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If a person puts in a valid point as to why they dislike it that is one thing, the "I hate [whatever]" or the "Squee I love [whatever]" only comments, are not valid points, add substance to why you like or dislike it would be more appropriate. (this is also meant for characters, ships, etc) all arguing and uncontrolled fighting does is waste energy and take time away from the discussions, no one thing should dominate this discussion thread other then getting the spoilers and discussing them rationally. Ignoring the baiting and negative commentary is precisely what is expected of those wishing to participate in this thread and Forum. If one cannot do so then a time out and away is probably the best thing all the way around until one is able to do the necessary.

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Okay we are officially open, and I will start this off...

From Ausiello @ EW

Question: Will Grissom be joining Sara back on CSI early in the season? --[Name Removed]
No, but some old friends of his will be. Exec producer Carol Mendelsohn reveals to me exclusively that CSI will be bringing back a few members of the infamous Millander clan in this season's second episode. "The last time we saw [serial killer] Paul Millander was in season 2 when Grissom had dinner at [his alter ego] Judge Mason's house, because, if you remember Paul lived a double life as a judge. And we met Mrs. Mason and their young son, Craig. Well, Paul's dead, but Mrs. Mason and Craig live on. And we will see them in episode 2." Why? Keep reading for a possible clue...

Question: The season premiere of CSI is only two months away. I'm sure that you've gotten some kind of spoiler or tidbit to throw to us! --[Name Removed]
You can drop the "or." I've got a spoiler and a tidbit, courtesy of exec producer Naren Shankar. First the tidbit: "You're going to get an explanation for that ring Langston (Laurence Fishburne) still has on his finger in [episode 2]." Now for the spoiler: "We're going to launch a new season-long serial killer arc. Starting at the end of our premiere, a brand new nemesis [will emerge] who has a very unique way of killing." More unique than that whole miniature thing? "This time, the crime scene is always the body," Shankar teases. "We're calling him Dr. Jekyl."

I would like to add that Jorja Fox returning isn't a spoiler, anything pertaining to what her character is doing when it comes to episodes is a spoiler. Just to discuss JF's return in general can be done in her thread. ;)
Awww..Jorja is coming back because of Paul Milander!

I wanted it to be about the monkey!! I want my monkey story. Give me my monkey story!

I wanted Sara Sidle to walk in and grab Nick and Greg by their ears, haul them out to the Denali and tell them point blank that her monkey was kidnapped and they are going to help her find it.

Okay, I can write that as a fan fic!
Thank's Destiny EWWW, the Milander clan, more weird, creepy people, those writers dig deep for stories don't they?. That sounds fascinating. And a ring on Dr, Langston he's revealed as married I assume? Two more months, :( Their filming in 105 degree heat, if their outside. It's so damn hot in California:klingon: and I thought Nevada was "HOT", so here we go again~
I kind of like revisiting old cases, seeing what's become of the people left behind by the victim or murderer(s)

I'm interested to see what capacity Millander's family will play....could his kid have followed in daddy's footsteps and become a killer as well.
I always like the Milander case. It should be interesting if they have another serial killer case and it somehow involves his family.
I'm excited about the season-long serial killer arc. I've always loved when ones that got away were later caught in other episodes and I loved the Miniature Killer (just not what she did to Sara). I was hoping they'd do something like that this season! :thumbsup:
Milander again?!? That sound good to me, i always like this killer. He was the only one who got to grissom in jail for a while.
Of all the serial killers featured on the show, Millander was my favorite. He's the only one who really challenged Grissom. He was his equal. I'm very happy they're revisiting that arc. :thumbsup:

Not sure about the season long serial killer thing. I had mixed feelings over the Miniature Killer. I am looking forward to seeing what they're going to do with it, however.
The only thing I'm concerned about is, will people care about the new serial killer and the connection with Paul Millander unless they're die-hard fans from Season one? I guess TPTB know the answer.

And speaking of which, why couldn't they bring Dr. Lurie back, if they're able to bring the whole Millander storyline back? he could be Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde (cures by day, kills by night) ---> it'd be more likely for him to see Sara for some random reason (pregnancy check-ups?
any kind of check-up?), and it could trigger his killing instincts. Maybe he could start killing people in order to "impress" Sara (like that Jodie Foster stalker tried to do), or killing people who have hurt Sara, or even he could make an alliance with Craig Mason (or Millander) to kill Grissom so Craig gets revenge (or it could be Paul/Mason's wife, or both...), and Lurie gets to "free" Sara or something like that. I mean, Lurie was really the definition of Grissom's nemesis - just like him (to the point of mutual understanding), the loves of their lives are or were doppelgangers, yet he took the opposite path - and got away with it. That would make Grissom involved.

Ooor Ray Langston could be Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. One never knows :shifty:.
Millander was actually one of my least favorite serials. I thought the premise and his method were just kind of contrived. I actually prefered the Blue Paint Killer. His choice of victims and murder rituals seemed more realistic.

Having said that, I like it any time we revisit a killer or victim from previous seasons/episodes.

As for me, I would love to see a reunion between Nick and Cassie from Gumdrops.
According to [Source Removed], 10x02 is titled "Ghost Town"

The son of a notorious killer is arrested on suspicion of murder, and the CSI team must overcome their natural prejudices against the boy's antecedents in order to track the true culprit...
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According to [Source Removed], 10x02 is titled "Ghost Town"

The son of a notorious killer is arrested on suspicion of murder, and the CSI team must overcome their natural prejudices against the boy's antecedents in order to track the true culprit...

This must be where the Millander connection begins. Could be interesting.
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According to [Source Removed], 10x02 is titled "Ghost Town"

The son of a notorious killer is arrested on suspicion of murder, and the CSI team must overcome their natural prejudices against the boy's antecedents in order to track the true culprit...

This must be where the Millander connection begins. Could be interesting.

That sounds about right, speedy. It's weird though, the only people that were involved in that case that are still around are Nick, Catherine, Greg (even though he was probably working DNA) and Brass
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