**Season 10 Spoiler Lab - Bienvenido a Miami!**

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oh man....

TPTB are now causing natural disasters...in real life!

What will happen next?!

This can only mean the E/C storyline will completely consume season 10!!!!!
Unfortunately, and I'm sure many of you are aware of this, they can't let her into the set. But, as you saw with those BTS photos taken by that 'innocent passerby' last week, you don't have to be right in the middle of the action to get some good shots!

You can get faster updates than I can give on Twitter, via her personal account @mayracansigno or the site's @LFCSIMiami. She can always use more followers :D
Furbi, you know how this "Old Man" is. I don't have Twitter, but I have consider getting an account. I wish I counld have been there Mayra! Anybody connect with CSI-Miami, I want to meet them. I'm so addicted to the show, that my wife laughs at me when I mention that I want to go to L.A. and and maybe meet some of the folks connected with the show. You know whith the contacts I have, being in the media business, I *might* be able to get into the CSI-Miami set to me the cast. Yea, Yea, Wishful thinking!:lol:
Has anyone heard about Natasha Henstridge returning to play Renee? I wonder if she will be in the premiere or not.

According to vegaslights, she should be appearing in the premiere. Apparently she helps Horatio in some way during the episode.

It should be interesting--I missed the last 5 or so episodes last season (bad fan :eek:) so I don't think I ever saw her. I'm interested in seeing how her character plays out and her relation to Horatio.
She was only in the season finale, but didn't have too much screentime. She's a Secret Service agent who will probably help the team take down Jack Toller.

I too am interested. Hopefully the writers go through with a relationship between her and Horatio and don't discard the storyline. It's very promising :)
I'm curious about Ms. Henstridge's screentime as well. I need to see her episode again so I can see whether or not she and David actually had 'chemistry' (Though I'm really enjoying your stories, Furbi. The good thing about Fanfiction is that you don't have to follow canon). ;) The cast of CSI: Miami, unfortunately, doesn't have good relations with the Feds! :lol:

TnLance--you and another guy I know on another board are the only ones I know who really get into this show. It's really refreshing. :)
Wow! She actually gets to go to the set? I am so jealous!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:

That is one of my dreams, to meet the CSI Miami cast (especially David).
Wow! She actually gets to go to the set? I am so jealous!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:

That is one of my dreams, to meet the CSI Miami cast (especially David).

I no! She met davids double haha..I'd faint if i saw David XD x

Apparently she met Rex and Eva as well. She posted some pics on her Facebook page here.

And I have kind of a stupid question, what does "TPTB" mean?

TPTB means " The powers that be" meaning the writers on the show. Hopefully this explains it
This is WAY off topic but do you guys know how to change your username? :confused:

Now back ON topic. :)

A few months ago I read that Horatio and Renee were meant to have a connection or something (Just like you guys also heard), but When I watched them interact with each other.....did I miss it or something cuz I didn't see anything. I hate it when the writers say something which never even happens. Like when an ex-girlfriend of Ryan's was suppose to show up. I got all excited and for what? :shifty:
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