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I will probably watch CSI until it ends no matter what.But I have to admit that some spoilers are not good to hear.Mainly the crossover with Miami and NY.I don't like NY much and if Adam leaves,I may not watch much of Miami either so it will be difficult for me to enjoy all the episodes.It may work if someone likes the 3 shows.But I will wait for the best.
CBS Press Express has changed the cast listed on the site. Included now are David Berman and Liz Vassey. Could they be now in the credits on the show?

I know SuperDave and Wendy weren't in the opening credits last season, but weren't they technically still billed as series regulars? Maybe I'm just remembering wrong... *scratches head*

No, you're right. They are series regulars and were included with the cast listing, but they weren't in the opening credits. It would be nice if they were, but don't hold your breath and if they put Jorja in them, I think it'll be time to go storm the CBS studios or wherever they shoot the show. :lol:
Looks like Ken Fink has moved on up to Executive Producer as well. His direction style has always been well for the show, as has Richard J. Lewis'. I noticed they went missing toward the last half of last season. Here's hoping they have many episodes that they work on this season!
I don't think Jorja will be in the credit. Why would they put her on it if she is going to be on 5 episode and that's it. I hope David Berman will be it, he should be in it before Hodge in it. David be on the the show in the beginning and Hodge be on the show since 4th season.
Well, if Jorja returns full time then they should add her back to the opening credits. But if she's only in five episodes, she will most likely be listed as "special guest star".
I totally think Jorja will be listed in the credits. she's back so why not? Here's a site that has some details about which episodes she'll be in, and maybe more, AND, everything is subject to change~


If she's only slated for 5 episodes as of now (and speculated to be in more), then she's likely only to gain a "Special Guest Star" or "Special Appearance By" billing.
I totally think Jorja will be listed in the credits. she's back so why not? Here's a site that has some details about which episodes she'll be in, and maybe more, AND, everything is subject to change~


Uh, NO.

According to Jorja herself, she is only going to be in the first five episodes, and isn't looking to be in any more.

Is it just five episodes or is there any chance you're going to hang on for much longer?
What we had set up when I came back was that I would visit for five shows, so that's kind of what we're doing right now. I think everybody's sort of taking things day by day ... I would have to say the premiere episode is truly thrilling and anybody who is a fan will not be disappointed by the season premiere. It blew me away, I read the first page and I was like "Oh, my gosh, they've done it again."

So you're not closing the door on a permanent return to 'CSI'?
No. I would absolutely never close the door on that, but I do think that now it's set up as a visit.

All this is from an AOLTV interview that was put up August 18th

Also, another intersting little tidbit from the article:

Can you tell us if Sara and Grissom are still together?
I cannot. That's going to have to be a surprise.

Apologies if any of this is old news, but I think it is relavent, and I don't believe it's been posted in this thread before.
I highly doubt Jorja's going to be in the main credits but I would love to see Dave Berman and Liz Vassey. Especially Dave Berman because he's been there since the beginning and is a consistently great character.

And if you're a Jorja fan, who cares where she is in the credits as long as you get to see her in an episode. And if you're not a fan....sorry :beer:
have a drink on me...
I'd never close that door well by now we know that, so any thing is possible. I hope she stays forever or as long as the show continues. And as far as GRS still being together, they're absoutely are still together I won't go on and on because of the angry fans who consider this "ship" talk but this seems to be a stickler where their concerned, and others keep bringing it to the surface:rolleyes:

AUSIELLO FILES vegaslights your hero~
Jorja to full time would be possible. The first time they said "5 not-consecutives episodes",later they said "5 consecutives episodes" and now...who knows? She don't close the door on that possibility.
Ok, its a tV show. Now, having said that. I still don't buy Sara coming to work on the team again. I can't wait to see how they explain this one, because here is a list as to why I don't buy it.

1. She was insubordinate to a supervisor and the Assistant Director of the lab (Catherine & Ecklie)
2. She had complaints from co-workers (lab workers, I'm assuming) in her file
3. She was stopped for a DUI (right there that should've been termination)
4. She walked off the job with no notice or anything
5. She left cause she can't deal with the job anymore, she's burnt out
6. She comes back and helps Greg with a case and then gets frustrated at the outcome and says "see this is why I can't do this anymore" and then she just leaves again
7. There isn't a company out there or lab that would hire back someone who just walked off the job with no notice or anything.
8. Especially a person that has been insubordinate in the past, had complaints in her file, was stopped for a DUI. (oh, that's right, Sara is perfect and has no faults. I forgot :rolleyes:) and I can name faults for all the characters including my favorite and they aren't perfect either
9. Not to mention that Ecklie wanted her fired and doesn't like her and frankly, Ecklie could have terminated her whether Grissom liked it or not.

Nope, don't buy it at all and it so not realistic.

Now here's a thought that has nothing to do with this. "Lady Heather's Box" was on Spike tonight and you know what would be really nice, if they actually solved Eddie's murder. Granted the female suspect is now playing 'Abby' on NCIS, but still it would be nice (funny because I always thought they did solve it in a later episode, but apparently that happened somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind :lol: and believe me you don't want to go there :lol:).
I completely agree, Speedy. It makes no sense. Even if Ecklie really, really wanted her back, it would be reckless on his part, as an employer. And unrealistic.
She changed of life,her life and her person changed. She has a new life,return a new Sara here. The past is over,and she wasn't the only in give problems. She's returning in positive and its enough to meet full time to this hard job again.
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