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It's new thread time,and time to vote on a new title my fellow Wolfe Pack!
This is the link to the prior thread

The same suggestions apply as in previous threads.
When viewing pictures:
1. Always remember: breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

2. Don't eat or drink while you are watching the pics. Otherwise you're in danger.

3. Tell someone what you are doing and this person should check on you every five minutes or so. Note: This person should be able to call 911.

4. Be sure that in case of fading or fainting that you have a cozy place to land. Place some pillows on the floor, for example, or tie yourself to the chair.

Life_style's Guide to 'The Togo Fan's Proper Techniques For Viewing CSI: Miami:'

1. It is also important to add that someone should be present while you watch CSI Miami, but that it is illegal for them to talk during Togo's parts. Preferably a doctor of some kind, so that he or she could regularly check your breathing etc.

2. Bring a bucket or some tissues, because there will be major drooling going on when you watch an eppy or some pics. You don't want to ruin your clothes, or the floor or something.

And to open the new thread:

Jon welcomes us, as well as the new season.

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Re: Ryan/Jon # 28

Oh yeah!!New thread!Time keeps passing very fast in the Wolfe thread!!

I voted for Togo Where No Thread Has Gone Before!!!
Re: Ryan/Jon # 28

YAY congrats for new thread :party: :lol:

great feeling today till morn and now i finally know why :guffaw:

somehow i can't decide which title to vote :confused: :eek:

but eventhough i'm gonna stick to this thread till the end :lol: again :)

ok enough with my endless bantering:) let's have fun :guffaw:
Re: Ryan/Jon # 28

And now, some pictures...

Are you lookin' at my butt? :eek:
Yeah, I know I'm sexy. :devil:
Now it's my turn to record you. :hugegrin:
Re: Ryan/Jon # 28

Yeah, shiny new thread! And plenty of pics to go with it- that is what I like to see!
Here's hoping that the new season meets our expectations.
Re: Ryan/Jon # 28

Yay New Thread! I vote fot "Togo where no thread has gone before" ...I have a thing for puns :p I can't wait for the premeire! Eeryone's seen the promo for the premiere right?!?!?!
Re: Ryan/Jon # 28

New thread. Yay! :D

Here's hoping that this will be a good season for Ryan and that the writers do not mess up with his character like last season.
Re: Ryan/Jon # 28

Ooh happy thread opening, ladies! I hope this one get's filled with lots of Season 9 Ryan-goodness. I can't wait to see his hot bod in action. :angel:
Re: Ryan/Jon # 28

Yes!! A new thread:beer:

I voted for Royal Hotness 2.

I want to add my two cents and also hope it is a great year for our Ryan:adore: with good quality storylines and plenty of screentime!!:thumbsup:
Re: Ryan/Jon # 28

I've voted for Man Of Mystery, because that's what Ryan is to me. Hardly any personal stories and there's something dark and mysterious about him, even on a sunlit-type of television show. I love that contrast. I still stand by my adverse feelings on Jon/Ryan being "hot" and "sexy" on the Dislike a CSIM Character thread, especially when he is. I'm sorry, but I do believe that looks aren't everything to shout home about. But, that's just me. Yay for the new thread!
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Re: Ryan/Jon # 28

Woohoo, a new thread!

Here's to the brand spankin' new thread (with some nice pics to boot!) and to a new season hopefully full of Ryan/Jon goodness! :beer:
Re: Ryan/Jon # 28

I had to share this with you all! I was picking my daughter up from preschool this afternoon when one of the other parents was talking to the teacher whom I also had to talk to. Their kid had his folder and his name is; I kid you not!-Ryan Wolfe. :eek: :lol: I couldn't believe it, I almost made a comment but I figured they would think I was a major dork, lol!

So here's a picture to be a bit more on topic but I guess this is on topic, isn't it? :confused:

Ryan's a bit shocked too!

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