Season 13 Spoiler Lab Discussion Part 1

I don't think Sara will cheat on Grissom with her former collegegan or something.

On Fallen Angel, Did Tina got remarried or not? It's that her last name before she got married to Warrick. Should Eli shared his daddy's last name, Brown?
I thought Brewster was Tina's maiden name. When Eli was born, paternity might not have been established before Tina signed the birth certificate. It's not uncommon - even if there is a listed father - not to have the father's last name....
I can handle some tension, the strain of a long distance relationship, but I'll also be annoyed if there's any cheating. I hope it's just the guy coming on to Sara and she won't let it happen...confiding in him, okay, but cheating, not.
I love the fact that all the characters are getting some great storylines and hope to see the Finn episode much like the Hollywood Brass episode.
Looks good....I just hope I have power but that's looking less likely....darn you Sandy

Yah! Can't seem to get through to Mother Nature that I really, really want to see this ep on Wednesday and not celebrate the anniversary of 'Snowtober' with 'Sandy'! :(

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Episode 13.11 "Dead Air"

STORY LINE: When the power goes out on set, a notoriously difficult anchorwoman is murdered at her desk during a live news broadcast, leaving the CSIs to solve a classic "locked room" mystery.
Next week should be interesting. We know Charlie didn't actually do it, the first suspect is never the eventual killer on these shows. But there should be a lot of discussion due to the differing opinions on D.B. and co.
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