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The sensationalism in that news article is an absolute joke, as if the fact the writer is pregnant has anything to do with this story, it's almost as if they're painting Eads to be a bad guy. I mean, how dare he have words with the vulnerable pregnant woman! :rolleyes:

Good on you George to stand up for a character you've devoted fourteen years of your life to playing! I'm interested to know whether this has been more of an ongoing situation or whether it's come about in the last few weeks. Judging by a few comments I remember him saying a little while ago in an interview about the writing being a bit 'kooky' I'm going to guess the former. I'm gutted that he's going to miss the 300th (as well as the first part of the season) but I think that fully emphasizes his dedication to maintaining the integrity of his character to miss such a landmark episode and I hope his coworkers (both cast and crew) are giving him as much support as they can given their predicament.

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Greg fans can rejoice. He should get more screen time now.
The entire CSI online community are standing alongside George's fans in full support of his actions and reasoning. Don't give them a reason not to.

She was with child and what? I really don't understand what her being pregnant has to do with anything. He's been with the show for 13 seasons so I would think he might have some say.
This article is definitely aimed at making George the bad guy in this scenario. I love how they specified that she was eight months pregnant. So? She's at work... So god forbid she does work? I'm incredibly proud of George for standing up for the integrity of his character, because it's long overdue.

George has been the most loyal regular to this show, yet screwed over more times than any of the other characters. I really wish this show tried a little harder to hold onto their original cast members instead of treating them as almost expendable..

EDIT: I have no doubt that George will come back. It may, sadly, take his absence to make it blatantly obvious how central he is to this show's success.
Actually we don't know what happened, I really like George but he had been called to the order by the showrunner so it might have been 'serious'...

What I wanted to say is we don't know what happened, I'm just waiting on George explanations about the situation ;)
I have to admit they better explain what he did because it almost sounds like he physically attacked her or something.

That was a very sensationalized article which aimed to accuse through the guise of informing. Meaning they related too much information that was unrelated to the event itself. Does it matter that the writer was pregnant? Obviously so much so that the article went on to stress that she was eight months pregnant. Who cares? If she is at work and doing her job... Clearly that isn't a factor. What was George supposed to do? Let everything slide because the writer was a woman and in a "fragile state"? The article is ridiculously written.

I'm sure George finally got fed up with the corners they keep writing his character into, and demanded some respect be showed towards his character. If you've played a character for going on 14 year as George has, you've got to trust that actor with a role. George knows Nick inside out, and the writers are changing his very morals. I'm surprised it took him so long to reach a breaking point, IMO.

All the best wishes to him, and hopefully he'll release a statement soon (however it will probably be pretty benign.)
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Since when being pregnant is some sort of desease? Women want to be treated as equals and then these gals pop up and use their being female in the most pathetic way...
I didn't like the way what writers are doing with the iconic csi characters like what they did to Sara by making her commit a adultery and out of character. I'm like does those new writers did not learn the csi characters bible 101 or something also did the writers forget that WP was the one who made that bridge between actors and writers to work on communicate to respect actors what they want do with their characters, not the writers u know?

I fully support George, for fully protecting his character that he made what he is since the beginning of csi to now. I can't fathom how writers will make it more worse by messing up the characters that we know and love. I felt its bit injustice for the actors and fans.
Wow!! I'm really sorry to hear this :(! I don't want Nick to leave, even if it's for just a little while, and it's going to be hard not seeing him in the 300th episode :(, but I honestly can't blame George for getting frustrated, he deserves to be respected, as well as the character he's put so much effort into for 14 years!! Even when they do give Nick a storyline that has great potential, like his quitting, they suddenly shove it under the rug for no good reason, otherwise, they've just been treating him like a background character!!! Come on! He's been a major character since the beginning! So he's taking a leave of absence because the writer he argued with was pregnant?? Really?? That's not really George's fault! If pregnant="fragile state" for her, why was she even working?

they BETTER NOT bring in another new character while Nick is gone :scream::scream::scream:!!!!! I'm sorry, but three is more than enough IMO!

As a Greg fan, I can relate. Especially during the Langston years, when he was really pushed to the side big time. btw, speedystokesgirl, like Crumbs said, the whole CSI community is supporting George Eads' actions and his fans in this.

It seems like all the originals have been treated unfairly in the end. Ending GSR, and in a way that it was not very believable and OOC for Sara and Grissom, sidelining the Brass/Ellie storyline and turning it into a Morgan-in-peril episode etc.

Although CSI has had its bright spots during the past 4 years (season 12 (the first half IMO), the few good episodes in seasons 9, 13 and 10); nonetheless, after Grissom left, the procedural/forensic aspect declined, it still felt like the writers no longer knew what to do with the remaining characters we've grown to love (or, if I didn't know better, I'd think they were gradually getting bored with them) in comparison to all the new guys they added to the show (Ray Langston (THANK GOD HE LEFT!!!) D.B., Finn and Morgan) and the bucketload of drama/development they have been giving them. Even now, it still feels that way and it's getting frustrating.
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I still cannot believe he is not going to be in the 300th episode. I was actually looking forward to that episode. Now, not so much.
Did I read the article wrong (totally possible)? I thought it said that Catherine hand picks him to train in Quantico with her for a while.. That means Nick would appear in ep. 300 as it would be the last. He has to actually speak to Catherine in order to leave...
^It's not as if they couldn't be bothered to give him a graceful exit, it's kind of impractical. Even if they did rewrite the episode to accommodate his exit, George won't be on set to film it anyway.

I'm still hoping there's some way they can fit him in to #300. The teeny-weeny glimpse of optimism I have is that the situation may calm a bit before it wraps up filming giving George at least a few scenes in it.
I'm just so sure that Eads won't leave permanently. We have CSI minus Grissom, Catherine, Warrick, and Nick. Who ever thought we'd be here? The writers need to smarten up, and the producers need their heads checked.
IMO, it's always unwise not to include the actors in the process of writing the characters and their development. I think it's wiser to discuss with them the possible route for the characters they portray in an open and, let's say, democratic way instead of dictating terms.