**Season 10 Spoiler Lab - Bienvenido a Miami!**

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Welcome to the Spoiler Lab for Miami's 10th season. If you find any spoilers out there, make sure to post here so we can discuss!


A few general rules before we get it started:

-Do not reveal sources unless they're well-known media outlets like TVGuide, E!Online etc., or CSIFiles. This is so that our sources don't dry up and blow away.

-Post spoilers in your own words. We want to avoid any copyright infringement, as well as revealing sources.

-Interesting developments, which characters are involved, and synopses are the main points of interest. So try not to reveal everything (ie: who the killer is). ;)

-All the spoilers will be pasted for reference in the Spoilers Reference Page for those who don't want to wade through a bunch of discussion.


We're nearing the usual time when we find the goodies, so I'm sure some information will be forthcoming throughout the next couple of weeks (or so the little birdies tell me :D).
Just seeing this thread has me excited. I really need to pay more attention to Eva's Twitter though, I miss all this stuff! :lol:
Yay! Congrats, Miami fans all around! We've made it to season 10!

Excited for any and all kinds of spoilers to pop up, =).
I'm really excited about this new thread...And I think that the first spoilers will come out in the following weeks!!
I can't tell you how excited I was to see this thread this morning!!! Yay season ten! Filming starts on July 19th, so pretty soon the wait will be over! I'm DYING for any H news, so please, please, post ANYTHING you hear about Horatio's life status/David's contract for season ten. I'll be checking back every day :)
10.01 - "Countermeasures."

Details in a bit...

ETA: Here's what I know (there's not much)...

~ Things seem to pick up almost instantly. Jack Toller is still on the lose, and he seems to be working with an accomplice: Leo Kendry. Jack is in the process of making a counterfeit deal, and he's also taking an 18-year-old girl (Melanie) with him.

~ Calleigh helps get a kid into foster care.

~ Renee Locklear is back and she's assisting Horatio (who appears to be alive!). Oh, and Natalia? Well, she's **a*!

~ Walter and Tripp have a scene together where they discover an important piece of evidence that might lead to Jack's whereabouts.

~ Jack appears to have mommy issues, which might be a reason why he is the way he is today.

~ I see mentions for everyone except for Tom Loman. There's an Eric/Calleigh/Ryan scene that looks promising. Lots of Calleigh from what I can tell!
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Ah Shane, you are so cruel. What does that mean?!
If it stands for 'dead' then they'd better be faking her death, & if it stands for 'okay' then she'd better be more present in the episode.

So much for people wanting Horatio in the hospital - somehow I just knew it wouldn't happen. :rolleyes:

And no mention of Randy? :wtf:
Well, the official logline for the episode is:

Following traumatic near-death experiences, Horatio and Natalia struggle to keep moving and hunt down the men responsible for their ordeals...

So... Natalia lives! ;)

The episode was written by Barry O'Brien & Marc Dube and will be directed by Sam Hill.
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