that there have to be some transplanted New Yorkers in Los Angeles. Eddie and Carmine aren't the only 2 actors who moved to the West Coast to make it.
    Okay! I'm done. That's my little rant :)
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    i'm just going to quote a few of these as i only would be repeating myself/others!

    i agree with all of these:

    :lol: hehe, that's so true!

    i agree with this - he is turning into some kind of sitcom dad whcih is a bit weird. maybe a bullet would sort him out!

    definitely - i also hope that flack's shooting the guy doesn't just get forgotten. they have to deal with it.

    i liked quinn a lot - i think she'd make a good love interest to mac but only because she's so equal with him, of all the women that have been around him (apart from stella) she was definitely the most suited. i like that she's a strong character - i don't think her being with mac would have to change that, unless they "did a peyton" and turned her into a simpering ninny by the end of the season. i like to think she wouldn't stand for that:lol:

    i'm a bit of a smacked convert over the last couple of weeks but i agree, they can't overrush it, they need to make it go slowly and carefully, or they'll just piss everyone off and ruin it. also while d/l is going on, it would be annoying to have two relationships between principal characters - the odd background romance would be fine but it's a crime/forensics show and if 4/5 of the principal csis were hooked up together it would risk going too mushy.

    i totally agree - to have an arc involving adam's past would be great, he's such a great character and as they have hinted to his past it would seem a shame to waste it. and hawkes is great so more of him would be fine :)

    they could go paintballing! and then orienteering! hehe, that would be really funny :)

    yeah, and do something normal like have a lie in and see a film and eat popcorn and don't go to the bloomin' office!

    me too :adore::rolleyes:

    i've love a story arc too, i always like those, they add something interesting to the season.

    i want more sinclair too, he and mac work really well together (i mean as characters, they clearly have some issues in their actual work!) i really like all the eps that sinclair's been in. i also liked stella being a bit sneaky and it would be nice to see that having consequences and in turn those consequences affecting their relationship.

    i would like to see her again - having been there (although i'd never do it over a man, they're so not worth it!) i'd be really interested to see how they deal with her recovery - the psychiatric issues that pop up from time to time are often done in a really short term way, but if you go through them it can take years to get sorted out, it would be interesting to see mac deal with something like that, someone being really unwell and depending on him. actually i'd just like it if they did a more believable mental illness thing generally - i really liked three generations are enough because it was actually quite sensitive in its handling of schizophrenia - it would be nice to see the same sensitivity over other MI, maybe bipolar (but then i'm biased!). i'd want them to make sure that any MI person they dealt with wasn't just seen as a nutter. i liked in TGAE how one brother was going through a psychotic episode and having real trouble but the other was actually carrying on a relatively normal life - it would be nice to see a character who could show both sides of MI. sorry, that went a bit ot, it's just something i think they could do well if they tried.

    maybe one of them will wake up one day and another of them will be in the shower and it was all a dream:guffaw:

    you have my vote ;)
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    my wishlist for next season would be :

    - Less Mac-centric episodes

    - More character driven episodes.

    - Would like to see how Lindsay, as a new mother, deals with victims' mothers now. We know she has a problem with them.

    - To see Flack grieve.

    - Would like to know more about about Sid and his familly.

    - Would like the aftermath of the bar shouting not to be glossed over or resolve in one episode. But to see the effects examined on each character individually.

    - Would like Danny to keep being fragile, and skindeep emotional.

    - and Adam to stop being so nervous all the time.

    - and i would like to see a really dark arc. it could be about anything, even "another serial killer", but something gritty and really dark.

    I'm sure I'll think of something else, but that's it for now.

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    Well, first off, Everything I wrote in the Dear Writers thread a few months back still stands.

    There's a ton of good points in here, and a lot of interesting ones that I enjoy reading, even if I'm not of the same mind for some. ;)

    After reading thru the thread here on a break, short of quoting I'll just say I agree with alotta what Duke, Shytownmofo, PA, miss blue, MacsLady, cSiNyFrEaK30 suggested.

    Things off the cuff for me now from reading y'all:

    Challenge the characters more; I wanna see how this job affects them. More challenging cases. No stunt casting, fewer stunt deaths, just better writing.

    More solid guest appearances, whether the guests are famous or not. More like Eward Furlong, Nelly, Ed Asner, Marlee Matlin, Jonah Lotan, that sort, and writing to use them well. Someone like Matthew McTighe was excellent, and I think the whole of Yahrzeit, for example, shone all the brighter because the supporting characters and actors were excellent. Other times, guest appearances by established actors were less interesting, unfortunately (Greater Good, Veritas, Past, Present and Murder // Charles Dutton, Mare Winningham, Elias Koteas, Craig T, Nelson in that one of his three eps // come to mind); but I still at least appreciate casting like that as opposed to what often feels like celebrity trawling for a ratings boost with stunt casting instead.

    Make this new Kaye character a well rounded and believable one. Complex and foibled as opposed to a green type, or someone with a chip on or something to prove etc. Make her human. She's gonna be dissected from the first second she's onscreen; make her solid and believable, no matter what direction she's given to find her way into the dynamics of the team and the show. Use her to help explore the others too, and don't just use them to help integrate her into the show. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what a new character can do for the the others and for the show.

    With Mykelti Williamson on 24 now and with Julia Ormond's series not picked up, will we see the former wrapped up or shuffled to the background as a character and more of the latter, even though her original arc has concluded? If she comes back, I hope she's her own character and not a simply a love interest. I increasingly liked what Sinclair was bringing to the show, far more than the counters he and Gerrard were in S3. While I don't hold out hope we'll see Sinclair back, I'd welcome it if it were possible.

    Not interested in seeing Ella. Not concerned with the coming and goings of those like Jane, Dr. Giles, Maka, Scagnetti, Chad, etc. that some mentioned. I can live without seeing Reed; I liked him and he enabled some good episodes and storylines, but I could live with airtime being devoted to others instead. Sam is one character I wouldn't mind seeing return. As for Louie Louie. After how many years, I wonder if they have any idea how they might go about bringing Uncle Louie up. I'm only vaguely curious now. I was never a massive Danny fan. I liked him, but my tolerance for the inconsistent convoluted mess that's been foisted upon him over the years has also worn very thin, and the level I was once engaged by him is all but gone. Just, meh. I'm indifferent at this point to whether we hear of Louie again or not. Sad to say.

    As for Danny. He needs more than a reboot. I'd rather see reparations begun than branch out to his family yet, although maybe one can help with the other. They need to decide on his backstory, for one, and figure out what they're doing with this guy in the present tense. Mish Mash Messer of a mess. I wish I cared more. I do.

    Plz be to gawdz, no DL. Minimal minimal DL. No babies in da lab. No domestic sweetness and bliss and/or diapers and wailing and feedings. No. Season five was pretty much hijacked off course at the intro of the pregnancy. And the conventionally unconventional handling of the rest of their renovated relationship was thereafter injected into eps to the point of distraction. A little out of sight out of mind would be a welcome change of pace where these two are concerned.

    I hope for a solid opener for the season. We lost Angell. A tacky resolution to the cliffhanger will only cheapen how they wound the last season down.

    I enjoyed seeing more of Sid last season. A few more moments or eps devoted to him would be welcomed.

    Smacked? Some see it and some don't. :p 'S a matter of interpretation regarding the season and the last episodes that some specifically allude to. I hope the writers continue to resist dabbling with the dynamic Mac and Stella already have. Push and challenge the friendship and them as partners and supervisors, but don't taint what they've got with romance or drek of that sort.

    Hope the show resists linking any main characters together in this way. Good god. Give them each more a life, sure. But combine that perhaps with a feeling that there's a New York that exists outside the NYPD.

    Let romance not be the only way the characters receive any depth or attention. Lotsa other shows to watch for soapdom. Crime Scene Investigation. That's what the show is. Don't let it lose its focus.

    I don't mind Mac or Stella centred stories, but let's have additional focus on the others too.

    What I like most of all are the friendship moments, the dynamics of the team. I like the moments between all the characters together, they really lift every episode. The show does the little moments of interaction between the characters very well. Far better than some of the major storylines devoted to them. I hope they keep this up. Backstories are one thing, but I also love seeing who they are and how they are in the present tense too, and their interaction is a great way to show it.

    Stella. If she's gonna have any relationships, let her have some flirtatious fun with someone who's got an interesting personality, who's got any personality at all for that matter :lol:, so long as it doesn't involve being a psycho. Revisit her teaching and that sort of thing too. I always liked Stella but increasingly so in S5. I don't necessarily wanna see less of her, just really good material for her. Better than Grounds, no matter if you loved it or not. If that's a benchmark either way, hope it only gets better regardless.

    As for Mac, I by far preferred shows like Enough and Yahrzeit to any of the Ella eps, or the moments of indignant righteousness that pummelled us on several occasions. Step that back a touch. It's a valid part of his character, but the Ella eps were kinda perplexing and the latter is threatening to horrifically oversimplify the man. It's a jarring mix that I can't discern is deliberate or if it just didn't mesh in trying to show different shades to him. Similarly, stop him channeling the benevolent favors of god to champion DL, or anything else. He used to be far more nuanced than that.

    Flack. The only outright Homicide detective on the show at the moment now. Hope his presence in the team continues to be explored and isn't backburner'd with the introduction of a new CSI. Similarly hope Adam, Sid and Hawkes don't suffer for that either. We were only told of the scars Flack suffered from S2. Let's actually see some of his journey to recovery in S6. If they could swing the likes of Brian Dennehy in for an appearance as his father, that would be awesome. I'll settle for seeing Sam back in the meantime, if they can find a way to fit it in. And I'd like to know at least how he felt or hear him talk about about shooting the guy in Pay Up, to Mac or Danny or even Sid maybe, even if there's no larger fall out from his doing so.

    Minimal Lindsay. Look, kids, it's not a witch-hunt, for those who bandy those terms about, not nearly so simple. It really isn't. It's not a default. Every ep I hope for better for her character and material given to her. I'm usually disappointed. Repeatedly. It hasn't even been a rollercoaster with highs and lows. There have been no highs, only a steady decline. IMO of course. I liked her okay in S2. Became increasingly indifferent to her S3. Got increasingly exasperated S4. And have given over into feeling it's simply dandy-o that I don't hafta like her. And I don't. Give the screentime to everyone and anyone else.

    I think they started to dabble with good things for Hawkes, with his uncle, with Kara, with diving, and with things like Mac asking him to particpate in the Pay Up raid as an emergency medical responder than as a CSI with a gun when there was a tactical team to do that anyways. Keep it up.

    Starting to find ways to bring Adam into the fold a little more beyond the white lab coat. Also good.

    The show does the feeling of New York and it's myriad of inhabitants randomly. Hope ya all went back to the city on your hiatus, writers. Bring back the flava and ambiance and inspiration from more of the everyday people who live there.

    The cases. Improve the cases. Remember when Vegas exemplified what stellar television writing was? Tied big themes to quirky revelations and let us discover and digest it thru characters not easily taken for granted? Tap summa dat. Remember season one in NY? Tap summa dat. The best of subsequent seasons? Summa dat too.

    LyzabethSay's point here about maintaining a high standard the whole season thru. Hallelujah to that. Yes please.

    Randomly inspired points here now: :p

    Crossovers? About the only cross-over I'd want to see at this point would be Grissom consulting on a case :p

    Petitions? About the only thing I'd petition for would be the return of Mac's sideburns, and perhaps Danny's glasses, but I've long grown accustomed to the absence of both. Too bad. :lol:
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    I want Angell to come back. (hey, I can dream!)
    "Real" Flack would be nice, a LOT of Flack screen time would be GREAT :drool: lol. And the team helping him through his loss.
    Continuity-something the show hasn't been great with, I think. i.e Louie? I want to know if he died or not!! Bringing Sam back would be good, but not so much Reed, IMO.
    No baby Lucy. Especially not in the lab- is that not dangerous??!
    Lindsay at home with Lucy and not at the lab (again, I can dream lol).
    MORE ADAM! He's adorable!! :)
    that's all I can think of right now. I'm basically agreeing with everyone lol! :):lol:
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    First I wanna say one thing:
    DON'T KILL ANYONE ELSE! I've personally had enough of people dying for now. Maybe give it a season or 2... Is 3 too much?

    - *Jumps on bandwagon* I wanna know what has happened to Louie, even if it's just a conversation.

    - Smacked. That's something I'd like to see probably a kiss or something along those lines.

    - No more Lucy at the lab... Show her in a few scenes outside of the lab, yeah that'd be fine.

    - Hawkes or Adam NEEDS a girlfriend:luvlove:. Plus whatever happened to Kendall and Adam :confused::wtf:

    - Let's see Flack trying to deal with the loss of Angell.

    - Sam Flack back??? Yeah I'd go with that, I'd like to see how Flack deals with his sister after losing Jess...

    - Last but not least NO Lucy getting kidnapped. It's be too over the top.
    I'd rather do this :brickwall: :brickwall: than watch a story line like that

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