Season 11 "Spoiler Lab" Discussion Part 4

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I just recieved my new TV Guide issue May 2-8, and it has a tid-bit about the finale w/ a picture of Cath, Brass and Ray~

CSI season finale 5/12~

Whether it's burying someone alive or having a shoot-out in the lab, CSI is famous for it's frenetic finales. When season 11 comes to a close, though, exec. producer Carol Mendelsohn has something different in mind. "It's going to be emotionally explosive" Those internal fireworks start sparking in the next-to-last episode on May 5, when the team travels to Los Angeles to follow a tip that serial killer Nate Haskell [Bill Irwin] is up to his old tricks. says Mendelsohn "They'll find evidence that will call into question whether or not Nate Haskell is Nate Haskell. they'll uncover who he is and how he was created" Ever since replacing Grissom [William Petersen] on the CSI team, Ray Langston [Laurence Fishburne] has been on a collision course with Haskell, and in the SEASON FINALE, he'll finally takes matters into his own hands . Mendelsohn won't say what exactly those hands do to his nemesis, but she does add that Langston's decision leaves the whole team at odds with each other. "The finale won't end with a clear slate, it'll be a cliffhanger, but more for the team in terms of their relationships and dealing with the aftermath of what Langston does"~

Footnote from Carol~

To go so dark and to get really deep into our characters is hard to do", says ex. producer Carol Mendelsohn, "but the finale will be very satisfying for the fans" OK, so says you!
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So, Ray's actions leave the team at odds with each other and that's where we're left hanging for the summer?? Wow. Not impressed. I would much rather see something that brings the team together for the end of the season, like the previous episodes mentioned in the article.
So, Ray's actions leave the team at odds with each other and that's where we're left hanging for the summer?? Wow. Not impressed. I would much rather see something that brings the team together for the end of the season, like the previous episodes mentioned in the article.

Me too, I was kinda of stunned while reading this, who likes 'CLIFFHANGERS':rolleyes: Don't know what this even means:confused:
Sounds like it's a way to set up Marg's exit. Possibly Laurence's as well if he doesn't come back. Or anyone's really... :shifty:
Other than the two leads (Marg and LF), aren't George, Jorja and Eric in alphabetical order, with everyone else following in order that they were added to the opening credits originally (Doc, Hodges and Superdave I mean) and then Paul? I thought it went LF, Marg, George, Jorja, Eric and then the rest? And when Gary was there, he was before George. So it went D, E, F, S in terms of last names. Dourdan, Eads, Fox and Szmanda. Or am I remembering it wrong?

Langston's actions puts the team at odds with each other? I don't know if it means that none of them approve of Ray's actions or that some do and some don't and that causes tensions among them. I think the latter could be a risky move on the writers' part to be honest. The ratings aren't what they used to be and adding more friction amongst the team members could possibly turn off more viewers than it will bring in.
Gary, George and Jorja were listed alphabetically and that I think was a fair way to do it. Then Eric and RDH were added after Jorja but before Paul and so on.

I agree that the cliffhanger will be "who is going to appear next year" and this division or whatever it is will enable that. Carol Mendelsohn does embellish a bit so I'm thinking that this might be a discussion similar to way back in Unfriendly Skies at the end and "what would you do" as opposed to them yelling at each other over this....
I knew it!!! I knew she'd become a regular, I know I'm late, but anyway moving on, glad to see a new female aboard though in my opinion they should wait and see what fans think, but I think we'll be just fine

A emotioally explosive finale

Please don't tell me there's gonna be another explosion this season and that's the cliffhanger though I'd take that over a boring cliffhanger about *yawns* Ray's job hanging in the balance


I have a love/hate relationship with cliffhangers, hope this one is better than the last two, though I won't hold my breathe on it

Or the cliffhanger being about who's coming back and who isn't? And not just Fish, but everyone, that could be, it's a possibility

I'd say Liz will be the new female lead, JF if she stays and goes to full time then she could do the female lead but I think she's happy part time
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From Ask Ausiello
Question: Any scoop on CSI‘s Nick Stokes? —Connie
This could be about Nick: A pivotal character will die in the season finale.
Hmmm, who could this be now?
Nick already got shot last year so please don't let it happen again. I don't think I could handle better be Haskell that Ausiello's talking about.
It's gotta be Haskell, which we already know...I think Ray's fate may be up in the air over the summer career-wise, but not his life. And it figures he couldn't just give a Nick tidbit like the question asked. :rolleyes:
I'm guessing they mean Haskell, if it is, please give us something we don't already know, I know I'm picky about spoilers :lol:

Don't think it's Ray, they said they're still negoitating a congract with him but that could be a way to throw us off

I might say Sofia but she's not listed in the press release for the season finale
I'm thinking Haskell too. I think Ausiello just likes to mess with people's heads. :lol:
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